2014 Sean O’Brien 50 Mile AND Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile Live Coverage!

Sean O'Brien 50[Editor’s Note: This is iRunFar’s 2,000th article!]

Okay… we’re trying a little something new this weekend. On Saturday, February, we’re going to be covering both the Sean O’Brien 50 Mile (6 a.m Pacific start) and Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile (6 a.m. Central start). That’s simple enough. Well, we’re going to combine multiple news streams below. We hope that ultrarunning super fans enjoy this mix.

We’ll be livecasting both events on iRunFar’s Twitter feed. Below, we’ll also be combining our twitter feed with other possible news sources and encouraging all of you to join the discussion in the CoverItLive window below.

Rocky Raccoon 100For those of you who want to follow more streamlined feeds–with no commenting and race-specific tweets (except for iRunFar)–we’ve embedded race-specific Twitter feeds below: Sean O’Brien 50 Simplified Feed and Rocky Raccoon 100 Simplified Feed

Here are a couple resources to help you follow the races:

Sean O’Brien 50 Mile

Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile

UltrAspire logoThanks to UltrAspire for making our coverage of the Sean O’Brien 50 Mile possible!

[Editor’s Note: This is an experiment all around. Everything is set up and will continue to run as-is throughout the events. However, we very much encourage your feedback in the comments below as to what you think worked well and what you think could be improved with this combined coverage.]

iRunFar’s Live Coverage of the Sean O’Brien 50 Mile and Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile


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-Bryon Powell, Editor-in-Chief of iRunFar

Sean O’Brien 50 Mile Twitter Feed

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Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile Twitter Feed

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