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Daring to Dream, Daring to Fail in the Tetons
on September 8, 2009

I failed yesterday. Sean Meissner and I had planned to climb both the Middle and South Tetons. I did not

Leadville 100 2009: I'm Either In or I'm Out
on August 19, 2009

Oh boy, here I go again, but this time, maybe on my own. I will, for sure, be running the

Weak Weeks/Feeling the Heat/Depression
Weak Weeks/Feeling the Heat/Depression
on July 10, 2007

To start, after a few good training weeks, my two previous running weeks have been awful. I think I missed

Who's Got the Funk?
Who's Got the Funk?
on March 14, 2007

I’ve got the funk…. or at least I’m in one. I’m in a running funk and I risk falling into