Trail and Ultrarunner Interviews and Profiles

By Bryon Powell on April 1, 2018

Over the past decade, we’ve written about many of trail running and ultrarunning’s top runners. Often, that’s taken the form of general profiles and interviews, which we include directly below. Sometimes these interviews followed a particular performance, and we note where such is the case. Of course, we’ve conducted literally thousands of video interviews through the years and we hope to incorporate some of the more informative interviews on this page in the future.

We’re also proud to have interviewed dozens of folks who’ve made their mark on the sport while not necessarily doing so from the front of the pack. Jump below for our ever growing collection of WeRunFar profiles that highlight community leaders from around the sport. We’ve also profiled a number of race directors, team managers, photographers, and filmmakers outside the scope of our WeRunFar column.

Finally, our sport’s lost some great people during iRunFar’s existence. We highlight a few of them below.

[This resource that tries to organize a decade’s worth of work. If you have constructive suggestions on additions from our archives, how to better organize the materials, or how best to include more of iRunFar’s resources on this page, please feel free to contact us! ]

General Profiles and Interviews of Top Runners

Behind the Scenes

Through the years, we’ve profiled various folks who work behind the scenes: race directors, team managers, photographers, and filmmakers. Here, we list a number of them that were published outside of RunFar’s WeRunFar column, which is included further below.


In Remembrance

Updated December 27, 2019

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