Transvulcania Prediction Contest Results

TransvulcaniaFrom the better-late-than-never department, here are the results from our Transvulcania prediction contest, which an incredible 458 folks entered in just two days. For those who need a refresher, you can read the rules here.

First Place
After one round, there were nine contestants that correctly predicted 6 runners who finished in the men’s top 5 and women’s top 3.

Lederer of Switzerland was the only contest to pick three runners in their exact finishing positions – Anna Frost (1st), Nikki Kimball (3rd), and Kilian Jornet (3rd), so Lederer is the outright winner of the contest, winning a choice of Salomon Crossmax or Mission shoes, Salomon 3/4 Exo Tights, and a Salomon technical tee shirt.

Second Place
Six additional contestants had two exact picks correct: Thomas Leohndorf, Nerea Altuna, Ferran Feixas, Aaron Harrell, Luis Leite, and me (Bryon Powell). This makes for a bit of a messy tie-break scenario, but after much back-of-the-envelope work in Basque Country, things started sorting out in comparing number of exact second place picks. (All six tie-entrants had Anna Frost winning, but none had Dakota Jones winning.) I was the only one of the six to have a second place exact pick with Nuria Picas Albets. However, I’ll obviously not claim the prize, so second and third place prizes pass down to third and fourth.

Four of the five remaining tied entrants – Thomas, Nerea, Ferran & Luis – had one exact third place pick (all Nikki Kimball), so on we go. Unfortunately, none of the four exactly picked either the fourth or fifth place man, so we had to conduct a random drawing.

Luis Leite’s name was the first out of the iRunFar hat, so the second place prize is his. So he’ll soon be running in Crossmax or Mission shoes and a Salomon tech shirt.

Third Place
The third place prize goes to Nerea Altuna as her name was next out of the hat. She gets her choice of Salomon Crossmax or Mission shoes.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest and to Salomon for providing the prize packs. Winners, we’ll be in touch to hook you up with your prizes.

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  1. drew

    Hey Bryon, great idea to turn the big ultra events into "Fantasy Ultra!" I would love to see irunfar continue to do this with the big races.

    I would even suggest to do it like they do for fantasy golf or car racing. Let people pick their top 5 or 10 men and women and then see who gets the most points based on how their runners finish. Like the 1st place runner gets 10 points, 2nd gets 75 points and so on. You can probably figure out the numbers on your own or maybe thats how you did it. I'm sure others could give you more feedback if you needed it.

    Anyway, I think this would be a great addition to your site



  2. Luis Leite

    Great news Bryon, I will give the prize a good (ab)use! :)

    This year I've skipped running in Zegama, the best course I've ever run. That is a proper mountain race to be run like an animal, goat style! Maybe next year…

    Don't forget this two names for the UTMB prediction:

    Carlos Sá

    Armando Teixeira


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