2012 Hardrock 100 Live Coverage

Hardrock 100[Update: With the race in the books, I thought I’d link to our 2012 Hardrock 100 results article. However, you can still click on CoverItLive below to get a full play-by-play recap of the 2012 Hardrock 100!]

The 2012 Hardrock 100 begins at 6 am MDT on Friday, July 13, as 140 runners take off from Silverton, Colorado for a journey through the San Juan Mountains. While labeled a “run” rather than a “race,” there’ll no doubt be hot competition for both the men’s and women’s titles, so we’ll be bringing you race updates and commentary from the front of the pack all day … and night… and the next day. As usual, we’ll be livecasting the event on iRunFar’s Twitter feed; however, we’ll also be combining our twitter feed with other news sources in the below CoverItLive window.

Note: Due to Hardrock’s temporal length, we’ll not be hosting a discussion with CoverItLive itself. However, we encourage you to discuss the race at length in the comments section!

Here are a couple resources to help you follow the race:

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-Bryon Powell, Editor-in-Chief of iRunFar

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  1. Andrew S

    Hey Bryon and Crew. Beautiful coverage of the run so far. Followed all day at work and will continue into the night. A big hello from Tennessee to you guys in wonderful Colorado, Thank you and keep up the great work!!

  2. Reid L.

    You think Hal can cover that last ~13 miles in under 3 hours to nip the course record? (Or is the course a bit longer than 100?) What are those last miles like? Mostly downhill or still quite a bit of hard climbing?

    (Am grateful for the coverage!)

  3. Paul F.


    Thanks for your good work on this event. I am not sure how one'monetizes' live coverage from a 102-ish mile 'run' … I guess I'll know when you start serving up 30 second Ford ads before every update!

    I can see it now: "This update from the Wasatch Front 100 brought to you by iRunFar and our friends at Abbott Labs. Feeling moody or do you have low energy? Does making it out of Brighton Lodge seem like an impossibility? You might have Low-T. Try AndroGel 1.62% …"

    That said, it certainly strengthens my loyalty … Well done.

  4. Pierre

    Hal Is probably gonna be 1st, so, from a crux walk (utmb '11, 371st in 38h55) to a win w/ more ascent (11000m vs 9600m), i guess he loves that tent ?

  5. David T

    The fastest hardrocks including today's top times:

    Kyle Skaggs: 23:23:30

    Karl Meltzer: 24:38:02

    Hal: 24:50:13

    Joe: 25:06:30

    Julien Chorier: 25:17:00

    Dakota: 25:45:08

    Troy Howard: 26:01:18

  6. David T

    Wow, Joe was closing FAST: At Pole Creek (mile 80.9) he was 68 minutes behind Hal. At the finish he was only 16 minutes behind. He cut 52 minutes into Hal's lead in 19.6 miles.

    The guy has wheels!

  7. Sean O'Callagha

    i used your book (signed by you) last year as the main resource in training for my first ultra – it was like having anne sullivan a'top my bedside table – RFP helped me get away with murder jumping into running for the first time ever as a 40 year old turd.

    then it hit me after western states and hardrock that i've come to take your work and coverage for granted, so i finally kicked in (chump change) a donation.

    your site and coverage inject fun and inspiration into my little world.

    thanks, man


  8. Scott

    I'd be interested to see what the ratio was in the hat for this year's race. I imagine that it was simply that a lot more men threw their names in the hat than women.

    I hope the new lottery (or any lottery system for that matter) doesn't make any distinction between male and female when it comes to general admission/non-elite entry. If 400 men apply and 100 women apply, then hopefully a lottery would naturally grant a roughly 4:1 ratio. If application is basically even, then I'd hope the start list would be roughly even as well. It would suck if 400 men were fighting for 70 spots and only 100 women were fighting for the other 70 spots; that would be a biased system imo.

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