One Week in Chamonix: A Photo Gallery

A photo gallery from Chamonix, France during UTMB 2018 week by photographer Kirsten Kortebein.

By on September 7, 2018 | Comments

JaybirdLast week, as the UTMB festival of races centered around the European Alps town of Chamonix, France, photojournalist Kirsten Kortebein captured these images with the intent of visually documenting the region as it pulses with the race’s people, stories, and energy. What you’ll find in these photos is fluidity, family, love of place and people, color, vibrancy, the heart of a region beating hard for its visitors, nature’s strength, and more. Thanks to Jaybird for sponsoring this photo gallery!

Light and color and liquid, always in motion as this creek tumbles downhill. All photos: iRunFar/Kirsten Kortebein

Eyes, heart, and instrument pointed skyward, a trumpet player serenades central Chamonix.

Two women return from their mountain adventure to a Chamonix brimful with early evening life.

Girl power on full display as a group of young ladies cheer on another during the YCC youth race.

Hi, can we be friends? This region is a hub for the commingling of all its creatures.

Spin those spokes, Chamonix operates at its best as a car-free zone.

Go, David! Go, Alex! Go, Sam! This Les Contamines grocery store has at least three things to cheer for.

The start of UTMB 2018 is a parade of color.

Even Mother Nature is perpetually in motion. Here she releases sheets of rain on the early hours of UTMB 2018.

All hands on deck! These bartenders work it with their bar filled to capacity by UTMB spectators seeking an evening beer or espresso.

After nearly six days of constant motion to complete their 300-kilometer journey, these two PTL finishers finally come to rest at the finish line.

Who inspires who, really? A dad and his daughters share some inspired quiet amongst the bustle of the UTMB finish line.

Everyone cheered for the UTMB 2018 men’s champion, Xavier Thévenard, including the raft guides.

It’s Sunday and Chamonix has been moving at its frenetic pace for seven days, yet people’s spirit and energy remain impassioned.

As air currents breathe them in and out of the ridgelines, clouds cling to the forested mountains which rise from the valley containing Chamonix.

Kirsten Kortebein
Kirsten Kortebein is a freelance photojournalist. Along with contributing to iRunFar, she also shoots for Outside Magazine, Runner's World Magazine, and NPR. To see more of her work, visit her website.