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Welcome to this week’s edition of This Week In Running. As it turns out, TWIR was in Raleigh, NC this […]

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Welcome to this week’s edition of This Week In Running. As it turns out, TWIR was in Raleigh, NC this weekend to participate in the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run, and boy was it fantastic day (both weather-wise and in turns of record performances). Jill Perry set a new women’s course record with a time of 16:02:27, and Dave James led from start to finish to take the overall title with a time of 15:05:10.

More on the race from ultraRunning Online :

Raleigh, North Carolina, April 5. (results courtesy Joe Lugiano). Jill Perry of Manlius, New York set a new course record in winning the women’s race at the Umstead 100-Mile Endurance Run, which finished here today. Perry waged an epic duel with Kris Whorton of Chattanooga, Tennessee throughout the eight-lap event. Both were under the old course record of 16:21:10, set last year by Jamie Donaldson.

Dave James of Turnbull, Connecticut was the overall winner, besting Joe Kulak by 21 minutes. The race was held under ideal weather conditions, bright sunshine with a high temperature of 73F and a low of 47F. 132 runners finished the event within the 30-hour time limit.

Barbara Macklow of Bellingham, Washington finished the race in 29:46:11 at age 74. She is believed to be the second oldest woman to complete a 100-mile trail run. Helen Klein finished Rocky Raccoon in 1998 at the age of 75 years, 2 months, 11 days.


1. Dave James, 31, Turnbull, CT 15:05:10
2. Joe Kulak, 41, Oreland, PA 15:26:07
3. Ryan Jones, 29, Morrisville, PA 17:35:22
4. Richard Lilly, 46, Shelby, NC 17:52:51
5. John Cobbs, 47, Birmingham, AL 18:15:34


1. Jill Perry, Manlius, NY 16:02:27 (new course record, old record 16:21:10, Jamie Donaldson, 2008)
2. Kris Whorton, Chattanooga, TN 16:05:34
3. Jenny Chow, 45, Long Valley, NJ 19:03:33
4. Stacy Inscore, 36, Raleigh, NC 20:30:30
5. Jennifer McNeill, 40, Sanford, NC 21:13:34

We at TWIR are still recovering from our own 21:39:37 finish at Umstead, and thus we only have the energy and strength to point you to a few sites where you can find information about some of the ultra events taking place this weekend (we hope you will forgive us for the brevity of this week’s TWIR):

McNaughton Park Trail Runs (150, 100 and 50 mile events)
Sun Mountain 50k
Are You Tough Enough 100k

Be sure to stop by next week for a full edition of This Week In Running !

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