2013 Hardrock 100 Live Coverage

Hardrock 100The 2013 Hardrock 100 begins at 6 am MDT on Friday, July 12, as 140 runners take off from Silverton, Colorado for a journey through the San Juan Mountains. While labeled a “run” rather than a “race,” there’ll no doubt be hot competition for both the men’s and women’s titles, so we’ll be bringing you race updates and commentary from the front of the pack all day… and night… and the next day. As usual, we’ll be livecasting the event on iRunFar’s Twitter feed; however, we’ll also be combining our Twitter feed with other news sources in the below CoverItLive window.

Hypoxico logoThanks to race sponsor Hypoxico, maker of altitude training systems (which lowland-living Hal Koerner used before winning last year’s Hardrock), for supporting our coverage of the 2013 Hardrock 100!

Note: Due to Hardrock’s temporal length, we’ll not be hosting a discussion with CoverItLive itself. However, we encourage you to discuss the race at length in the comments section!

Here are a couple resources to help you follow the race:

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-Bryon Powell, Editor-in-Chief of iRunFar

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  1. Tim

    Bryon, Gutted not to be there this year but looks like a great field. What the weather (forecast) and ground conditions like? Thanks Tim

  2. Andrew

    I'm doing my first ultra tomorrow, only 30 miles and 1300m ascent and I'm well nervous. Can't imagine how people must be feeling before starting hard rock! Think i'd be hiding under my bed!

  3. Mick H

    Hey Bryon, I know you are probably way too busy right now, but i have been trying to donate and cannot see how to enter Province ( Canada) instead of state. Any ideas?.

    1. Bryon Powell

      Thanks you SO much for letting us know there was an international issue. We've corrected the problem. (Although you might need to reload live coverage and click the new link.)

      Thanks, too, for being willing to support our race coverage. It really helps!

  4. Dean G

    As someone who was at Western States this year, I want to encourage ANYONE who is reading this to donate to iRunFar for this coverage…

    Bryon and Meghan are up for literally days without end, running and driving around like crazy, spending their own $$ to do this…

    And if you think about it, those of us who then "follow" the races via Twitter get at least as much enjoyment as you would if you went to a movie (I think we get more, and it lasts a lot longer, but I don't want to be greedy here)…

    Why not chip in $20 (or whatever you can) every time they bring us a race live… If 100 followers did that — it would be $2k that you know would go right back into paying for gas, keeping the Prius running, getting the right equipment…

    I'll stop now — but having watched Meghan work during WS — and watching Bryon run around before doing interviews… I just had to same something.

    Now, I'll go back to enjoying this awesome coverage!

    1. Julie Nye

      I just donated $20. Thanks for the great coverage.

      Now hopefully Meghan can get around to Telluride. :-)

      Keep an eye on my sis. She may not be as young as the other front women runners, but she's as tough as nails! And this is her first 100miler since she broke her leg in March of 2012. She loves Hardrock. Go Nye Go!

    1. Bryon Powell

      Thanks for the heads up. As we're not moderating comments on CoverItLive, we've not been actively following it. Arc'teryx's tweets are now under moderation, so they won't show up unless they're relevant (And worthwhile).

      Feel free to let us know if anything else like this goes down. It's much appreciated!

    1. Angelo R.

      It looks like he doesn't have a split recorded for Maggie Gulch so I think they entered it for the wrong checkpoint.

    1. Bryon Powell

      We've also gotta thank Travis Trampe and Travis Liles for being a roving reporting team; Roch Horton for manning Kroger Kanteen Komm; and, so far, to Nick Triolo and Dom Grossman for letting us share their photos!

    1. Sam Winebaum

      No surprise on such a course. I have a pair of the Rapa Nui and they are great. A Hoka that runs like a regular shoe, flexible yet still super cushioned.

    1. Barky

      Looks like yfrog don´t open (just some quote on the page) but you need to click on "continue to the media" on the right hand side to see the picture. Works at least for me.

    1. Tahoe Pete

      super scary. I do know that he can turn it around read a race report from the sd 100 where an individual had the same issue. Drank more water and it cleared up

      1. AJW

        If it's just a bloody bladder from being jostled around that's OK (I've had that several times) however, if it's the result of something muscular or intestinal it's another deal entirely and he'd need to shut it down by Virginius (disappointing, once again, all the TK groupies:)

        1. Tahoe Pete

          Lets hope that it is the first option. Joe seems to be running strong and has a good feel for this race. Would be fun to see him and Seb battle it out to the finish.

          1. AJW

            I agree. He's a smart, experienced guy, he's not going to do anything stupid. If it clears out by Governor Basin he'll be good to go. But, if it's something worse descending off Virginius would be brutal.

      1. Tahoe Pete

        I cant comprehend the magnitude of this run. So I will take your word for it. I have never run in the san juans but they look so grand. Looks like they can put a hurting on anyone and quick.

  5. Dean G

    Any reason to think Seb will slow down? Besides it being his 1st Hardrock…? I mean, he's done UTMB a bunch so he's not a stranger to these courses… And his pacer-choice isn't the worst either.

    1. Tahoe Pete

      Seems to me that Troy Howard is gaining on him a little bit. Don't count out Finkel either seems like she is closing the gap as well. What a race so far I think it is not over yet.

  6. AJW

    I think it's Seb's to lose. But Troy can descend well and Diana is the Ann Trason of Hardrock. Thing is, she's been hit late before. Troy's good for 26 and change. Of Seb can go faster than that he'll win. But his quads will need to hold up. Too bad Troy missed that left turn in American Basin. Happens to the best of us:)

    1. Lstomsl

      Troys gaining on him even on the climb. And if really did loose 25 mins in A basin he should be leading. Nice to see a race either way, long way to go yet and probably the sketchiest terrain.

      1. Dave T.

        Comparing the splits from checkpoint to checkpoint it does not seem that Troy is gaining or that Seb is pulling away. They have been surprisingly consistent throughout.

    1. Dave T.

      Not sure I see that. Comparing the checkpoint splits the gap has been surprisingly consistent. I would instead argue that between the two of them the race is wide open. However you may say that Seb has the slightest advantage since Troy will need to make time on him.

      1. Lstomsl

        He's gained a few minutes but not enough to make a difference yet, but better then losing time…. What's impressive is Seb is on pace for a 22:30 finish. They are both flying, will be an interesting night.

  7. David

    Good job Bryon and crew!

    I will make sure to use your website for any Amazon purchases as a way to thank you!

    What you think are Scott Jurek's chances of winning at Leadville this year?

  8. Dean G

    Seb thru Putnam in 23:17. So that sound good for sub 25 finish. Not sure where he is compared to Karl'a splits but have to assume Bryon and the gang will let us know soon enough!!

  9. Dean G

    Karl with blown quads has to drop, you know he's bummed, and there he is with a huge smile on his face waiting for Seb. Classy.

  10. panos from greece

    i have run UTMB and i plan to run the HR100, if i would be lucky in the draw, so it would be very interesting for me to know how Seb compares the HR route to UTMB route.

    1. gontxal

      HR you can compare to Ronda del Cims and Diagonale des Fous.

      UTMB is a Little bit "easier",but more elite runners invited,so is faster

      1. panos from greece

        thanks gontxal

        I run ronda 3 week ago so i have a good picture of the route.

        One question: at Ronda, there were sections, where there was no visible trail

        and the runner had to create his own trail/path, following the organization's flags, to climb up to a summit or descend down to a valley. Are there such sections at HR ?

  11. Marcus

    I had what was apparently the same issue pop up 15 miles into a run in the mountains last week. Scared the hell out of me. By mile 30 it was dark red as wine. When I was home it looked fine. Doctor did some tests at the hospital and wasn't concerned. I've had no issues since.

  12. Carson

    Hey Bryon,

    Thanks for all u do. I'm a poor vet student who doesn't hardly ever get to run, but all the coverage and articles on iRunfar keep me inspired and motivated for a time when I can actually put in some more miles. I gave 5 bucks, it's all I can spare right now. Thanks again!

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