Saucony AMP PRO2 Recovery Suit Review

A review of the Saucony AMP PRO2 Recovery Suit.

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Non Gear Girl Allison PattilloPost run, I usually grab the comfiest clothes I can find, but, if it was a high mileage day, I’ll often take the effort to find and pull on my calf sleeves. And my calves thank me for it.

Saucony AMP Pro2 Recovery SuitSo now, with the Saucony AMP PRO2 Recovery Suit (MSRP $200, but available for less), you can pull on a “calf sleeve” for your entire body, and, from my experience, it will repay you with a good night sleep and a great run the next day. Plus you look a bit like a superhero—my family made an AA badge (for Action Allison NOT Alcoholics Anonymous—focus!) for mine. It could even double as a Halloween costume—more bang for the buck!

The science behind the Recovery Suit is that recovery level compression and a fiber infused with 13 natural minerals will provide light muscle stimulation, leading to increased blood flow, which, in turn, means higher oxygen levels in the body. According to third party testing and testing by Celliant, makers of CellliantSport fabric which comprises 41% of the suit, this promotes quicker healing and helps to relieve pain. Saucony claims the Recovery suit improves blood flow by up to 32% over regular compression, which can actually restrict blood flow if it is too tight.

Recovery compression products, versus training compression products, generally offer less compression for increased comfort and longer wear per use.

Saucony takes the comfort factor further by utilizing an asymmetrical rise seam, Microban antimicrobial and a zipless envelope entry. It requires nothing more than regular machine washing and being hung to dry. Plus, the AMP PRO2 technology is fused into the fibers and will not wash out through normal laundering.

The jumpy legs and fevers/night sweats I often get at night after a long run or race did not happen when I wore the Recovery suit, which is a wonderful thing. My only complaint comes in the envelope entry, but I cannot think of a better solution. It’s fine for putting the suit on, but middle of the night bathroom breaks take a bit more alertness than usual to get in and out of it. However, the rest and recovery is well worth the effort.

It is so slim fitting, that it’s easy to wear it under other clothes. Just remember you have it on, in case, say you need to relieve yourself in a port-o-potty and you have to basically disrobe. One ingenious friend actually used it as a sling to hold his street clothes when he found himself in just such a tricky situation.

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