Ultrarunning on the Little Screen

We here at iRunFar.com have been out on the trails busily searching for new stories… that is when we haven’t been moving iRunFar headquarters clear across the country. While we regret that this has resulted in one or two fewer stories of late, we would like to assure you that the brief slow down in posting frequency will be well worth it. In just the past week, we’ve pounded dirt in 5 states, including scouting the hard-as-they-come Pocatello 50 mile course in Idaho and completing a double crossing of the Grand Canyon just yesterday.

Anyway, today we wanted to share a sweet trail running video recently produced by Matt Hart, a Montrail/nuun/backcountry.com athlete. We thought folks were exaggerating when they said it gave them goosebumps… until we experienced them, too. Check it out for yourself below. You won’t be disappointed.

Ultrarunning from Matt Hart on Vimeo.

So how’d you like Matt’s video? See any familiar places or faces? Would you like to see more video content on iRunFar? Got any favorite videos you’d like to share?

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  1. Shaun

    Love the video! Definitely and inspiration. If I didn't just get back from a run, I'd be putting on my shoes now to head out! Keep em' coming.

  2. footfeathers

    The vid is like a little drug when I need that kick to get out the door. Unfortunately, I hummed the Coldplay song in my head throughout the 50k I did on Saturday.

  3. olga

    Dood, you are late on that wagon!!!It was nice to see you, may you live long and prosper (I can't believe it took us a minute to recognize each other! Damn!)

  4. ian

    awesome.The folks at the canadian death race produce a video each year, and show it at the awards ceremony. it alway gives me chills….

  5. Anonymous

    AMAZING! Wow, that got me off the couch and out the door to run. I would love to see more video on the site…especially some comverage of your cross-country adventures.Jeannie

  6. Bryon Powell

    Alright folks, I'll see what I can do about more video content. First, I need to pick up a small digital video camera. Jeannie, once I get a video camera, watch out! :-)Olga, I figured that some folks who read iRunFar may not have seen the video. Great seeing you last weekend. I look forward to seeing you again in a few weeks.

  7. GTI

    Way cool video. I never knew I liked that song until now. AND, I think I can officialy add Krissy Moehl (along with Kara Goucher) to my short list of runner girl crushes…

  8. jfsavage

    I loved this video and I have shared it widely. My two thoughts would be to include a list of the races shown (I can identify some, others I would love to do) and to include footage of the back of the pack (AKA the walking dead, zombie runners, etc)Great Job!

  9. Anonymous

    Ever since I watched this video, I've had Coldplay's Viva La Vida running through my head on every trail run. Don't mind it too much though since it's a good song. Great Video!Andy

  10. Tony

    Videos are great, as are pictures. I'm kinda picky about videos, and have a hard time getting into them if they are too amaeture. Salomon does good ones, Joel Wolpert's are the best imo.

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