Winter Running Prep

While we are still eagerly anticipating the arrival of winter here at iRunFar headquarters in the Sierra foothills, old man winter already has a firm grip on many places. With that in mind, we’re going to take this opportunity to highlight some of the winter running resources that can be found here on

[We previously held a contest in which gave away five Winter Survival packages each of which will include a pair of YakTrax Pro, our favorite winter running traction device.]

Winter Running Resources
If you stop by iRF looking for our latest winter-related articles, click on the Winter Running tab at the top of every page or use our winter running tag URL. If you’re looking for something more specific winter running advice, below are some examples.

Gear Resources
Last winter, we pulled together a series of winter running traction device reviews. The series, which focuses on over-the-shoe devices, includes separate reviews of the Kahtoola MICROspikes, the Kako Ice Trekkers Ultra (discontinued), STABILicers SPORT, and the YakTrax Pro – our top pick in the lot. Stay tuned for an overview of other winter running traction methods later this winter.

We’ve also reviewed some shoes that are particularly suited for winter, such as the Inov-8 Roclite 312 GTX, the Asics Gel-Arctic WR 2, the Inov-8 Mudclaw 330, and the La Sportiva Crosslite. We’ll also publish a quick review of Saucony’s ProGrid Razor in the coming weeks.

If you’re looking for ways to stay warm, take a look at our reviews of Moeben Arm Sleeves, the Original Buff, the Merino Wool Buff, and the Lululemon Sergeant Jacket.

Articles and Entertainment
We’ve also got a couple winter articles that you might enjoy. First off, there’s one discussing the merits (or lack thereof) of snowshoe running. Then there’s Kevin Sullivan’s highly entertaining Why I Hate/Love Winter Running. If you enjoy Kevin’s winter running article, check out his poignant Will Running on the Treadmill Make You Insane?

Winter Survival Box Giveaway!
YakTrax ProWe’re sure that you haven’t forgotten about about the YakTrax Pro giveaway and neither have we! [This is the contest for 2009… it is now closed! The 2010 YakTrax Pro giveaway can be found here.]

Five lucky winners received a full Winter Survival package from courtesy of Implus Footcare containing:

A Favor
We don’t make you “do” anything to enter this giveaway. No need to fill out a form, sign up for this, or subscribe to that. However, if you appreciate iRunFar and what it does, we just ask that you spread the word. You could share news of this giveaway with others or tell them about the website on your next run.

While you’re at it, consider further embracing the iRunFar community through one of the following options. Not only will they keep you better informed (we share different news on the website, the Facebook fan page, and Twitter), but you’ll help us out, too!

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  1. The Dude

    I am running my first Ultra in Mid January, the Swamp Stomper 50k and would love to try out some winter gear in my training.Frazer G., Memphis, TN

  2. xclimber

    Winter running in Tucson is a joy…! It's summer that kicks your butt. That said, if you run up on Mt. Lemmon you could be in for a wild slide if you don't have your Yak's strapped on…!Jerry C, Tucson, AZ

  3. albiew

    Running while its dark out isn't fun, but preparing for Mountain Mist, Mt Mitchell Challenge and Umstead is fun. Maybe winter running isn't that bad!Albie W.Atlanta, GA

  4. Will4Jesus

    You all rock! Add my name to the list. I'd love to have some great winter gear for Hellgate, the Frosty Foot Fest, Mount Mitchell Challenge, and other races I've got coming up. Thanks a million!

  5. Running Brad

    I'm looking forward to running this winter! This is my second winter running and my first with the intentions of trails… Love the site and the Twitter updates!

  6. Chris Luck

    The snow has arrived here in the Great North Woods of New Hampshire. I'm doing the Mississippi Blues marathon for some warm weather R&R….

  7. Rebecca

    Rebecca Sudduth, Charlottesville, VATraining for my first 50 miler this winter, Rocky Racoon. Going to try to keep those trail mile on the AT going to keep me sane.Thanks!

  8. c

    More give-aways. Wow, thank you. My favorite winter running activity is pulling the kids in our chariot xc ski trailer while running in snowshoes. I don't rack up the miles but the kids love the "sleigh ride". Collen GodfreyOrtonville, MI

  9. Cheri Hall

    I always run more trails in the winter…pls add me to the winter give away list.Cheri Hall Meridian,Ms.I love reading all your posts.

  10. Michele Jensen

    I've already started my running in the snow and cold. Yaktracks are my favorite too! I just need to find something that covers my nose and cheeks – i find that the buffs don't breathe well and just end up freezing.Michele Jensen, Littleton, CO

  11. Bryon Powell

    Collen,I love the XC ski chariot idea. I'm looking to snowshoe in a manner that will require lots of gear. Good to know that running and pulling are compatible… though I may have to go with a more frugal option.

  12. Anonymous

    I have the Mcnaughton 150 in MAY in VERMONT! And I live in New England so can you say lots of loooong miles in the snow and ice?

  13. JamesOdder

    Did a couple of 50's this year… 100 is next. Too much training to do on the treadmill so there will be a lot of time out with old man winter!

  14. Bryon Powell

    Jumping in on the Yaktrax giveaway. The running in NC during the winter is da shiz!! Just finished the Atlanta Marathon on Thanksgiving and today I started my training plan for the Frosty 50 on Jan. 9th. Hope all is well, Jamie MooreLewisville, NC

  15. Mark

    Mark B Lees Summit, MOWinter gear would be great, I plan to run all winter and am signed up for a 20 miler in Feb. I'll be screwing shoes or using Yaktrax.

  16. Cole

    Cole Mortellaro, Pittsburgh, PAFirst 32 degree run this morning, winter is around the corner (or freezing rain as it comes here in Pittsburgh)!! I would love some winter gear to help get through the winter. Passing the good word, irunfar.comThanks again

  17. Will Thomas

    Will T.Fall City, WACould have used these during last weeks race. 15 degrees Fahrenheit, and lots of ice/snow. Thanks Implus!

  18. Sank

    Switching from a roadie to a trailhead the gear would definately come in handy.Love the site/blog.Be well – SankTodd S. Mansfield,

  19. Lara

    I just bought some as an xmas gift for "someone" now I'll need some for myself! "someone" is headed to Reno for work all winter, and I will be in Tahoe lots for some snowy altitude running!

  20. Steve Bohrer

    Well, Vibram KSO's don't work very well in snow. I only made it a mile and a half before frostbite started to set in. So I'd love a pair for the long, icy, Idaho Falls winter.

  21. Jon Sagner

    This will be my first winter doing Marathon training on the trails and I am hoping you'll share the warmth:) Either way, keep up the great posts and updates. They are all – informational, inspirational and motivational!!! Thanks!

    Jon Sagner

    Baltimore, MD

  22. toddstarkweather

    I'm training for the HAT Run 50k and this will be my first year of hardcore winter running. This is the first site I hit when I wake up in the morning. Thanks.

  23. Bryan Hojo

    I love winter running. Im intending on keeping up my weekly mileage to be ready for spring Marathons. I know a 50k in January will be fun. I will keep shorts and long sleves on until temps drop to the teens. Sub zero temps bring out the heavy winter gear. Could allways use some more.

    Bryan Hojo

    Harrisburg, NC

  24. David

    Always look forward to content on I'm currently training, in winter conditions for the upcoming NF 50 mile in San Fransisco, but want to keep running in the mountains this winter. The YakTrax would be a great help.

    David Henry

    Baker City, OR

  25. Wendy Akeson

    My friends have been telling me for YEARS to get some yaktrax and I never got around to it. Definitely need to get a pair this winter! Thank you so much!

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