This Week In Running: May 22, 2023

This Week In Running’s trail and ultra recap for May 22, 2023.

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This Week in Running Justin Mock TWIRWe’re putting some shine on the Southeastern U.S. this week. That means the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile, Cruel Jewel Ultras, and Keys Ultras. But, don’t worry, we have plenty of global fun, too. Happy Monday!

Trail Alsace Grand Est by UTMB – Alsace, France

The first-ever race was called a “unique journey through time, castles, and vineyards” in northeastern France.


Maite Maiora (Spain) and Fabrice Fauser (Switzerland) inked the inaugural course records at 20:20 and 17:53, respectively. Maiora got to sixth overall among the race’s 518 starters.

Maite Maiora - 2023 Trail Alsace Grand Est by UTMB 175k - women's winner

Maite Maiora on her way to winning the 2023 Trail Alsace Grand Est by UTMB 175k. Photo: Trail Alsace Grand Est by UTMB

Fabrice Fauser - 2023 Trail Alsace Grand Est by UTMB 175k - men's winner

Fabrice Fauser, the 2023 Trail Alsace Grand Est by UTMB 175k men’s winner. Photo: Trail Alsace Grand Est by UTMB


A big field of 1,442 runners finished this distance.

Emily Schmitz (USA) ran a fiery 4:30 to finish 10 minutes in front of second-place Jasmin Nunige (Switzerland.)

Emily Schmitz - 2023 Trail Alsace Grand Est by UTMB 50k

Emily Schmitz takes victory in the 2023 Trail Alsace Grand Est by UTMB 50k. Photo: Trail Alsace Grand Est by UTMB

French runners Grégory Basilico and Antoine Charvolin kept a 10-minute gap at the front of the men’s race too, running 3:48 and 3:58, respectively.

Full results.

2023 Trail Alsace Grand Est by UTMB 50k - men's podium

The 2023 Trail Alsace Grand Est by UTMB 50k men’s podium (l-to-r): 2. Antoine Charvolin, 1. Grégory Basilico, and 3. Christopher Dupre. Photo: Trail Alsace Grand Est by UTMB

Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile – Fort Valley, Virginia

Some 18,000 feet of elevation gain challenged runners on the course through the Shenandoah Valley.


Rachel Corrigan knows this land. She’s been racing in Virginia as far back as 2011. This was perhaps only her second 100-mile race though and she squeezed the legs off her chasers with a 23:50 winning time.

Second- and third-place Amy Stulman and Sarah Colwell finished in 26:34 and 26:44, respectively.


The Hunter becomes the hunted when Hunter Shuler is at the front of the race. The 34-year-old won the race in 18:04. Emmanuel King and John Anderson were second and third in 19:03 and 21:01.

Full results (when available.)

Trail Menorca Camí de Cavalls – Menorca, Spain


The event’s longest race ran as a full loop of the outer island, stretching for nearly 115 miles.

Women’s frontrunner Claire Bannwarth (France) was working on short recovery. Just last weekend she was third at the Ultra-Trail Snowdonia by UTMB 100 Mile in 31:54. And she backed that up with a first-place run here 21:36. No one else came close. She was nearly nine hours in front of the rest of the women’s field.

Claire Bannwarth - 2023 Trail Menorca Camí de Cavalls 185k - women's winner

Claire Bannwarth wins the 2023 Trail Menorca Camí de Cavalls 185k. Photo: Jose Manuel Gómez Trigo

Tòfol Castanyer (Spain) led three men under the 19-hour mark with a first-place 18:19.

Tòfol Castanyer - 2023 Trail Menorca Camí de Cavalls 185k - men's winner

Tòfol Castanyer, winner of the 2023 Trail Menorca Camí de Cavalls 185k. Photo: Ian Corless


Coloma Sureda (Spain) and Pau Capell (Spain) raced to first-place finishes on the island’s northern track. The pair finished in 12:10 and 8:43, and for Capell the mark was a new course record.

Full results.

Additional Races and Runs

Shibamata 100k – Japan

The 2022 IAU 100k World Championships winner Haruki Okayama (Japan) and other men went after Aleksandr Sorokin’s world record, but didn’t get there. Hot temperatures reportedly took their toll on the field. Okayama finished in 6:23, about 18 minutes back of Sorokin’s pace. Can folks fill us in on who won the women’s race? Full results (when available.)

Kokkola Ultra Run – Kokkola, Finland

iRunFar earlier covered Satu Lipiäinen‘s sensational 12-hour world record. Lipiäinen totaled 95.443 miles to add .602 miles to Dominika Stelmach’s short-lived record. Lipiäinen was the overall winner, but men’s leader Pasi Lehtinen ran 69.271 miles. Full results.

Euskal Trail – Église, France

Maryam Berthault and Beñat Marmissolle, both of France, won the 131k (81 miles) race in 20:26 and 16:27. Marmissolle was the 2022 Diagonale des Fous winner and was sixth at last year’s UTMB. Full results.

O’Neill Park Trail Races – Trabuco Canyon, California

The race’s inaugural year brought 64 runners to the 50k finish. Helen Payne and Jesse Haynes went the fastest in 4:53 and 4:05. Full results.

Bishop High Sierra Ultras – Bishop, California

Of the three ultra distances contested, the 55k was the biggest and Katharine Lynch and Rene Dorantes placed first in 5:57 and 4:58. Full results.

2023 Bishop High Sierra Ultra 55k start

The start of the 2023 Bishop High Sierra Ultra 55k. Photo: Todd Vogel

Silver State 50/50 – Reno, Nevada

Katherine Song and Adam Sjolund won the 50 miler in 9:01 and 6:59. Sjolund won the 50k race last year. This year’s 50k winners were Lauren Williams and Ryan Kaiser in 5:28 and 4:20. Full results.

Buffaloops Ultra – Flagstaff, Arizona

A small 12-hour field was led by Michele Harmon and Pete Kostelnick with 58 and 78 miles, respectively. The race took place on a two-mile loop at Buffalo Park. Full results.

Jemez Mountain Trail Runs – Los Alamos, New Mexico

Sarah House and local runner Benjamin Stout championed the 50 miler in 10:10 and 8:20, and 50k winners Katie Kammer and Michael Carilli came through in 5:57 and 5:03, respectively. Full results.

Superior Spring Trail Race – Lutsen, Minnesota

Jacqueline Merritt and Drew Mueller won the longtime 50k race in 5:07 and 4:04. Full results.

Yamacraw 50k – Stearns, Kentucky

This event’s race photos completely change my imagination about Kentucky. It’s on a beautiful, deep-woods course with waterfalls, water crossings, and big rock features. Over 50k, Ciara Alley and Luke Paulson won in 5:27 and 4:22. Full results.

Quest for the Crest 50k – Burnsville, North Carolina

Katie O’Regan stood tall at the women’s finish, over an hour better than everyone in 9:07. The course gains 12,000 feet of elevation on a point-to-point route that goes up and over U.S. East Coast high point Mount Mitchell. After 21 miles together in the men’s race, Grant Barnette dropped Avery Collins and raced ahead for the win. Barnette finished in 7:05 and Collins was second in 7:23. Full results.

Katie O'Regan

Katie O’Regan (center), the 2023 Quest for the Crest 50k female winner. Photo courtesy of Deanna Doane.

Grant Barnette with his race bib.

Grant Barnette, the 2023 Quest for the Crest 50k men’s winner. Photo: Scott Abshire

Cruel Jewel Ultras – Blue Ridge, Georgia

There’s something about jewels for Shannon Wheeler-Deboef. A year ago she won the Georgia Jewel 100 Mile, and now she won the Cruel Jewel 100 Mile. Wheeler-Deboef finished in 27:55 and men’s winner Kyle Moss slayed the field in 23:03. Fifty-mile champs Shannon Howell and Michael Owen ran 12:59 and 11:14. Full results.

Keys Ultras – Key West, Florida

The 100-mile winners Jessica Jones and Andy Day ran 19:11 and 18:20, and 50-mile leaders Katalin Nagy and Brady McDonald finished in 7:16 and 10:41. Nagy has won the race multiple times, running 7:44 as far back as 2012. Full results.

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