The Changing of the Seasons

Late yesterday afternoon, I joined a newcomer to Park City for a trail run up to our town’s most notable trail, the Mid-Mountain Trail, which undulates for 20 or so miles between 8,000 and 8,500’… or about half way between town (+/-7,000′) and the crest of the Wasatch Mountains (10,000′ around here). I had a busy day and am still very far from fitness, but I just had to get up into the real mountains for one final trail run this season. You see, we’re supposed to see our first big winter storm of the season tomorrow and that’s to be followed by long-term cold (and ski resort snowmaking), so the higher trails are almost certainly out of play until May or June of next year.

Armstrong Trail - Park City

A view while ascending the Armstrong Trail to the Mid-Mountain Trail. (Click here for a larger version.)

The imminent change in seasons has me reflecting back on the the trail running I’ve logged this year, here and elsewhere. It also has me contemplating bigger issues like my lack of fitness all year, relationship with running, lack of time at home during the summer, etc… but that’s heady stuff that I’ll have plenty of time to think about (and share) over the long winter. For now, I think of those runs that I have enjoyed this year… and think of both what I have to look forward to when the white blanket lifts from the Wasatch next spring and where my heart tells me I should go to enjoy some sweet, snow-free single track until that happens. Today, I will live in the moment and revel in the bliss of a final snow-free run on my bread-and-butter five mile trail loop from home.

Call for Comments

  • What have been some of your favorite trail runs of 2012?
  • Are the trail running seasons transitioning where you are? Any folks in the Southern Hemisphere excited to have summer ahead of you?
  • If winter will soon slow or stop your trail running, how do you fill that void until your trails open again?
  • Are you already dreaming about 2013? If so, what about?