2008 GORE-TEX TransRockies Run – Day 5 (original post)

I am very tired. Yup. Very tired. I want to just may fall asleep on my laptop at 5 in the evening. Give me a cool bed and I could have fallen asleep at pretty much any point after Wings of Glory finished today. I am not alone. I was sitting under the Salomon tent a few hours ago and not a word was said for 5 minutes. I’m also brain dead – things that had been routine a few days ago, now take significant… or more often are overlooked. Now is when the GORE-TEX TransRockies Run becomes a real test.

Alas, I got a late start on things and need to get sleep tonight, so no photos in this or the previous two posts for now. I truly could not have imagined how exhausted I’d be right now. Really, I’m just staring blankly at my computer. Phew, staring is hard work.

I need head back to camp right now, but I wanted to let you know that I think we barely caught Team Montrail in the overall standings today (we’re talking a few seconds, if we did catch them) and are just a couple minutes behind Team Salk Stick. Things are coming down to the last day. I know I’m excited to see how things turn out after tomorrow’s tortuous 21 miles from Vail to Beaver Creek. I can’t say that I excited for the actual 21 miles of running. My legs feel great, but man am I exhausted. More on Day 5 and Day 6 in the future.

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  1. Trail Goat

    Peter,I rested up as best I could and laid it all out on the course the following days. Martin and I were far from winning or even a podium spot, but raced strong and could stand proud at the finish. Thanks for stopping by!

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