The North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc 2014 Lotto Results

Ultra-Trail du Mont-BlancThe lottery for the 2014 The North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc has taken place! Lottery draws for its sister races, the CCC, TDS, PTL, and the newly minted OCC, also occurred today. Some 14,000 runners from 75 countries entered the lotteries of these five races. This represents about 4,000 more applicants than the 2013 lotteries. Congrats to all who were chosen!

Here you can search the full entrants list, and below we’ve pulled together a list of top contenders for the UTMB and we editorialize a bit on who is currently registered and who is not. Please note that the UTMB allows late entries for elite athletes and there are likely to be entries via the Ultra-Trail World Tour as well, so we’re certain that a number of elites whose names weren’t in the lottery today will still start the race. This lottery, however, gives us a good baseline for who we’ll see at the pointy end of the field.

As you’ll see below, it appears that there will be an enormous turnover in talent. That is, not a single woman from last year’s top 10 is set to return, as of today’s lottery. And, among the men, only two men from the top five, Miguel Heras and Javier Dominguez of Spain, who were second and third last year, is listed as entering through the lottery. That said, a good chunk of the men from the back half of last year’s top 10 are returning, including Bertrand Collomb-Patton (France), John Tidd (Spain), and Jez Bragg (UK).

The elite American women’s contingent is currently represented by a group of four five fasties, while the men’s American contingent has even more depth. The Grand Canyon R2R2R and Zion Traverse women’s FKT record holder Bethany Lewis is going to give UTMB a go and so is veteran American ultrarunning stud Joelle Vaught. [Added, 1/17: Tina Lewis just entered the UTMB fray, too!] Included in the American men’s field are Anton Krupicka who DNFed late in the 2013 race due to injury and Dylan Bowman, who never made it to the 2013 starting line because he got injured on his first run in France last year. A couple other interesting American men who made it through the lottery include Jorge Maravilla, Jason Schlarb, and Michael Wardian.

On the international side of things for the woman, there’s even more radio silence. Of note in this field is Laurence Klein, a multi-time France marathon national champion and a three-time Marathon des Sables winner, as well as the young, sensational Ruby Muir from New Zealand. In the men’s international field, it’s probably most exciting to see Spain’s short-distance, mountain-running specialist Luis Alberto Hernando put his name in for his UTMB debut. Veteran UTMBer François D’Haene (France) is back, and Japan’s Yoshikazu Hara is on the list again, looking for a second shot after a DNF in 2013.

To put it matter of factly, the lists women and men who are not currently in UTMB are much more of a who’s who than who is in. Scroll below to see who so far isn’t on the list to run. For instance, we can’t imagine a UTMB without Lizzy Hawker or Sebastien Chaigneau at least trying to run. We’ll see as the summer rolls around because, as we said above, elites are given late entry by UTMB’s administration. We will see some of these names slide onto the registration list between now and race day.

Top American Women – 2014 UTMB

  • Kelly Cronin
  • Leila Degrave
  • Bethany Lewis
  • Tina Lewis
  • Joelle Vaught

Top American Men – 2014 UTMB

  • Dylan Bowman
  • Topher Gaylord
  • Neal Gorman
  • Jesse Haynes
  • Jeremy Humphrey
  • Anton Krupicka
  • Jorge Maravilla
  • Jason Schlarb
  • Michael Wardian

Top International Women – 2014 UTMB

  • Uxue Fraile Azpeitia (Spain)
  • Laurence Klein (France)
  • Ruby Muir (New Zealand)
  • Zoe Salt (UK)

Top International Men – 2014 UTMB

  • Luis Alberto Hernando (Spain)
  • Jez Bragg (UK)
  • Erik Clavery (France)
  • Bertrand Collomb-Patton (France)
  • Vincent Delabarre (France)
  • François D’Haene (France)
  • Javier Dominguez (Spain)
  • François Faivre (France)
  • Emmanuel Galt (France)
  • Yoshikazu Hara (Japan)
  • Miguel Heras (Spain)
  • Iker Karrera (Spain)
  • Carlos Sa (Portugal)
  • John Tidd (Spain)

Top Notable Women Not Currently on the 2014 UTMB List

  • Meghan Arbogast (USA)
  • Juliette Blanchet (France)
  • Rory Bosio (USA)
  • Francesca Canepa (Italy)
  • Helen Cospolich (USA)
  • Katia Fori (Italy)
  • Gill Fowler (Australia)
  • Lizzy Hawker (Switzerland)
  • Audrey Meyer (France)
  • Nuria Picas (Spain)
  • Emma Roca (Spain)
  • Maria Semerjian (France)
  • Amy Sproston (USA)
  • Silvia Trigueros (Spain)
  • Manuela Vilaseca (Brazil)

Top Notable Men Not Currently on the 2014 UTMB List

  • Jonas Buud (Sweden)
  • Sebastien Chaigneau (France)
  • Julian Chorier (France)
  • Mike Foote (USA)
  • Kilian Jornet (Spain)
  • Tsuyoshi Kaburaki (Japan)
  • Arnaud Lejeune (France)
  • Thomas Lorblanchet (France)
  • Timothy Olson (USA)
  • Gary Robbins (Canada)
  • Xavier Thevenard (France) (Last year’s men’s champion is registered for the TDS instead.)
  • Mike Wolfe (USA)

Call for Comments

  • Did we miss any top entrants?
  • Who do you think will be competing for men’s and women’s wins?
  • Who would you most like to see added to the field?
  • Did you gain entry to this year’s UTMB or one of its sister races? Tell us about how excited you are to visit the Mont Blanc environs this summer!
Meghan Hicks

is's Managing Editor and the author of 'Where the Road Ends: A Guide to Trail Running.' The converted road runner finished her first trail ultramarathon in 2006 and loves using running to visit the world's wildest places.

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    1. Meghan Hicks


      As we said in the text of the article, lots of elites will be added post-UTMB lottery. Timothy Olson’s name was not in the lottery list as of today. As in, if you search his name, it’s not there at all, not for those selected, not for those denied entrance. That means that he’s not yet chosen to enter UTMB.

      1. stayvertical

        Hi Meghan,

        Just an FYI- most of the names in this list were in the race before the lottery- through the UTWT and ITRA rankings. It's weird how the UTMB website lists the entries as "lottery results" as most of these people were already in.

        1. Meghan Hicks


          Thanks for the note! We are aware that ‘elites’ are given preference by the UTMB organization before, during, and after the lottery (and almost all the way up to game day, I think) via the race administration’s internal decision-making (and, this year, through UTWT). We use the same language as the race admin does, by listing elites as part of the lottery, and we note the admin’s stance on elite preference. Happy training for that loop around Mt. Blanc, sir!

  1. dallasgreen84

    Going on a limb and pulling for Anton he deserves a good year and had a good lead in last years UTMB. On another note does anyone know what Kilian is up to these days is he still doing "Summits of My Life" or racing any this year?

    1. Bryon of iRunFar

      Kilian is still deep into Summits of My Life in 2014, but I suspect he'll also race a lot (primarily European Skyrunning races) this year. Kilian's also in Hardrock in July. Plus, if Kilian came over to race the Skyrunner World Series Ultra Final at UROC last year, I wouldn't be surprised to see him race The Rut 50k in Big Sky, Montana in September.

  2. mmarti37

    A few of these runners (Kilian, Dakota Jones, Timothy Olsen, Helen Cospolich) made Hardrock and might be waiting to gauge recovery.

    1. dallasgreen84

      Totally forgot about Kilian and this years Hardrock! Kilian and the other front runners that are toeing Hardrock this year might just well be the "deepest" field to date.

      Watch out WS 100 2010. All is missing is TK, Geoff, and Hal…Someone should make a documentary on this one!

      On another note: Didn't mean to high jack this UTMB Thread I will go back to my corner.

  3. @SageCanaday

    Congrats on all those who got into UTMB. Looks like a dream race! Not to stray too far off-topic, but does anyone else think that it's interesting that in the Ultra-Trail-World tour rankings, a win at UTMB is worth 150 points, whereas a win at Western States is only worth 100 points?

    1. Bryon of iRunFar

      There are four races in the series that involve a points multiplier – TransGrancanaria, Marathon des Sables, Ultra-Trail Mount Fuji, and UTMB. The distinction is not based on difficulty, it is based on each race's level of support for and connection with the tour.

  4. Tim_Harrington

    I am in for TDS (missed on the lottery for CCC, but was able to sign up for TDS since it wasn't full yet). Really excited about my first trip to Chamonix and to be in the Alps this coming August. Looks like lots of treadmill work for me since I am in a coastal area :(

  5. RoyVB

    I'm an American mid-pack 100M trail runner who is interested in finding out more about the logistics of running the UTMB possibly in 2015. I've never raced in Europe. Is there anyone whom I could correspond with to find out the logistics of running the UTMB as an American ? Are there any groups of American runners who run this race whom I could share expenses with?

  6. @Trail_Plodder

    Rory Bosio, Mike Foote and Timmy Olson are now on the 2014 UTMB list! So is Arnaud Lejeune. Other potentially great French runners on the list are: Ronan Moalic, Stephane Brogniart and Alexandre Mayer – all in top 20 last year. Other notable international participants include Aite Tamang (Nepal, 13. in 2013), Andrew James (UK, 17. in 2013) and Tsang Siu Keung (China, 18. in 2013). I'd also add Fernanda Maciel to top international women. Last but not least, Hal Koerner is coming back to improve his 38:55 PB set in 2011 – which is not a bad performance considering he placed 372. out of 2300 competitors!

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