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Welcome back to another edition of This Week In Running, brought to you in part by, your source for […]

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Welcome back to another edition of This Week In Running, brought to you in part by, your source for mud, mountains, miles and so much more. Today’s we preview a few of the races on tap for the weekend of November 15 and 16, 2008, with a special look at the Ultracentric Races.

Ultracentric Experience 6 12 24 hour runsThe Ultracentric Experience are road racing events billed as hosting America’s most competitive endurance athletes competing for Ultracentric Titles ranging from 6 to 48 hours in duration. Taking place from November 14 through 16 in Erwin Park, McKinney, Texas, The Ultracentric Experience also offers a 10k run and 1/2 marathon, as well as a duathalon and mountain biking events. Prize money is awarded in all of the 48/24 hour solo events. For example, the 24 hour run offers a $5,000 first prize (and an additional $1,000 if the winner is a first-time participant). Want a little more incentive? $7,000 is awarded to anyone who sets a new American record in the event (Men’s – Mark Godale at 162.46 and Womens – Sue Ellen Trapp at 145.287). The Ultra Running course is paved 1 mile loop.

“The Ultra Centric Experience is a unique combination of great athletes, good crews, supportive spectators, and unmatched volunteers. The Ultra Centric is an interactive medium for the worlds finest endurance athletes to showcase the results of successful training, and the ordinary athlete to introduce themselves to the possibilities. Included in the festivities are twelve hours of professionally produced live music, a Sponsors Expo, and great food buffets.”

The 2007 48 and 24 hour events featured some of the worlds top ultra runners. In the 48 hour event, David Goggins took top prize, completing 203.50 miles. Darren Worts (191.00 miles) finished 2nd, and Butch Allmon (186.50 miles) took 3rd. The 24 hour event was stacked at the top. Akos Konya would win the event, but not without stiff competition from Connie Gardner. Konya completed 146.33 miles, while Gardner (2nd overall and 1st female) completed 145.26 miles (barely a mile behind ! ). Bob Sweeney (139.64 miles) took 3rd place, followed by Roy Pirrung (138.51 miles), Phillip McCarthy (129.14 miles), and Debra Horn (127.13 miles). 2008 Badwater Ultramarathon champion Jamie Donaldson finished in 9th (119.47 miles – 4th female). (iRunFar’s post-Badwater interview with Jamie Donaldson)

The last of the 2008 100-mile races will take place this weekend in Fountain Hills, Arizona. The Javelina Jundred 100, complete with its own costume contest, kicks off at 6:00 AM on Saturday, November 15. The course consists of 6 washing machine (alternating directions -clockwise, counterclockwise, clock,counter, etc. – so runners get to see the trail going both ways) loops plus a half loop on the very runnable 15.4 mile Pemberton Trail. The single track trail is gently rolling, and takes runners through the desert surrounded by beautiful mountain views. Fully stocked aid stations are located approximately every 5 miles. 30-hour time limit, with temps heading into the upper 80s. Historically, no more than 65% of starters finish this event, and in 2007, only 65 of the 132 starters crossed the finish line (49%), and only 20 of those finishers made it in under 24 hours.

The Warda Cardiac Run (50 mile, 50k, and 25k trail runs) will take place on Saturday, November 15 at Bluff Creek Ranch in Texas. This is a loop course with two fully stocked aid stations spread evenly in distance. Elevation gain/loss per loop is 325 feet.

Want to run from Folsom to Sacramento, California? Check out the Run the River Ultramarathon (which also has a half and full marathon option). “This is the most ideal marathon or ultra-marathon course. No traffic, no cars, beautiful scenery, wildlife, and a relaxed and supportive environment! All courses are on the American River Parkway – an area rich in diversity and wildlife which follows along the American River, which is part of the National Wild and Scenic River System. All courses lose elevation, and the ultra-marathon (31.5 miles) has a net loss of approximately 450 feet in elevation over the length of the route (see elevation chart). Both state and county parks provide excellent facilities along the pathway including water and restrooms.”

Lastly, the UltimateXC 50k, 20 mile and 10 mile races take place in Moab, Utah on Saturday, November 15. For more information on this event, including course descriptions, head on over to the race web-site.

There are several marathons to choose from this weekend, including the following:

Saturday, November 15

Rutledge Marathon (Rutledge, TN)
Grand Canyon Marathon (Grand Canyon, AZ)
Richmond Marathon (Richmond, VA)

Sunday, November 16

Inaugural Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Marathon (San Antonio, TX)
Route 66 Marathon (Tulsa, OK)

You can, of course, click on any of the marathons listed above and peruse its website for more information.

That will wrap things up for this week. Be sure to stop by next week for another edition of This Week In Running !

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