The North Face Flight VECTIV Giveaway

The North Face Flight VECTIV is one of the most innovative trail shoe designs in years. Its most striking feature is the addition of a carbon fiber plate to aid in propulsion and stability, while the rockered midsole optimizes foot strike and forward propulsion. Enter to win one of five pairs below!

The North Face Flight VECTIV contest

To enter, simply fill out the form below by Saturday, February 27 at 11:59 p.m. U.S. MST. One entry per person. (Duplicate entries will result in ineligibility.) This contest is open globally.

Note, if you have difficulties entering via the form embedded below on a mobile phone or via iRunFar’s daily email updates, please click through to the article on on a tablet or computer. Alternately, you can enter directly via this Google form. Thanks!

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The five winners are Caleb Armstrong, Ted MacMahon, Elijah Slate, Phillip Tunney, and Rami Zigdon.

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  1. rms

    Mine arrive next week, and I’m thinking I’ll just send them back unused :( I’m seeing multiple reports of heel slippage and pain across the top of the foot, possibly related to sizing issues. Has anyone successfully sized down 1/2size in the Flight Vectiv? Is there still enough room across the metatarsals if you do this? The Sense Pro 4 also runs long for me, but I tried going 1/2size down and that does not work, too tight across the metatarsals.

    1. Bryon Powell

      One of our testers received the shoes recent and based on previous sizing of TNF shoes, he went with his larger of two sizes he normally runs in, and the VECTIVs were too big. We don’t know yet if going to the smaller end of his range will provide a correct fit, but these are definitely running slightly larger than other TNF shoes.

      1. rms

        One last comment. I ordered these, then started reading about heel slippage & unexplained pains, so was a bit leery. I’ll note the weight quickly: M13US 12.56oz, & 11.4oz insole removed. I wear M13 in all brands but M12.5 in Altra. Looks like a quality closedcell insole btw, not a cheapo ortholite. The weight feels acceptable to me (WH6 is an ounce heavier).

        Anyway they arrived, and on my left foot, which supinates slightly, has a bigtoe that curves towards the other toes, and a slightly higher arch, the fit was slightly narrow across the metatarsals, but I would say acceptable, and that there would be some room for splay given the slightly stretchy non-matryx material, but not much. Length is a bit long, well over a thumbs-width.

        However, on my right foot, slightly wider at the metatarsals, slightly longer, and with a bigtoe that distinctly does splay, the shoe is very tight across the metatarsals, starting to spill over the sides of the shoe, and I could feel my toes wanting to overlap each other. Taking out the insole improved matters somewhat, but it was marginal at best. And that’s basically a dealbreaker for me, I’ll be returning them. The Flight Vectiv is much narrower across the metatarsals than say the Salomon Sense 7, or Endorphin Speed.

        I didn’t especially notice heel lift just walking around, so can’t comment on that. I certainly can’t downsize, and upsizing 1/2 would just not work: The shoe is already as long as is acceptable, and would likely result in heel lift issues. So for me the Flight Vectiv would need significant changes; I’m not sure a looser upper would be enough either, as my wider foot is spilling out over the edges. Reviewers: Please comment on whether the Infinite is wider at the metatarsals.

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