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In addition to making the LED Sports Vest that iRunFar featured on Tuesday, Nite Ize makes what it calls a […]

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Nite IzeIn addition to making the LED Sports Vest that iRunFar featured on Tuesday, Nite Ize makes what it calls a Marker Band. The Marker Band is an adjustable reflective band that you clip over your bicep. When your situation calls for more visibility than the available reflected light can provide, you can make the Marker Band’s LEDs flash or constantly glow. The Marker Band is lightweight, flexible, and has a replaceable battery. Nite Ize claims the Marker Band is visible for up to a mile. Keep reading for wildly divergent iRunFar reader reviews of the Nite Ize Marker Band.

Nite Ize Marker BandThe Good
Reader Albie W. from Georgia was “a big fan” of the Nite Ize Marker Band, though he admits not having a basis for comparison as he has not used other lights. That said, he describes his use of the Marker Band:

The band is easy to attach, a simple plastic clip on an elastic band that goes around the top of your arm. To activate the light (which comes with a battery), you simply press one side of the band. There are three settings for the light. Off, on, and blinking. The light produced by the band is clearly bright. I turn the band so the lighted portion is on the back of my arm. I figure I can see anything coming at me, and hopefully the light will dissuade anyone from running me over. Thus far, the light has been successful.

In the end, Albie fully endorsed the Nite Ize Marker band:

All in all, I think it is a very simple and very effective way to let cars and bikes know where you are. I would highly recommend the Nite Ize Marker Band.

The Bad
City dwelling ultra veteran Keith K. of Washington, DC was not a fan of the Marker Band and did not mince his words.

I thought it was a piece of crap, personally. I was thinking I could use it as an extra light while bike commuting, but it’s really pointless. The reflective material seems to offer more protection than the LEDs themselves. I really don’t know what these guys were hoping to accomplish with this product, because it’s really a waste of money. Buy a small LED bike tail light instead.

The Nite Ize Marker Band retails for $15, but you can easily find it online for $10 or less, include from

Has anyone else used the Nite Ize Marker Band? If so, where and when? Was it easy to use? Do you think it made you more visible?

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