Ultra-Trail World Tour: Rankings, Support, and Standings Presentation

The first full weekend of December, many of the world’s top trail ultrarunners gathered near San Francisco, California to run, crew, pace, cheer, or otherwise take part in The North Face Endurance Challenge 50-Mile Championships. With so many top runners together… and 2014 race calendar planning in full swing, the Ultra-Trail World Tour held a presentation and Q&A session to provide the runners with additional information about how the UTWT will work at the front of the field, including the ITRA rankings, how assistance will be allocated, and how the series will be scored in 2014. We taped the hour-long session and provide it below.

During and after the session, tour organizers promised to provide additional information (such as example scenarios for race scoring). We will add that information to this article as it becomes available.

[Editor’s Note: We hope to provide a transcript of the session in the future. However, we are prioritizing transcription of the many interviews we conducted following the TNF 50.]