This Will Never Catch On: The Birth Of An Icon

Western States 100 logoDuring the 2014 Western States 100 Training Weekend, the race held a presentation entitled This Will Never Catch On: The Birth of an Icon about how the Western States Endurance Run was born and evolved in its early years. Tim Twietmeyer and John Trent hosted the event that featured Gordy Ainsleigh, Shannon Weil, and Dr. Bob Lind. If you’ve got two hours, we’ve got one heck of a history lesson for you!

[Click here if you can’t see the video above.]

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  1. rov1

    Prize Money would promote the Western States Endurance Run to greater heights. I can not think of a professional sport and it's runners Who are more deserving of worth while compensation. We ( The U.S.A.) need to be competitive with Europe's trail running scene. I understand that this years' event is covered by a " Live Stream" format which is wonderful. I believe the more live video or televised coverage will give The Western States Endurance Run the life and respect that it and all it's Volunteers, Runners, Crew and Families deserve. I am looking forward to following the run this and every subsequent year.

    1. ShanWS

      Bad Idea Regarding Prize Money…we tried Prize Money back in the 1980s and the result…it brought out the worst in everyone. The two years we award money to the top five men and women were probably my least favorite years. I doubt you will ever see prize money again at Western States, in my opinion. The WSER certainly isn't in need of more participants so I'm not sure what your goal would be. Shannon Weil

  2. rov1

    Thank You for responding. How did it bring out the worst in everyone? This is what My goal or better yet, Positive idea would be, present an annonymous prize amount to the top three male and female winners. These prizes will only be given with a policy of secrecy as to the amounts. This will certainly promote the WSER 100 to invite more competition and propel the ultra running world to greater heights. Better Yet, allocate portions to a "Charity or Good
    cause." God Bless !!!

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