Where the Road Ends: Salomon, Suunto, Julbo, and More Contest

Where the Road Ends: A Guide to Trail RunningWe’re starting our Where the Road Ends: A Guide to Trail Running launch contests off with a bang. The winner of this contest will get an amazing set of prizes from Salomon, Suunto, Julbo, CLIF, and Drymax! Oh, wait, did we say winner? We meant winners! One woman and one man will get the full prize set outlined below!

If that’s got you feeling lucky, you should know that this is the first in a week’s long series of giveaways to celebrate the launch of Where the Road Ends. (Feel free to spread the word.)

Salomon logo - blackWe’re starting things off with Salomon, a trail running stalwart and long-time friend of iRunFar. Here’s the awesome head-to-toe trail runner package they’ve pulled together!

Suunto Ambit3 Run

Once the winners are all decked out in their Salomon outfit, they’ll be able to slip on a Suunto Ambit3 Run. The Ambit3 Run is a wrist-top GPS device. It’s got features ranging time of day, stopwatch, and lap timer to full GPS measuring and recording, running cadence, navigation tools, and sleep recovery measurements. Once you’re done your run, you can upload the data to Movescount (as well as Strava and other online platforms) to have a close look at your run.

Julbo LogoSun protection is good for staying upright in the short-term and for your eyes’ health in the long-term. Fortunately, Julbo’s got you and the winners covered on both accounts. The women’s winner will get a pair of the brand new Julbo Breeze sunglasses, while the men’s winner will get to sport the Julbo Aero.

CLIF Bar logoIf you’ve been to an outdoor store in the past couple decades, you’re likely to be familiar with CLIF Bars. Well, CLIF long ago expanded past bars to offer a full range of energy products for outdoor athletes, including trail runners. The lucky winners of this contest will get a box of CLIF Bars, CLIF Bloks Energy Chews, CLIF Shot Energy Gel, and CLIF Hydration Electrolyte Drink Mix? They’ll also get a box of the brand new CLIF Organic Energy Food Oatmeal for some pre-run fueling.

Drymax logoFor the vast majority of trail runners, their running kit isn’t complete without a good pair of socks. Enter Drymax, which is giving away two pairs each of its Lite Trail, Trail, and the new Max Pro Trail to both of this contest’s winners!

How to Enter


To enter, all you need to do us leave a comment before 11:59 p.m. MDT on Monday, April 18th. Please make sure to include your email address in the comment form, so we can get in touch with you if you win! (We’ll only use these email addresses to contact the winners of this contest and never for other purposes.)

Since we’re offer one prize pack each to a woman and man, it’d be great to include either your name (if it’s gender-specific) or another indication as to your gender.

Additional Contests

As a reminder, we’ve launched seven separate contests during launch week with almost $12,000 in total prizes!

Winners will be determined in the weeks following the contests’ closure. We’ll notify all winners directly.

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  1. Jean-Philippe

    I loved RFP, so I can’t wait to read Where the Road Ends.

    P.S.: I am a male and I like free stuff :-)

  2. ClownRunner

    I lost the 2015 JFK 50 by more than 5 hours, so I need some new gear to get ‘back in gear’! I guess I should read the book too, maybe that would help me as well. Re: gender for the contest, please put me in the Male Clown category. :)

  3. Dean

    Love reading this site but it generally takes a competition to get me involved in the comments.

    For info, male.

  4. Amanda Gustafson

    Looking forward to reading this book and would love to be entered for a chance to win this amazing prize pack. Thank you!

    P.S. I am a female.

  5. Tim

    So far 2016 has been sidelined by a temperamental left shin… but winning something like this will help to pick up my spirits!

  6. James

    I really enjoyed reading RFP. I go back to it whenever I need some inspiration to keep running longer distances. I am really looking forward to purchasing and reading this new book.

    Also, the prize pack looks amazing. I am looking forward to winning it ;)

    -James (male, in case that was not obvious)

  7. Justin Lottig

    My family and I have been travelling the US since August and have been trail running our way around. My twin 6 year olds love the sport and look forward to longer runs with mom and dad someday. Our next stop is Big Bend National Park and where the road ends for us is likely Bend Oregon.

  8. Jen Meador

    I can’t wait to give this book to my road running friends and turn them into my trail sisters!


  9. Irawan Balcet

    We love iRunFar and would loves some prizes!!! Thank you for all your hard work covering races and events from around the world !!!

  10. Denali strabel

    My trail shoes got stolen, speedcross’ do well on mount marathon ;) and currently I am sharing a pack, watch, and other helpful things with my husband soooo….I love my own things (miss having my own things) and I think this would all look great on me for my first ultra coming up :) :) cheers

  11. Mark

    I’ve always referred to RFP as “the bible” of ultra-running books & just recommended it again last night.

    I look forward to this new one & hope to recommend it as well.

  12. Braden Limb

    Relentless Forward Progress was one of the first books I read at the beginning of my running career. I thoroughly enjoyed the insight from veterans in the running community throughout that book and look forward to the information in the new book.

  13. TrailNorth

    Checking this site has become a daily routine, and I appreciate the breadth and depth of coverage of everything from events to unique perspectives and stories. I can’t wait to read this book as well. Thank you all for everything you do!


  14. John Cushma

    Your website is always a great resource for a relative newbie like myself. Congrats on the book – looking forward to having a read very soon.

  15. Ryne Anderson

    Interesting to see so many trail running books hit the market in the past year. I’m sure this one will be top notch, much like Relentless Forward Progress. (male)

  16. GordK

    Looking forward to reading your new book!

    “Today is your day, your mountain is waiting. So get on your way.”
    ― Dr. Seuss

  17. Kristin Z

    That’s an amazing prize pack!!! Huge thanks to the sponsors regardless of who wins and congrats again on the book!! (Womens)

  18. Ian

    Looking to get back into running and what better way than with this smorgasbord of goodies! Thanks for the opportunity.

  19. Ryan Soule

    Congrats on the new book! I just help pace my friend at the Zumbro 100 mile endurance run to finish his first 100 mile race!

  20. Liz G.

    Female trail runner here. I enjoyed Relentless Forward Progress, refer to it to guide my training and to inspire, and am looking forward to this new read!

  21. Michelle

    Oh my! I’d have to be pretty damn lucky to win all this! With a fabulously supportive running club, great friends and a loving family I half reckon my luck might be exhausted but, with a charity ultra coming up, these would either help or raise some much needed funds for a great charity! Share the love ☺️

  22. Paul Sackles

    Bryan and Megan – Congratulations on putting together your insights and making them available to us all. I look forward to a great read.

  23. Carl Pearson

    What a nice little package to win ready for my first trail race, a short 25k in the beautiful Lake District!!

  24. Luke N

    Looking forward to reading the book! Would love to sport some of this svelte gear that would clearly help me run a six hour 50mile… ;)

  25. Jacob Young

    iRunFar rocks! Thanks Meghan and Bryon for what will sure be a fantastic book, to accompany this fantastic website! Oh, and great contests too!

  26. Jonathan

    The joy of winning the prize pack could only be surpassed by the joy from the experiences of using said prize pack.

  27. Eric Kiler

    I can’t wait to read this book. Thanks @irunfar for all you do for the Trail Running Community!

  28. John Strange

    Bryon, I ran with you on a random hot afternoon at Umstead State Park in Raleigh while you were still a lawyer…talked about trail running and your newly formed website irunfar. A few weeks later, you sent me a sticker…which is now up in my garage in Wisconsin…cool to see how irunfar has grown. John Strange

  29. Kirsty Mundell

    Unbelievable prize, my Speedcross have taken me through the Glencoe Mountain Marathon, twice round the Carnethy 5 and many other hill races, due for retirement probably more because of the smell seriously though I am training for my first ultra and this prize would set me up, thank you for the opportunity!!

  30. Roger

    Love the writing at irunfar, looking forward to the reading. Hope the book is well read and well received.

  31. Ward Fremon

    I’m looking forward to reading this book. After reading many articles on this website by the authors, the type of writing utilized will make this a fun read for sure.

  32. Ilene Bloom

    This is all very exciting. As a relatively new person to trail running, I’m constantly inspired! It would be a special treat to try out all of these wonderful items and be able to spread the word. Cheers!

  33. Greg

    If there is no irunfar.com, or RFP and it’s many fans, there would not have been any ultras for me. Thanks for the inights, community, and collaboration. Prize or no prize, I’m long overdue in conveying my thanks for your efforts and knowledge sharing. Congrats on the new book. How could it NOT make a difference?! Can’t wait to read it!

  34. Oskar Henriksson

    Wow! Not sure if the contest is open to foreigners, but i will give it a try anyway. Best of luck with the book from sweden!

  35. jana

    That sounds too good to be true but you can never win if you don’t play .. and who knows this girl might be first time lucky?. New book preordered, hoping to finish it before transvulcania! :) all the best guys xx

  36. Paul

    I’m a man. I’m forty.

    Thanks for providing news and information about trail and ultra running! I especially appreciate the twitter coverage of events.

  37. Daniel Ehrlich

    Still use your first book for the training programs. Looking forward to checking out the new book!

  38. Kate

    I really enjoyed reading Relentless Forward Progress, so I can’t wait to check this book out! And of course, I’d love to win this amazing prize package! :)

  39. Karen mickle

    I completed my first sky marathon at the weekend and I can certainly use some more advice. I need to get my hands on this book!

  40. Steven Gregg

    Best of luck with the new book, Relentless Forward Progress has been invaluable and I’m sure this will only add to the body of knowledge

  41. Katie Hinchen

    Relentless Forward Progress was my first intro to ultra running! Great book! Can’t wait to read the new one!

  42. Tina Henriksson

    I enjoy your reports and coverage soo much! – I’m sure I will also enjoy your book! Will order some extra coies – couldnt think of a better present for the comming months – for almost anybody really, regards

  43. Mark Howard

    Relentless Forward Progress was the first trail running book I read, look forward to reading the new book!

  44. Chuck Sarensen

    You have a great site, I have found encouragement and lots of great information… Thanks for all you do.

  45. Adrian Ramirez

    I hope this is the place where I’m supposed to leave a comment for the contest. I just started trail running about two months ago and I’m hooked. I ran a fee half marathons on the road but never a trail race. My goal is to run a 50 miler by next year. I am trying to find out what the best equipment is and best techniques. Thank you!

  46. Gene Edwards

    Irunfar continues to out do itself! Love this page. Many thanks for all the great resources.

  47. Jacqui Haggland

    Love trail running and will be looking to build back to ultra running after I have my baby in September this year.
    This package would be the perfect motivation.

  48. Tim Ruiz

    Love your website and first book, Relentless: Forward Progress: A Guide to Running Ultramarathons. Looking forward to winning…;)

  49. Travis

    Thanks for bringing great content regarding trail running to the masses along wth great LIVE coverage of races! Well done and congrats on the book!

  50. Kayla Wilson

    As I am training for my first ultra, winning some awesome new gear would certainly sweeten the hard days ahead!

  51. Christoph

    I am close to run my first ultra marathon on trails. Will definitely look into getting the book. Also – thanks for holding this awesome contest.

  52. Justin

    Thanks for covering so many races, and having plenty of material to browse during downtime at work :D

  53. Christian

    Your website is great! I rely heavily on your shoe reviews. And Relentless Forward Progress is a great resource for Ultrarunning. Thank you for all you do!

  54. Chris

    Running trails never fails, puts the wind back in my sails! I hope everyone realizes, your competition’s got awesome prizes :)

  55. Marten De Dycker

    Great prices! I sure hope this contest is international.
    Amazon ships the book to Europe so that’s not a problem ;)

  56. Laurie

    Awesome prizes!!! (I’ve actually run into a guy named Laurie, so I’ll let you know I’m a girl.)

  57. Erich

    Congrats on the new book! I have Relentless Forward Progress on my bookshelf and it was a great resource when I got started with longer distances.

  58. Tarah

    I’d love to get my hands on the lady’s prize pack! Congrats on the release of your book – can’t wait to read it.

  59. Gioia murray

    I would love all of that speed inducing, endurance eeking , adventure inspiring (girly) awesomeness in my life!

  60. Matthew Houseknecht

    I love irunfar.com! What a great goto for all my ultra running media. Fingers crossed I am picked!!

  61. Ethan Money

    Look forward to reading the new book. Hope to get it and learn something I can apply to my ultrarunning.

  62. Roisin

    I’ve been out injured for quite some time… last run 6/20/15 : ((
    Keeping up on everything ultra – I’m sure the book will be a great read and all the awesome gear will help get me back out there.

    I’m female.

  63. Stan

    So excited to read the new book. Still coming down from the excitement of my third 50m this past weekend!

  64. Scott Darnell

    Getting deeper in the trails every year. Look forward to the read and would love some new gear to start the summer season

  65. Joan

    Wow, this would really make me run faster with all this swag!!! And I can use all the help I can get!!!!!!!!

  66. Matt Gilbey

    Looking forward to reading the book. Excellent prizes too. Hope it’s open to international people

  67. Claudia

    Found you a few years back when I tried to find live-tracking of the Hardrock 100 and have appreciated your website ever since. Thank you so much for all you do – for sharing info, for inspiring, for live-casting from the trails. oh, and i would love to win…!

  68. Greg Friedman

    Love the site. The book sounds like another great accomplishment. Thanks for the chance to win goodies!

  69. Alexander

    Collecting trail/ultra books has become a sort of a hobby of mine, since it’s the next best thing to actually being out there yourself!

  70. Chad

    If the book goes over as well as this offer, you have a best seller on your hands. Can’t wait to read it.

  71. David Paul

    Congrats on the book! I love the Amazon “1-click” option! I may share it with my LRS when I’m done…

  72. Lynn Mitchell

    I would be so excited to win. My favorite trail shoes are Salomon! Excited to read the book too!

  73. iain

    Really looking forward to reading the book.

    This website is such an incredible resource I can only imagine how amazing it’s going to be!

  74. Sophia Tam

    Sometimes you just need an inspiration while you’re stucking on the bottleneck….. looking forward to have a copy of the book & finding my way ‘where the road ends’

  75. Chris Tirey

    Can’t wait to read the book. Looking forward to it. Thanks for running this site, what an awesome resource!!

  76. Andrew K.

    Great prizes. Can’t wait to get my hands on this trail running book and hopefully the prizes. Thanks for all you do.

  77. Lynne Krulich

    Ready to read the book, hit the trails and make some dust! Thanks to iRunFar and all the sponsors for this great contest. This old girl is ready to run!

  78. Perry Ligon

    Relentless Forward Progress: A Guide to Running Ultramarathons is the only running book I’ve read. Now it’s time to read my 2nd while I hope I win the gear.

  79. Louise Clifton

    Brilliant competition with some great giveaways that would come in handy with a big year of running ahead :)
    Fingers crossed… Lou (f)

  80. Valerie

    Salomon Speedcross are by far my favorite trail shoes. This is an awesome giveaway! Thanks for doing it. I can’t wait to read the book.

  81. Ian Stevens

    Rentless is like a bible to ultra and trail runners. Sure the new one will be just as fine. Looking forward to reading it (and winning some SWAG). Cheers

  82. Joe Urie

    A companion for my copy of Relentless Forward Progress.
    Congratulations to the both of you on your new book. The culmination of sweat becoming ink!
    As to the contest, I hope it’s open to your readers in Canada.

  83. Megan Walters

    Love love love! The trail running community is awesome and this book will help spread the love! Hoping to win!

  84. Ashley

    Wow that’s an amazing giveaway! So excited for both of you with the book launch! Can’t wait to read it!

  85. Martine Sesma

    I’m a huge fan of Relentless Forward Progress and your race coverage and RUNNER profiles. Can’t wait to order a copy of your latest book!

  86. Pete

    A lot of authors say “never again” when you ask them when book #2 is coming out. Glad you hit the typewriter again, can’t wait to read it!

  87. Scott Andrew Berthel

    I am always up for a good read and good gear. Thanks for your work on RFP; I picked it up this past Christmas and have enjoyed it!

  88. Lindsay Henkels

    Just ran my very first trail run and ultra this past weekend at Zumbro. 50 miles at midnight! I’m hooked!

  89. Paul Molnar

    Wow! What an amazing collection of goodness. I can’t wait for my rehab (for a broken foot) to be done so I can get back on the trails! Definitely going to have to check out the book!

  90. Constance

    Looking forward to reading the new book with my son who is just getting into trail running at age 7!

  91. Ryan H

    Super! Thanks for the opportunity. Best of luck everyone. I would love to win! Fingers crossed. Happy trail runner here!

  92. Eve Hall

    Hi my name is Eve and I turned 50 this year. I am a grandma and love to run trails. This book looks very interesting. My husband and I are traveling to California this May to participate in the Western ststes training runs. I was a late comer to running, I started in my early 40’s so these training runs may be the closest to actually getting to run Western States but who knows? I am still improving. :)

  93. Lisa Weinert

    Life is a series of continual improvements ….looking forward to learning more about trail running!

  94. Charles Nixon

    I have tremendous appreciation for the service IRunFar provides. To see them also get another book out there to further influence the running community is awesome.

  95. Shannon

    iRunFar is such a quality organization. Looking forward to checking out the book and it would sure be awesome to win this prize package you’ve pulled together. This is one massive giveaway! Since I don’t have a gender-specific name…female :)

  96. Jules

    Hi, my names Jules…which may be ambiguous?! But I’m 6′ with a beard if that helps?! Love trail running and find myself racing now more and more as well as training on trails as much as I can get. Thanks.

  97. Rebekah

    So pumped about this book and I think the authors are super rad runners and friends! Can’t wait to read it !!

  98. Ash Coates

    Loving the fact that Ultra and Trail running books are coming out regularly now, they’re the only thing I read.

  99. Jason Nemecek

    Love the Solomon products! I hope this book will be every bit as good as Relentless Forward Progress.

  100. Darren

    Salomon advanced week 2016 just finished here in the UK, it’s a sign I think I’m going to win!! I’m a male but Im sure I could run in ladies gear too?

  101. Carlos

    Have started trail running 2 yrs ago after losing excess weight. Now booked for 7 ultras this season 50 km and 50 milers. This would be a great prize to win and use with pride!

  102. Todd plummer

    I have been running trails for 3 years now. At age 46 this has allowed me to pursue my passion of running and tour amazing trails and wilderness destinations.

  103. Joel

    Nice package. Currently, I’m living in Ethiopia with Peace Corpa where all of my running is trail running. No other options!

  104. Alistair Crompton

    For me the road ended in Chamonix and that’s where the trail started… I don’t read too many running books but may just have to give this a try as practical advice is always most welcome!

  105. David Betteley

    Wow what a fantastic prize, looking forward to the book but in that list of gear at least I’d look like a trail runner, lol. Fingers and toes crossed

  106. Pat Janes

    Looking forward to another great read.

    Relentless Forward Progress has been my mantra since taking up trail running, about three years ago.

    I’ll put my hand up for the male prize kit, but I also rock a frock!

  107. Carole Holley

    Thanks for all your great reporting. As an ultrarunner in Alaska, it’s great to hear and see what folks in the lower 48 are doing as well as internationally. And, thanks, for giving shouts out to some of our races and athletes up here. Just love the community!

  108. Debbie morris

    Can’t wait to read the book. What a great set of prizes. Awesome. Love my running. Just starting to venture into the longer distances.

  109. Thorsten

    I have always been drawn to places where the road ends – looking forward to reading about it, too.


  110. Brady Gross

    Wow what a great contest package and a great way to promote a book that is deserving of such attention. Looking forward to reading this!

    Brady Gross – Male

  111. Helen Dixon

    What a fab set of prizes! I’d love to win these to help with this summer’s training and wear on race days… And the book to read during recovery!
    [email protected] – fingers crossed :-)

  112. Thomas

    Your packages sound great! Looking forward to reading the book. I don’t have a trail running specific guide yet.

  113. Steve

    Been lurking for a few years while I do the running basics and build up strength and a fitness base. When I do finally decide to tackle an ultra, this book sounds like it will set me on the right path.

    Also, all those goodies look awesome! :)
    I’m a manly man and my email is [email protected]

  114. Andrei Craciun

    Hope the book will be available in the non-English speaking world too. Otherwise I will be satisfied with a digital variant.

  115. Cat Coto

    I’ve always wanted to learn how to truly run trails. My dream come true is to be able to complete an ultra trail safely and be able to end with a huge smile on my face! Def looking forward to reading your book. It launches on my birthday, so I will take that as a serendipitous sign! :)

  116. Hillari Hansen

    2015 was my first year of getting into trail running. The book looks great. Thanks for offering an awesome contest and give-a-way!

  117. Charlene SAUNDERS

    Looking forward to this read as a reward after much study. Would absolutely love to win womens prize!

  118. Jared Scray

    Great job! How did you ever find time to write a book with so much going on? Ultra authors indeed.

  119. Paul Mignot

    Working on my own book regarding my MdS experience in 2015. Keep reiterating the quote that got me through the MdS:

    “Ask yourself: ‘Can I give more?’. The answer is usually: ‘Yes’.” – Paul Tergat

    Your book would be great motivation to continue with relentless forward progress!

  120. Ian

    I loved “Relentless” and I can’t wait to get into this one! Sweet gear giveaway too!! Keep up the great work!

  121. Brooks Groves

    The book looks great, and can’t wait to read it. Plus, I think I can wrap my head around your awesome prize package!! :-)

  122. Kathy

    Love to read anything about trails, and could definitely use a new pair of trail shoes, mine are toast!

  123. Segev Phillips

    This man is looking forward to checking out the book. Hoping for good strength and stability tips.

  124. Derek Wright

    I loved relentless, it got me started down this adventure of 25k, 50k, and now 100k races. I’m looking forward to the new book. Male

  125. Thomas Butler

    Go Phillies!!!
    Ok, ok, an out right attempt to ingratiate myself with you in order to gain free stuff. I’m ashamed.

  126. Jay Bowen

    I love your site and this competition! I’m a women and want to win! Shouting out from Boise, Idaho.
    Thank you.

  127. Kelly A. Simonson

    As a woman, runner, teacher, friend, mother and wife. I look forward to reading this book!

  128. Amanda Lesko

    I am so excited to read this book. Just started trail running (or running at all) in my late 30’s and I am keen on learning all I can.

  129. Mari Steinbach

    I’ll be picking up the book. I’m 53 yrs young and have dabbled in trails for a few years. Just completed my first endurance 17 mile race. I was slow but it was fun!

  130. Wendy

    I’m excited for your book, and really hope to do more and more of my running on trails! It’s so much better for my soul Thanks for putting on this great contest!!

  131. Aaron Ophaug

    Congrats on the book. I can’t imagine how much behind the scenes time it took to put it together. Thx for all u do for our community.

  132. Laura Graves

    What a wonderful prize package! Affording all the “bells and whistles” is quite difficult so this package would definitely spoil a gal like me as I a, sure it would many other trail runners out there! Congrats to whomever takes this beaut of a prize pack home!!!

  133. Barbara Jones

    Ordering the book was on my ‘to do’ list; now I’ll wait to see if I win! Love you site…always great articles and love the little who who at different races and the race updates!

  134. Ryan

    If only I’d had all this gear before running with the Salomon crew last week at Advanced Week. Stood out with all my Inov-8 gear :)

  135. Deserae

    Really enjoyed the excerpt shared a few weeks back. Looking forward to checking out the book. And hey, who doesn’t like free stuff.

  136. Mark Manz

    So happy for ya’ll and so cool that you’ve grown big enough to be able to offer such great prizes. Fingers crossed

  137. Rebecca

    I love the idea of moving forward, relentlessly. We need it. Others need to see it in us to do the same.

  138. Liz Goossen

    RFP was the first book I bought on ultrarunning, and my main-stay for 100-mile training plans. I’m excited for the new book!

  139. Charissa Garcia

    Wow! A great way to launch a book! Can’t wait to get a hold of a copy and win some of the items!

  140. Christine Vonbun

    Can’t wait to read the book but first I need to do some more trail running…still in my old gear though..hint!

  141. Michael Schwartz

    Can’t wait to read the new book! Spring is here, the Wasatch is calling, and this guy could use some new trail gear!

  142. Glenn Steckler

    Every one of these brands in the giveaway is top notch. Thanks for the great contest, and great content on iRunFar as well.

  143. Cynthia

    So excited! I.could use this since I’m doing my first stage race this year! Trans Rockies here I come! AND I’ve read many articles from IRunfar to help prepare! Tha k you IRUNFAR!!!!

  144. Nick Horvath

    I picked up a copy of Relentless Forward Progress in July 2014, just a few months after completing my first road marathon. I had dreams of completing a trail ultra but was so new and fresh to running and trails that i didn’t know where to even begin. It’s amazing how much confidence that book gave me. In October I completed the StumpJump 50k here in TN. Three months later I completed my first 50 miler and in May 2015, less than a year from picking up that book, I finished my first 100 miler, Thunder Rock 100.
    I know I wouldn’t have done the things I have done or met some of the amazing people I have met without the help of Bryon’s book. It kicked started my passion that drives me in everything I do today. Thank you for what you have done and continue to do for the trail running community.

  145. Wayne T Smith

    Relentless Forward Progress – Was a great resource for me as i stepped up from marathons to trail/ultra’s. Looking forward to getting my hands on the new book.

  146. Matthew Rutherford

    Heck of a contest! I’ll have to pick up the book for a refresher before the season starts up again.

  147. Mike

    Just moved over to the trails from years of road running. Loving the trails and I’m sure this kit would help with my ultra races lined up this year :)

  148. Patrick T.

    I can’t remember if I entered on the correct page. Sorry if duplicate. Sorry for partying.

    Buying the book to help partner build confidence for McDonald Forest 50k in May!

  149. Mory

    Bryon, portions of your Relentless Forward Progress book were crucial part of my transition into the ultra distances. Can’t wait to read what you and your collaborators have added in “Where the Road Ends.

  150. janice

    Matching watches with Perry!!! fingers crossed!!! new sneakers!! Excellent!! and Clif Bars! keep me going for days.. and Sunglasses!! Lets Hope!!

  151. Mike M

    I remember eagerly cracking opening my copy of Don Allison’s book, A Step Beyond: A Definitive Guide to Ultrarunning, almost a decade ago. This looks like another great resource and makes me want to get out and hit the trails.

  152. Emily

    Wow! You’ve picked all my favorite brands and I would love these for our run around Mt Blanc this summer! Thank you!

  153. Shepherd Moss

    I am commenting in order to be entered in the “Where the Road Ends: Salomon, Suunto, Julbo, and More Contest.” I live in Vancouver, Canada and I hope that does not disqualify me. Also, I am a male.

  154. rachel hill

    Wow what a prize-I sure hope to win and so hope my entry is successful-everything crossed xxxxx Plus hubbie going to order the book for our wedding anniversary present!!!What a good un I have!!

  155. Kristi

    I’m too chicken to try out the Suunto demo watches at my local trail races. Your book and these awesome prizes would really help me complete my next ultra.

  156. Sichelle W.

    Every one of these is an excellent prize all on its own. Combined together, this giveaway is unreal! Absolutely amazing. Thank you for the chance!

  157. Neil

    Thanks for putting this contest on! Even though I won’t win (reverse jinx), I love that you do this for your readers.

  158. MTLee

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  159. Ian Ramsey

    Thanks for helping people to connect to the earth!

    Soil for legs
    Axe for hands
    Flower for eyes
    Bird for ears
    Mushrooms for nose
    Smile for mouth
    Songs for lungs
    Sweat for skin
    Wind for mind”
    ― Nanao Sakaki

  160. David B Leeke

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    You deserve success for all the hard work and dedication you’ve put into the running community.

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