TraiLive Season 2, Episode 2: Hurt 100 And Timothy Olson On Saunas And Nutrition

This episode of TraiLive features interviews with 2015 HURT 100 champions Michael Arnstein and Amy Sproston as well as an interview with Timothy Olson on his approach to nutrition and using saunas.

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  1. @journeyfilm

    Thanks Emir, for the TraiLive comments, we realize that we need to have more visuals, even though it takes longer. How often would you like to see new content so that it is not so much, but keeps you coming back?

  2. pterranova

    BranchMaster 5000??? Yes please!!! Thanks for the pre-'Coon 100 shout out too guys! And Mr. Arnstein should really know what model HOKAS he was rocking for HURT! Was that footage of your sauna setup JB/Jen or Mr. Olson's? Thanks!

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