NordicTrack X22i Treadmill Review

I know what you’re thinking… what on earth is iRunFar doing? It isn’t lost on us that reviewing an indoor exercise machine is the farthest thing from exploring the natural beauty that this website’s community lives for. But most of us also know that a treadmill can give us an opportunity to maintain and build fitness when outdoor running isn’t recommended or possible due to weather, life logistics, and more.

When I was first approached to test the NordicTrack X22i Treadmill ($2,999), I snickered at the idea that I could possibly build mountain-running fitness on a treadmill. My past experiences on treadmills ran the gamut from using incredibly expensive Woodway treadmills in college to being forced inside due to frigid temperatures when I lived in the midwestern United States. It never gelled, and the most I could ever bang out was around eight miles. I felt awkward on the treadmill, and any attempt at fast running made me worry that I’d face plant.

The NordicTrack X22i Treadmill is not your normal treadmill, though, and it’s become a useful tool for both regular run training and training for mountain running–especially for mountain-running training. What follows is my experience with the X22i Treadmill over the course of the last year as I trained for both mountain ultramarathons and a road marathon. I’ll discuss what I’ve enjoyed about this treadmill in particular as a training tool, and I also have some criticisms for some of its shortcomings. Additionally, I reached out to professional ultrarunner Kyle Pietari to discuss his experiences with the treadmill over the past few years and how he incorporates this tool into his busy life and training.

NordicTrack X22i in use at incline

The author on the NordicTrack X22i Treadmill at home. Photo: iRunFar/Tom Caughlan

Nordic Track X22i Treadmill Physical Components

I can honestly say that running on the NordicTrack X22i Treadmill is the first time I’ve enjoyed training on a treadmill. Its wide and long belt (22 inches x 60 inches) feels secure, even while doing things like strides at 5:00/mile pace, and NordicTrack’s Reflex Cushioning technology means that I end workouts feeling less beat up than I would if I had done the workout on the roads. The treadmill itself is large and feels solid all around. It shakes very little, even when I’m running at a high incline, and I haven’t experienced any durability issues in a year of consistent use.

Did I mention that it goes up to a 40% incline? Let’s talk about this incline a bit, because it’s no joke and it’s what makes this treadmill a real tool for mountain runners. In fact, at 40% I can barely stay on the treadmill at a hiking pace without using the sidebars for balance. However, the fact that you can train at such ridiculous inclines is really valuable and translates well to hiking up the steeps in races. The treadmill’s decline goes to a much more normal -6%.

Another feature that sets this treadmill apart from others is the ability to select specific speeds and inclines with the push of a button. On the right side of the console are 12 buttons for speed, one to 12, and if I want to run 8:00/mile pace I just hit the ‘7’ button followed by the ‘5’ button for 7.5 miles per hour. This works great on the fly and the treadmill’s speed ratchets up and down more quickly than other treadmills I’ve tried, making intervals a bit more real feeling. On the left side of the console are 12 more buttons to select your incline and decline, everything from -6% up to the dreaded 40%. Although there are also the typical up-and-down arrow buttons to change the speed and incline, being able to press a button once to go up to 10% is really quick and convenient. The touch screen allows one to toggle through various settings in manual mode to see pretty customized data including total ascent, distance, time, pace, heart rate, and more.

I was thankful for the dual fans at the bottom of the console that I’ve used for every single run. They actually work and I haven’t managed to short any of the electronics out with excessive sweating.

NordicTrack makes four models of basically the same treadmill, but with different-size touchscreens. The X22i, the model I tested, has a 22-inch screen. The smallest screen, on the X11i, is 10 inches, and the largest screen on the X32i is, perhaps you guessed it, 32 inches. You probably can also guess that the models get much more expensive as the screens get larger.

NordicTrack X22i stock photo

Image: NordicTrack

Nordic Track X22i Treadmill iFit Software

Okay, let’s start with the screen upon which you interact with the treadmill’s software. The 22-inch screen on the model I tested was absolutely beautiful with a clear picture and snazzy graphics. The first thing you do when you’re programming the treadmill is to connect it to wifi, but, for whatever reason, NordicTrack did not include a web browser! So, don’t plan on streaming or even accessing YouTube. At first this seemed incredulous, so I called NordicTrack last year and customer service told me that this update had not come out yet. If NordicTrack did include a web browser this would be a huge upgrade, as the high-quality touchscreen and speakers do provide a nice viewing experience.

NordicTrack’s proprietary software is called iFit and is touted as an ‘all-in-one’ coaching service. For a $15/month subscription, you can access studio classes, virtual coaching, and destination workouts. I explored some of the free guided runs, including a three-mile jaunt through some of Silverton, Colorado’s trails, and as I ran the treadmill changed grade quite quickly on the rolling trail. It is fun to be able to look at actual scenery of the beautiful trail, however, the whole experience seems a bit wonky as the scenery does not stream past, but rather provides screenshot-style Google images. While NordicTrack clearly believes that users are in the market for ‘professional trainers’ and ‘personalized’ run training, I never found the urge to pay for the iFit service to be able to access the 16,000 on-demand workouts. Instead, I used the treadmill in manual mode and did my normal training.

iFit also has an app that pairs with the treadmill to see your training data. I found this app fairly useless as it doesn’t communicate with any popular training logs such as Strava. If I wanted to upload a workout from iFit to Strava, it involved downloading and converting a file and then uploading it to Strava.

The treadmill also comes with an iFit heart-rate monitor that works very well as far as immediately picking up my heart rate when putting it on and it seems very accurate in tracking quick increases and decreases in my heart rate during intervals. Unfortunately, I’ve had major issues with the iFit heart-rate strap which, for whatever reason, seems to cut into my skin a bit and has left some welts. I’ve tried putting various lubes on the chest strap, but this keeps happening. It could be completely particular to my body, but I don’t have this issue with my Suunto chest strap and I think the fabric of the iFit strap is more abrasive.

NordicTrack X22i - stock photo - full inclined

Image: NordicTrack

Nordic Track X22i Treadmill Overall Impressions

I started training on the NordicTrack X22i Treadmill last February while training for a 100k race with about 16,000 feet of climbing. Starting with little mountain fitness, I practiced getting my legs under me by jacking the incline up above 20% and trying to maintain a little over three miles per hour. I was amazed at how my pulse shot up to 160 beats per minute and I was able to build mountain legs, all while my kids played on the floor next to me.

Since then, the NordicTrack X22i Treadmill has really helped me keep my training consistent. After a long day at work and facing a run in the cold and darkness where I live in Colorado, the ability to just throw on shorts and shoes and feel like I’m doing some parenting means that I’m much less likely to bail on the run. This has been the case this winter as I’ve been training for a marathon. With slick conditions and frigid temperatures in the mornings, I’ve moved most of my speed workouts to the treadmill. Despite Jack Daniels’s treadmill-conversion formula, I find that fast paces on the treadmill are actually quite difficult for me, but those paces transfer with ease once I get outside.

If you’re struggling with balance in your family, work, and running, this treadmill can be a valuable tool that has really acted as a reason to not skip runs when I’m struggling with going out in the dark. While the retail price may seem daunting, NordicTrack offers 0% financing options so you don’t have drop $3,000 all at once.

NordicTrack X11i Treadmill Feedback From Kyle Pietari

If per chance you follow the ultra-consistent ultrarunner Kyle Pietari, then you know that treadmill training is common practice for him. His social media shows several photos of him literally wearing two of his children while hiking on his NordicTrack x11i Treadmill. As a competitive ultrarunner, Kyle has been involved with NordicTrack. Kyle received an X11i Treadmill from NordicTrack in 2017 in exchange for his honest and unbiased feedback. As previously mentioned, the X11i is in the same incline-trainer group of treadmills at the X22i reviewed in this article, but it has a smaller touch screen.

I reached out to Kyle to get his thoughts about training on the X11i and to assess the durability of this hefty investment. “I’ve had my X11i Treadmill for nearly two years. The hardware has always seemed well built, and provides a great feel. I’ve had no issues with the hardware,” he said.

I was surprised by Kyle’s take on treadmill training in general, “I’m a big proponent of treadmills for ultra training. I think for trail runners, using steep incline grades on a treadmill is the best way to practice powerhiking. I learned from my treadmill that 30 minutes at a 30% grade is brutal for me, which means I have a lot of room to improve my powerhiking.”

When talking more specifically about his thoughts on uphill training, Kyle says, “I typically do my interval/speed sessions on uphill grades, whether outside or on a treadmill. I think being able to avoid the downhill during many of those workouts is key to optimizing my cardiovascular strength and avoiding injury. In general, I think trail/ultrarunners would ideally run a lot more uphill than downhill in training. Downhill training is important, but a little bit goes a long way. Uphill training, however, can be done very frequently to maximize fitness. The injury risk and cumulative damage to the body is lower with uphill running than flat or downhill running, but the cardio benefits are greater. Using a treadmill to do more uphill and less downhill, especially at high intensities, might improve longevity as a runner. Just think about Kilian Jornet, who hammers steep uphills during ski-mountaineering season, but gets none of the downhill pounding since he glides down the mountains on skis. Then, when he transitions to running season, his cardio fitness is already world-class, but his legs are fresh from a long period with minimal pounding. Most people can apply this skimo-inspired principle using a treadmill.”

The ability to work training into a busy career and family schedule is also a bonus to Kyle, “Aside from being useful for powerhike training and optimizing my uphill-to-downhill ratio, having a treadmill helps me fit my training into my busy schedule. I usually can’t run outside when I’m responsible for all three of my kids, but sometimes I can hop on the treadmill. I also love doing uphill hikes wearing my kids on my back and/or chest (weight-vest training). Finally, running takes less time out of my day if I use my treadmill instead of running outside, since I don’t have to worry about bathroom stops, packing water, or dressing for the weather.”

Call for Comments (from Meghan)

  • Have you run on any of NordicTrack’s incline-trainer treadmills, such as the X22i? If so, what are your overall impressions on the experience of running on them?
  • And how about the treadmill’s specific features, such as its incline and decline, belt, screen, iFit software, and more? How have all these specific parts of the treadmill performed for you?

[Editor’s Note: If you’re affiliated (i.e., an employee, ambassador, etc.) with a brand, please share your relation in each of your comments on this article. Thanks!]

NordicTrack X22i - running full stride

Photo: iRunFar/Tom Caughlan

Tom Caughlan

is iRunFar's Minimalist Gear Editor. Tom’s passion for trail running and specialty running retail experience shine through in all of his highly technical reviews, which do range outside minimalist shoes.

There are 59 comments

    1. Tom Caughlan

      Hi Rick,
      I’m having difficulty finding a weight in the tech specs. User weight capacity is 350 lbs, but I don’t think thats what you’re looking for. It is a heavy machine, and this would be good to know if putting it upstairs or on a main floor with a basement underneath. I will keep looking!

  1. Raymond Wright

    Nice review. I am in the market for a new treadmill and this one looks like it would hit the sweet spot for me since trying to do mountain training in Southern Maryland is tough.

    You should try the ZWIFT program for your runs. Though not as mature as the cycling side of the program, I have used it a lot this winter. It is kind of cool to watch your ‘avatar” run through the scenery. The workouts are tough

    1. Tom Caughlan

      ZWIFT does look interesting, and I have friends that enjoy it for indoor cycling. It would be interesting to run a speed workout with a friend on the other side of the continent and be able to push eachother.
      Another trend that seems to be in its infancy are treadmill studios, like Thoroughbred in SF. I think there are only a couple in the country and I wonder if they’ll take off the way spin classes have. Again, something I could see doing for a difficult workout rather than a casual run.
      Nothing beats the trails, but the Incline Trainer will help you get mountain fit in Maryland. hiking 30 degree inclines that never end is a sweat fest!

    1. Tom Caughlan

      KristinZ –
      Its pretty rock solid, and now when I run on commercial treadmills at work or my wife’s gym they feel a bit unstable. Again, first treadmill I’ve ever felt okay running intervals on outside of a $15,000 Woodway.

  2. Kyle Pietari

    Great review, Tom!

    I’m happy to answer questions if anyone has any for me, specifically (publicly or privately).

    -Kyle Pietari

    1. Andrew

      Kyle, thanks for post. I’ve seen others post concerns about stability, excess bounce, at speeds of over 9-10 mph. concerning. what has been your experience when pushing speed up? incline is awesome and yet is this meant for walkers or can we also lower incline do serious runs, pushing pace at time? also, i weigh 200 lbs…. thank you! very important concern wouldn’t you say? is it a valid concern… thx

  3. James

    I bought an x7i back in 2012. It was an excellent training tool for mountain ultras (when it worked) and the mechanical build was really solid.

    Unfortunately, in the first 6 months several electronic components had to get changed out. I got an extended warranty for it after the factory warranty ran out because those components as well as a couple others failed over that time. Several more components (all electrical) failed during the extended warranty and were replaced. However, I had to install them as the extended warranty didn’t cover labor.

    The warranty ran out last year, with no opportunity to extend from NordicTrack and the motor control unit failed for the second time. The whole experience was a real turnoff for icon/NordicTrack products.

    It sounds like you’ve had the treadmill for over a year and haven’t dealt with any of the same problems. Is that accurate?

  4. Jer

    James, I had the same mill, same timeline, same failures. I sent mine back after 3 problems. I bought an x11i Commercial this winter. Rock solid, no issues, great mill. The ifit stuff is gimmicky to me. Just set that hill on manual and suffer.

  5. Jim Thurman

    I have the x11i and structurally I like the treadmill but have had significant problems with the software. Using the “Create My Run” feature with the map is very cool in theory, but extremely clunky. It constantly unfollows the route and stops undulating up and down with the vert, forcing me to have to select a button to “re follow” the route. Happens frequently and is annoying. Also am not a fan of the decline. At a given decline the treadmill will slow down to 6mph. On the “map my run” feature, if the course drops down to 6% decline, it will slow you down to 6mph and not return you to your previous speed once the grade stabilizes to level or back to an incline, forcing you to manually change. On a rolling hill course, this is a pain as you constantly have to be engaged to reset your speed. Have you had this problem?

    Overall impressions, treadmill is quality but iFit is problematic. It is great for a sales pitch but if you are any kind of a serious runner, I think you’ll find iFit extremely lacking.

  6. feathers

    I wish it were wider. Nearly all treadmills are 20 or 22 in wide – not quite wide enough to use trekking poles. You need a treadmill that is at least 26 inches wide to use trekking poles – this jumps the cost well over $10,000, still – Woodway and Tuff Treadmill (among others) do manufacture them.

  7. Josh Katzman

    Just got one of these for my classroom – have students “climbing” Everest (and love training on it myself). The one thing I’d love to “fix” about it is that at the -6% the maximum speed is only 6 mph. Do you know how to override this feature? I’d love to get some higher-intensity downhill running in every so often.

  8. Emery Rudolph

    I purchased the X11i in April 2019. They evidently ran out of the existing model and they sent me the upgraded 2019 model. I love the unit for its structural soundness and overall quality, but I am extremely disappointed that the “upgrade” is actually a “downgrade”. Based on information I read and viewed on YouTube by actual users, I was looking forward to connecting the TM to my TV positioned right in front of the equipment. Unfortunately, the new model means actually means they:

    1) Downgraded the motor from the 4HP to 3.75HP
    2) Removed the USB port
    3) Removed the HDMI port
    4) Removed the tablet holder

    I imagine they figured out that having the HDMI port ate into their sales of the higher level models, but when I purchased the unit, these were the specs I was expecting. The unit is still excellent, but it is a bitter pill to swallow to receive a downgraded unit.

    1. Emery Rudolph

      Update: I finally got a look at the motor in my unit and I must note that I was mistaken. The motor is actually a 4.25HP motor not the 3.75HP in the model description. This is good news from a power perspective, but also makes me wonder if these have a problem with heat overloading, which is what I believe I am experiencing when the platform stops while the console continues.

  9. Elan Omessi

    Very disappointing customer service. I have the X22i incline treadmill. The first console had to be replaced after 2 months. The treadmill died again 6 months after purchase. They sent a replacement console, but told me to replace it myself, or pay $159 for a service person to come out. It is under full parts and labor warranty. I’m looking at the directions now for replacing the console, and it is a nightmare. Atrocious customer non-service. Unreliable product. If I had to do it all over again, I would look for a treadmill with the greatest reliability and the best customer service. Forget all the bells and whistle’s. What a disappointment.

  10. Elan Omessi

    Update to 9/11/19 i22x review:

    I have the Nordictrack X22i incline treadmill. The first console had to be replaced after 2 months. The treadmill died again 6 months after purchase. They sent a replacement console, but told me to replace it myself, or pay $159 for a service person to come out. It is under full parts and labor warranty. After persisting that labor was covered, they eventually agreed to cover the labor cost. The treadmill is up and running again. Hope it is now reliable.

  11. Kristy

    Thanks for this review. I was interested in purchasing this treadmill so I went to a store to try it out. The machine is great but when I jumped on and turned up the speed, I noticed the console/screen was bouncing quite a bit. I was wondering if others experienced this as well or if this was maybe just a poorly constructed floor model. Thanks for any feedback.

  12. Nelson Munoz

    NordicTrack was not completely honest with you. There is a web browser installed. You just have to access privileged mode. Here is how:

    Go to the settings mode, go to maintenance – then in the empty space below, tap the same spot 10 times. 
    Wait 5-7 seconds
    Tap the same spot 10 more times.
    (Not kidding…this actually works).

    It will then pop up that “privileged mode is enabled.” May also say privileged mode enabled = true. If you repeat the above sequence, you will disable privileged mode (privileged mode = false).

    When you enable it, you can drag down from the top and get access to the menu bar and go into android settings. You can also swipe up from the bottom and get to the default apps – it has a browser, camera, ifit admin, and the ifit cardio.
    Eventually after you feel comfortable you can install Android apps using .apk files. I have Netflix installed on my X22i, and also love watching YouTube videos on the beautiful 22″ screen.

    The X22i is running Android 5.1.1 so apps that require Android 6.0+ will not work. Also it is not optimized to multiprocess. Running the iFit software in the background and then switching to YouTube, Netflix, or just a web browser works fine. You can still use the controls to change your speed/incline. It is a little buggy when you go back to the iFit software to end your workout. The iFit software usually crashes and you have to restart the iFit app. The great thing is that though it takes a few seconds to restart the app, the treadmill never stops working. So it is a minor inconvenience, a small tradeoff to have full use of the 22″ screen. Enjoy the added “secret” benefits.

    1. Abe

      My concern Mr Munoz is that if you do not continue with the free iFit after one year, then your stuck with a big screen without entertainment. My question, is the privelge mode enabled on the latest model ?

      1. Nelson Munoz

        Yes, I was able to access Privileged mode on a brand new X11i at a department store, just recently. Great way to utilize the big screen regardless of you have iFit or not.

        1. Andrew Flessel

          Nelson, thanks for your help in educating the rest of us! Question, what store did you try it out on (July 25, 2020 post)? I was at Dick’s sporting goods and found a 2450 (pretty cool) but want to try the incline series (x11i or x22i or x32i). some concern about the bounce when running considering I weigh 200 lbs… Thanks!

  13. Kevin Kelly

    A little background: I am in my early 50’s and used to be an avid roadrunner: marathons, 1/2’s, 10/5-K’s, etc. Have run Boston and routinely won my age group in local/regional races. All that came to a halt when I ruptured a disk in my back 5 years ago and I was forced to quit cold turkey. A year and a half ago I joined Orange Theory Fitness (OTF) and started easing back into running, although I was not getting the distance that I wanted and used to love. However, the cushion/bounce of OTF’s treads opened my eyes to possibilities of distance running again (cannot run distance on pavement)–although I was very anxious about the boredom of slogging away on a treadmill.
    In the wake of COVID-10, I bought a NordicTrack x22i tread and have been running on it for a few weeks.
    this treadmill is incredible in every way. There are several reviews of this tread on-line, and I give it very high marks. With that said, without iFit, it would be just a nice belt machine and I’m not sure it would have the allure. With iFit, I look forward to the runs and are disappointed when they are over. The trainers are engaging (and different) and the functionality and versatility of the programs is wide and varied. It’s hard to describe the effect of running with world class trainers in places around the globe who effectively serve as expert tour guides.
    I have read several negative iFit reviews and I do not understand them. The picture is crystal clear, moves fluidly, I have had no freezing or buffering issues, and the run/hike/walk library is massive and being updated all the time.

    1. Andrew Flessel

      Nelson, thanks for your help in educating the rest of us! Question, what store did you try it out on (July 25, 2020 post)? I was at Dick’s sporting goods and found a 2450 (pretty cool) but want to try the incline series (x11i or x22i or x32i). some concern about the bounce when running considering I weigh 200 lbs… Thanks!

    2. Andrew Flessel

      Kevin, thanks for the post.
      what about the bounce on this treadmill?
      I’ve seen several reviews saying at higher speeds (9+ mph) it bounces excessively and makes run awkward. true? seems a problem if can’t use tread at the higher speed ranges, even if don’t normally run at those speeds. Please comment. thank you!

  14. James Hunter

    Great idea but poorly executed. This is an average treadmill with great features, if they worked! In my opinion this machine is not ready for release. The tablet locks up and malfunctions regularly. There have been several updates, which are not easy to implement. It has gotten better after the updates but still does not preform properly. I have asked for a repair, replacement, and even a refund and all I receive are canned Email responses. They do not honor their factory or extended warrantee, which I did purchase. I regret this purchase!

  15. Joanna m

    I just bought nordictrack x11i after my brother purchased the x22i and told me about it. I am in love with this Machine I have never had a better run. I bounce when I run and no joint pain I felt as I could run forever. Forget the gym. This cost me around 2400. Delivered in a week. I hope it last us a long time.

  16. Jacopo Valle

    Hi Tom, do you exercise on the Treadmill for more than 2 consecutive hours? Does the engine overheat after some time?

    Thank you!

  17. Derek

    Curious how this treadmill works for traditional running? I have seen a lot about climbing/hiking speed at an incline, but was wondering if i just want to go for a level run some days if it operates well for a brisk run. Thanks!

  18. Sarah Perry

    Ours died within 2 weeks of receiving it. The board is completely fried. Can’t even tell us when someone can come fix it for at least a week. And it will be several weeks wait after that. Really bummed as I was finally feeling like myself with the opportunity to run again. As much as we love it, having a brand new $3000 machine sit idle for weeks on end isn’t cool. We are going to use the 30 day return policy.

    1. gabriele thornton

      Ours died too within 3 weeks- the belt stopped working. I called and insisted that they send me a brand new machine…after a few minutes they agreed. I will give it another chance- if it happens again…I will send back. If I was you I would insist there is no charge (refund and restocking fee) for a machine that broke. You are not returning because you didn’t like it!

  19. Emery Rudolph

    Well I’ve now had my X11 for 1 year this month, which has provided me with a wealth of long-term experience to base my updated experience. As with many things, these machines have good and bad points:

    The machine is very sturdy and well put together. The platform has enough cushion to provide an excellent surface for running hard with minimum shock impact to the joints.

    The console screen is very clear and crisp. Using the machine in manual mode works just fine, but iFit makes this a wonderful device that you really look forward to using regularly. My exercise room has a 270LB stack gym, a Nordictrack VR-21 exercise bike and a Concept 2 rower and I try to incorporate the X11 in most workouts because not only do you get an effective workout, but you can visit somewhere far away at the same time. I’ve not experienced any issues with iFit in the time I’ve owned this system and am very happy with its function.

    Despite frequent application of the silicon under the platform tread, the motor will still occasionally stop mid-workout. This is a real PITA, as you have to power cycle the unit to get it back and of course, you’ve lost your results. I’ve worked with Icon fitness to resolve, but all they can suggest is more lubrication. This mostly happens when I am engaged with a training that has a consistent speed at or above 3 mph and in a decline. It must be the motor overheating, which leads me to wonder why the company did not install a fan to pull in cooler air to the motor enclosure. This is extremely frustrating, as you become paranoid on every session that it will happen. This one issue severely curtails my enjoyment of the system.

    The console had to be replaced because it began getting lines in the screen. I provided proof to Icon service and they sent me a new console for self-replacement. I am extremely handy, so I performed the exchange myself without a problem. The new console is working out well.

    Overall, it’s a well constructed machine, but the bad is significant enough to make me question my ownership and look at other manufacturers. Study construction, but fragile electronics make this a mixed experience. If Nordictrack could tighten up their systems to make the electronics as reliable as the frame, this would be a rock star!

  20. Emery Rudolph

    Okay, it’s Mother’s day and I wanted to get a workout in on the X11 and again, 11 minutes into the training the platform motor stops mid-workout. I’ve had enough at this point and will be contacting Icon Fitness to address this issue once and for all. It is no use to me if I can’t count on it and I certainly cannot count on it!

  21. Wayne

    Looking at the x22i for my wife and I to get into hiking shape and for general well-being. Reading these reviews has me on the fence! The iFit is probably not necessary for consistent runners but may help us look forward to the workouts and procrastinate less. It actually seems cool to train in the mountains of Colorado, Germany, etc.

  22. Stacey

    I can’t seem to get anyone on the phone from Nordictrack. I’m interested in purchasing the x22i and I’m concerned about setting it up myself. The professional set up isn’t available with Covid. How easy is it to set up the machine? Is the extended warranty worth it?

  23. Gabriele

    It’s very heavy. The set up isn’t that bad- you definitely need 2 people. My husband and 20 yr old daughter put it together in a few hours. Getting it in the house was the hardest part.

    Update on my treadmill saga-
    So I received my replacement treadmill after 2 weeks. My husband took delivery and didn’t notice they sent the wrong model. The 11xi. Grrr. I had to call yet again. I now have two treadmills in my house and a third one being delivered. What a mess. The delivery company is different from the pick up company. I will update when I receive the next one.

  24. Emery Rudolph

    Stacey, the machine is extremely heavy (~400lbs) and comes in a crate, so if delivery into the home is not an option, you will need 3 strong people available to move the platform, especially if it’s going up/down stairs.

    Once in the spot, assembly is not too difficult, but should be done with 4 hands because you will need to place and balance the console supports while bolting them down.

  25. Wayne

    I have also been trying to order an x22i but can’t get through to Nordictrack and not calling me back when I left my number. I’m even willing to pay for help to get it upstairs and to help me put it together if I can get delivery soon but can’t even talk to the company. Is this an omen?

  26. Gabriele

    My original purchase I used the live chat feature On the Nordic track website. The guy was great and I had my treadmill within 5 days.

    1. wayne

      Thx. I’m going to try that as it sounds like you still recommend the product in spite of the issues. Do you recommend the extended warranty?

  27. Elan Omessi


    I had the professional set up done, but I watched them. Technically, set up is not difficult, but the main component of the treadmill is very heavy. It will be dropped off at curbside. You will need two strong people for set up. If you don’t have strong friends or family available to help you, then I would wait for professional set up to resume.

    I absolutely love the incline treadmill, when it is working. In 16 months I’ve had three repairs. The console had to be replaced twice, and the incline motor once. They were great about sending the replacement components, but I had to fight each time for a repair person. I’ve never had much luck on the phone, but they do seem to respond to issues via their website, although it may take a while. My extended warranty kicks in next February. If I have additional issues either under the initial warranty, or the extended warranty, I will write back about my experiences.

    In response to Wayne, the iFit component may not be absolutely necessary, but I really enjoy the experience.

  28. Emery Rudolph

    With regard to I fit, it is very .uch worth noting that I fit has now added live sessions just like Peloton. If it is awesome and something you must try before making the decision to not use.

  29. Alicia

    Hi.. great review, thanks. I was between the x32 vs x22i and just bought the x22i. Waiting for shipment. Only concern is I am 5’0” and worried the screen will be above my line of site. Is this going to be an issue. I tried to look up info/dimensions but couldn’t figure our distance from belt to bottom of screen. Please let me know! Thanks in advance.

  30. Lanetta

    I’m interested also in the X22i but I have been reading some not so good reviews about this treadmill and customer service. I have also been hearing good reviews about this machine. I feel like I am taking a chance getting this treadmill, but it is very tempting to get. I decided to go ahead and get it but I was on hold for almost an hour before I reached an agent. He was nice and offered to knock off $100. It won’t be shipped till the end of next week due to it not being in stock and high demand. I already checked with the local Thumbtack (an app that shows the locals in your area that will assemble your treadmill) and they will charge $180 to bring it into the house and assemble it. I figure it is worth the $180 because I heard this machine is heavy and trying to depend on family or friends can be unreliable. I’m looking forward to getting this and I will update you on how everything went from delivery to the first month using it. Too bad Best Buy does not sell the X22i because they offer free shipping, assembly and the set up with the machine to your wi-fii. They offer other machines like the X33i (which is $1,000 more with a 32 inch screen) but I want the X22i.

  31. Abe

    I found something new- the X22 is good for the incline. But the 2950, is the one really made to last for running. The 2950 does not have a 40 degree, I think 15 degrees. To be honest I wanted for running, I will not be doing 40 degrees all the time

  32. Kevin D

    Our X32i died after 8 weeks… controller needs to be replaced. 3 weeks back ordered and refused to send us a new one or refund. Before it broke I noticed that if you run over 6 mph it produces a loud banging noise and violently shakes. S22i bike we ordered at the same time already needs new front frame bearings (Out of stock for 4 weeks) unfortunately nordictrack has went down hill! Trying to get my money back.

  33. Elan+Omessi


    Our ceiling is 9’6”. I am 5’9”, and at a 40% grade incline, and standing on the treadmill deck right next to the screen (the highest point), I have 24 inches of headroom. I would have been OK with an 8 foot ceiling, but I wouldn’t want to go any lower than that.

  34. Jason Hawen

    Nordictrack x22i… what is the height of the belt from the floor when on 40% incline please. Need to know if I’ll have enough headroom. Thanks Jason

  35. Phil

    For those that are interested, I’ve had my x22i for almost two months. So far, I have mixed feelings, but the negatives may not mean much to some of you so I’ll just lay them all out here quickly. Typing this fast, so forgive typos.

    Sales department was great, and received the unit quickly. As others noted, this is a beast to get into the house — invite friends over. Due to COVID, there was no option to have it delivered to my basement or have it assembled. Setup was rather easy, but you’ll need two people.

    Runs are great, the incline is great, and the iFit videos are good. Sturdy, good cushion, easily navigable menus, many places to run, etc.

    But here are the negatives: it might be a bug (have a ticket open), but I need to calibrate the incline at least 2 or 3x a week. Nordictrack says 1x a quarter is “typical”. Next, despite it being an easy “win” for NordicTrack and its customers, there is no way to enjoy the great scenery of the videos without a trainer talking endlessly in your ear and blocking your view. I get it, great to have a trainer with you, but there is no way to run a route without a trainer — so I have pretty much turned down their volume and just deal with them blocking my path half the run. This seems like a glaring oversight by iFit — once onsite for their video shoot, they just need to film the route once after they film their trainer, then give us the option of running the route with or without the trainer. This would make the videos infinitely better.

    Next, starting up the unit takes a LONG time. (And NordicTrack *insists* you must turn it off to avoid the potential for ‘shock damage’ when not in use – electrical engineer friend says this makes no sense, but whatever). Turn it on, then get your shoes, drink some water or coffee, and read a magazine. Then the system will be ready for you. If you have multiple users on your iFit account, you also need to sign in independently each time. My other Android apps let me save my log-in settings — not here. I could almost run a mile or two before this thing is ready for me, if you count boot up and log-in time. Next, the quality of the touchscreen is a bit lacking, and often it takes quite a few touches for it to register.

    Lastly, as others have noted, iFit and Nordictrack have locked down the tablet, making it unusable for anything other their their (paid) programming — granted, there is a “privileged” mode and other Android tricks — but having looked at the depth of their log files, I would suspect that doing such things will be recorded and void the warranty on a system that (as others report) *will* breakdown at some point in the future. I wouldn’t recommend taking that step, unless someone can assure us that warranties remain even after using privileged mode.

    Everything above makes it hard to recommend the treadmill, but it still has may positives. If you aren’t so concerned about the above, then it may be a good buy for you.

    More minor things: no clock anywhere in the interface. Annoying. No Ethernet connection (which makes sense, I guess, since the control interface is really a tablet), but you are at the mercy of the tablet’s wifi, which must be several generations old. I have a top-of-the-line router, which is not far from treadmill, with gigabit Internet… and I still (occasionally) see the resolution drop in quality while the stream buffers and catches up. This doesn’t happen on any other device in the house. Finally, there is no way to export your progress to other fitness apps, which I swear was something the sales department said was possible. If you are keeping track of runs with any other application or service, there’s no way to pull in your stats from iFit. Disappointing.

    Other than the incline issue, older wifi, and the poor touchscreen, most of my concerns are with the interface. Maybe they’ll fix that in the future. Your call on whether the other issues are important to you.

  36. julie horton

    So I have been looking into various treadmills and surprised to finally find one with a 40% incline. After reading all these reviews I am hesitant to invest in NordicTrack. I previously read consistent negative reviews on various products malfunctioning and very poor customer service however I was hoping the X22i may be different. Does anyone have recommendations for a treadmill at a similar price point?

  37. Anthony Diaz

    How long can you run on the 22i before it times out? I have a treadmill that times out at 99 minutes! I have trained to run half marathons and I finish in 2:28:28 so I would like to be able to train longer than 99 minutes. The first time it turned off I almost fell from the machine because I wasn’t ready because the belt just stops and the machine turns off. Scared the p..s out of me!!!

  38. Dan

    Also curious to hear some more recent reviews, especially re: durability and whether recent purchasers have had the same experience others have mentioned about the unit breaking down in the first few months. I’m particularly interested in the incline feature; I’m I correct that this is basically the only model that hits 30% or higher?

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