Favorite Discontinued Running Shoes?

For those of us that like running in shoes, there are certainly many a fine shoe these days whether you’re hitting the roads or tearing up the trails. Still, finding that one shoe that’s absolutely perfect for your gait and training needs is a rare thing. That’s why I was sad to recently inform a reader that it was quite unlikely that a company would reintroduce his favorite shoe (New Balance 790), which the company discontinued. That’s just not something that shoe companies do with any frequency. What’s worse, the reader’s question made me sentimental for long lost shoe models stretching back as far as 16 years ago! Yup, I miss my Adidas Equipment Support and Cushion circa 1994.

Anyway, we’d love to hear what trail or road shoes you’d love companies to go all Jurassic Park on and why. Do you have two more boxes of original Montrail Hardrocks sitting in your closet? Would you pay $300 for a pair of mid-90s Adidas Trail RS with the wrap around tongue? What about those La Sportiva Raceblades under your bed with 1,200 miles on them? Heck, if you lobby hard enough for a trail shoe (get your running friends to join in), we might even put up a poll of the most-missed trail shoe of all-time.

Adidas Equipment Support

The Adidas Equipment Support are still near the top of my shoe pile!

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  1. Andrea

    Ha! Steve nails it. The Gel Moros were awesome in the pre-Hardrock days. But now I love my 790s and Inov-8 285s for the truly hinky stuff.

    For road? Definitely my first marathon shoe – Fila Corsa Otto. Sooooo smooth, like butter.

  2. David

    Mizuno Wave ________? Arn't there like several Wave something models. I like the Wave Universe 3 but the Wave Universe 4 is too bright for my style. Orange, Green, Red vs MWU3 is just white.

  3. David

    I really like the Saucony Fastwitch 4 but the Fastwitch 5 got a new super stiff sole that I really didn't like. I think they change the good ones so we can buy the same model the next year and then end up with a closet full of bad ones, then buy more and create more revenue. That's why I won't buy unless I can send them back if unsatisfied.

  4. Eli

    I love my rucky chuckys. But a year and a half later and the UTMB and theyre through. any suggestions for an equivalent replacement? Or even better, may I might find some RCs?

  5. Bill

    IMHO, Nike didn’t make a bunch of top-shelf running shoes, however the Nike Zoom Vomero 3 was a very good shoe. Wish I had bought a couple pair to hoard.

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