Salomon Exo Calf Long

Performance and recovery enhancing calf sleeves for taller runners.



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Salomon Exo Calf Long - white - front

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Exo Calves for longer-legged runners.

While I normally write much of iRunFar's content in the third person, this is one place where I'll throw my full voice in a vote of confidence. I've often raced in Salomon's Exo Calves and I did so long before iRunFar had a store. I've worn them for races as short as 15 minutes on a treadmill all the way up to 100 miles. Heck, I've worn the Exo Calf at media events put on by competing brands. When I only had one Exo Calf, I wore it without regard for how I looked. If you need a vote of confidence, there you have it! - Bryon of

These Exo Calf Longs are taller runners. Measure to see if your lower leg - from the base of your heel to the interior flex point of your knee - is longer than 16 1/2". If so, the Exo Calf Long is for you. If your lower legs measure 16 1/2" or less, should pick up the standard Exo Calf.

Exo Technology video

For more on Salomon’s Exo Sensifit technology, watch this video with Running Times Trail Editor Adam Chase:

Salomon Exo Calf Sizing

Sizing (from 1-7) as determined by measuring the circumference of your calf at its largest:

  1. 3/8" - 12 5/8" (29-31 cm)
  2. 12 5/8" - 13 3/4" (32-24 cm)
  3. 13 3/4" - 14 1/2 (35-36 cm)
  4. 14 1/2" - 15 3/8" (37-38 cm)
  5. 15 3/8" - 16 1/2" (39-41 cm)
  6. 16 1/2" - 17 3/8" (42-44 cm)
  7. 17 3/8" and larger (44+ cm)

Folks who measure 16 1/2" (42 cm) or shorter from heel to the interior flex point of the knee should choose the standard length "Exo Calf," while those with lower leg measurements over 16 1/2" (42 cm) should choose the "Exo Calf Long."