Uphill Challenge 2008 – Erik vs. Kyle Skaggs

Check out the finish of the final match of the 2008 Trail Runner Magazine Uphill Challenge. It’s Erik Skaggs up against Kyle Skaggs. See who wins the Bros. Skaggs Showdown.

For those that don’t know, the Uphill Challenge is a 15 minute race on a treadmill set at 15% with the runners controlling the pace. Every half hour throughout the day a pair of runner race on side-by-side in front of the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market crowds. (iRF’s coverage of ORSM) At the end of the day the King and Queen of the Mountain are crowned. The winner of the following race was the day’s King of the Mountain. Which brother is it going to be?

The author competed in this year’s Uphill Challenge and can confirm that it’s MUCH harder than it looks. Hopefully, we’ll post of report of that race soon.

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  1. Trail Goat

    O,, that isn't fair. Erik won the race by a couple hundredths of a mile. He had an average heart race (HR) of 175 beats per minute (bpm) with a max of 196. Kyle averaged 174 bpm with a max of 192.

  2. Bob Gentile

    15 minute race on a treadmill set at 15%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~geesh – I did that for 2 mins and thought my heart was going to explode–lol

  3. Trail Goat

    Hmm… I forgot to write down the Skaggs brothers' final distances. Great reporting, huh? I think Erik had 1.63 with Kyle logging 1.58. Makes my 1.33 look pretty pedestrian. Well, actually my 1.33 was pedestrian, in part…. I walked once during the 15 minutes. That said, I did walk 5 mph up a 15% grade. These legs were made for walkin'.

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