This Week In Running: August 7, 2023

This Week in Running’s trail and ultra recap for August 7, 2023.

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This Week in Running Justin Mock TWIRA $15,000 first-place prize, Jim Walmsley, and the USATF 50k Trail National Championships are among the diverse group of results this week.

We wish you a happy Monday run, wherever you are and whatever it takes you.

Thyon-Dixence – Thyon, Switzerland

The race is often used as a precursor to Sierre-Zinal. It runs point-to-point across 16 kilometers.

Kenyan runners swept the entirety of the women’s podium. Joyce Muthoni Njeru finished first in 1:18. Frequent runner-up Philaries Kisang was there again, in second, at 1:21, and Lucy Wambui Murigi ran 1:24 for third. Wambui Murigi is a three-time Sierre-Zinal winner (2015, 2016, and2018).

Men’s winner Philemon Kiriago (Kenya) was just over a minute ahead of countryman Lengen Lolkurraru in 1:09 and 1:10. Diego Vera (Colombia) was third in 1:11.

Full results.

KAT100 by UTMB – Fieberbrunn, Austria

Weekend rain forced some course reroutes in the Kitzbühel Alps.

Esther Fellhofer (Austria) and Christian Stern (Austria) won the 161-kilometer (100 miles) run in 25:48 and 21:25. Fellhofer was over five hours better than the next best woman. There were only 57 finishers among the 85 that started the race.

The 92k (57 miles) race leaders Claudia Tremps (Spain) and Anders Kjaerevik (Norway) finished in 12:07 and 9:57, respectively.

The 48k was the biggest of the event’s races and it ran with 340 starters on a course with two big climbs. Isabell Bichler (Austria) and Bartłomiej Przedwojewski (Poland) triumphed in 5:29 and 4:20. Bichler was only a four-second winner over Emmiliese Von Avis (U.S.).

Full results.

Fjällmaraton – Åre, Sweden

The week-long event kept going with more races. The 45k race was part of the Spartan Trail World Championships.

Johanna Gelfgren (Sweden) won the roughly-marathon distance 45k race in 4:20. Eleanor Davis (U.K.) and Johanna Åström (Sweden) were second and third in 4:31 and 4:33.

Johanna Gelfgren - 2023 Fjallmaraton 45k womens champion

Johanna Gelfgren is the 2023 Fjällmaraton 45k women’s champion. Photo: Fjällmaraton/Spartan Trail World Championships

Men’s winner Oscar Claesson (Sweden) broke free near halfway and beat out Antonio Martinez (Spain) and Noah Brautigam (U.S., living in Sweden). The trio finished in 3:35, 3:42, and 3:45, respectively. Brautigam won last year’s race.

Full results.

Oscar Claesson - 2023 Fjallmaraton 45k mens champion

Oscar Claesson on his way to winning the 2023 Fjällmaraton 45k. Photo: Fjällmaraton/Spartan Trail World Championships

Additional Races and Runs

Trail de la Frison-Roche – Arêches Beaufort, France

It was the race’s 22nd year and Sophie Mollard (France) and Jim Walmsley (USA) won in 5:28 and 4:02. Full results.

Cursa per Muntanya de Vistabella – Vistabella del Maestrat, Spain

The race was part of the World Mountain Running Association World Cup. Júlia Font (Spain) and Álex García (Spain) were race winners, Font in 2:43 and García in 2:24. Full results (when available).

Julia Font - 2023 Cursa per Muntanya de Vistabella womens champion

Júlia Font, the 2023 Cursa per Muntanya de Vistabella women’s champion. Photo: Andres Nuñez/Last Race Studio

Alex Garcia - 2023 Cursa per Muntanya de Vistabella mens champion

Álex García, the 2023 Cursa per Muntanya de Vistabella men’s champion. Photo: Andres Nuñez/Last Race Studio

Canadian Death Race 125k – Grande Cache, Alberta, Canada

Mandy Currie and Ihor Verys launched through the Canadian Rockies in 15:47 and 12:36. Full results.

Kauai 50 Mile – Koloa, Hawai’i

The first-year race went big on prize money. Anna Kacius and Ryan Miller each earned $15,000 and prize money went five deep. Kacius ran 7:07, and Miller finished in 6:02. Full results.

Anna Kacius - 2023 Kauai 50 Mile women's winner

Anna Kacius winning the 2023 Kauai 50 Mile. Photo: Banta Visuals/Jacob Banta

Ryan Miller - 2023 Kauai 50 Mile men's winner

Ryan Miller, 2023 Kauai 50 Mile men’s winner. Photo: Banta Visuals/Jacob Banta

Volcanic 50k – Cougar, Washington

Katie Beebe and Matthew Bigman raced around Mount St. Helens in 6:02 and 5:16. Full results.

Waldo 100k – Oakridge, Oregon

Marci Klimek set a new course record in 10:21, and Rob Russell won the men’s race in 10:49. Full results.

Marci Klimek - 2023 Waldo 100k women's champion

Marci Klimek on Maiden Summit, on the way to setting a new women’s course record at the 2023 Waldo 100k. Photo: Craig Thornley

Rob Russell - 2023 Waldo 100k men's champion

Rob Russell on the way to winning the 2023 Waldo 100k. Photo: Craig Thornley

Dark Divide Trail Races – Randle, Washington

The super remote event saw Claudia De La Via and Peter Scardina win the 100-mile distance, in 42:07 and 31:12, respectively. Over 50k, Tara Fraga and Carl Koopmans won in 6:21 and 5:33. Full results.

Claudia De La Via - 2023 Dark Divide 100 Mile women's winner

Claudia De La Via on her way to winning the 2023 Dark Divide 100 Mile. Photo: Dark Divide Trail Races

Peter Scardina - 2023 Dark Divide 100 Mile men's winner

Peter Scardina, 2023 Dark Divide 100 Mile men’s winner. Photo: Dark Divide Trail Races

Rodeo Valley Trail Run 50k – Sausalito, California

It was Katie Cascino’s first rodeo, and she won in 5:28. Men’s winner Austin Meyer was at this rodeo before, in 2017, and won in 4:25. Full results.

HURL Elkhorn Endurance Runs – Helena, Montana

Carly Graf and Chris Mottola won on the 50 miler in 12:10 and 9:54, and Erin Moyer and Matt Hoffman led the 50k in 5:41 and 5:16. Full results.

Kat’cina Mosa 100k – Springville, Utah

A small field of 20 finishers was fronted by Denise Bourassa and Mick Jurynec in 16:30 and 13:06. Full results.

Rendezvous Mountain Hill Climb – Jackson Hill, Wyoming

There was a $1,000 first-place prize and a $2,000 cash bonus for the first runner to break an hour on the 6.1-mile, 4,139-foot climb up. No one had gone under one hour in the race’s previous 10 years. Jennifer Lichter won the women’s race in 1:08, and Joseph Gray led the men in 57 minutes. We understand that second-place Tyler McCandless got under an hour too in the men’s race. Full results (when available).

Aspen Backcountry Marathon – Aspen, Colorado

Ursula Volz and Mason Coppi won in 4:21 and 3:29. Volz gapped the rest of the field by some 13 minutes, and Coppi got to the finish nearly 30 minutes before anyone else. Full results.

Trail of the Dragon – Ida Grove, Iowa

Kaci Lickteig was first in the 50-mile women’s race in 8:06. Does anyone have intel on how the men’s 50-mile race turned out? Or how about the 50k women’s and men’s races? Leave a comment to share results and stories from on site. Full results (when available).

Kanawha Trace Trail Runs 50k – Oma, West Virginia

The point-to-point race chased through three different counties. Hannah Roberts championed the women’s race in 6:22, and Caleb Bowen set a new course record in 3:56. It was Bowen’s third-straight win and fifth win total. Full results.

Ragged 50k – Danbury, New Hampshire

The race was the USATF 50k Trail National Championships. Social media points to Hannah Rowe winning the women’s race ahead of Leah Yingling and Colleen Chase, and Philip Royer finishing as men’s champ over second- and third-place Mead Binhammer and Zach Crim. Could anyone share any first-hand info from this event? Full results (when available).

Blue Hill Mountain Trail Fest – Blue Hill, Maine

Christiana Davis and Isaac Vaccaro took the first-place medals in 6:33 and 5:37, respectively. Full results.

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