What’s Your Dream Trail or Ultrarunning Sponsor?

I’m thankful (as always) for Dakota’s thoughtful and thought-provoking look into the pros and cons of ultrarunning sponsorship. Now it’s time to have a bit of fun. If you could have any single running sponsor who would it be and why?

Go nuts. It can be anything from joining your favorite existent running team to convincing a company or group that they should form a team and you should be a part of it. Maybe you want sweet ultra travel accommodations, be it at W Hotels… or in Big Agnes tents. Do you want to be rehydrated by the maker of your favorite fruit juice … or, like AJW, Karl Meltzer, or Neal Gorman, do you dream of a beer sponsor? Perhaps you’d go for an RV company or you and I are kindred spirits waiting for SylvanSport to sponsor our start line sleeping setup. Would you prefer for the Beef Council or Justin’s Nut Butter or Chipotle to limitlessly fuel your training?

Ok, you get the idea. Dream on!