New Balance Leadville (MT1210) Preview

Last weekend at the Leadville 100, we caught up with Bryan Gothie, Senior Product Manager at New Balance, and got him to give us a preview of the New Balance Leadville (MT1210), which is due out in January 2013 for $125. You can learn more about the NB MT1210 in our best trail shoes of summer OR ’12 article.

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New Balance Leadville (MT1210) Preview Transcript

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  1. jared

    I love that NB seems to be doubling down with regard to producing ultra distance trail shoes. Every few months I see a new shoe announced here. I generally like their shoes and I hope that more offerings turns up some magic shoe that will make it so I don't get tired.

  2. Johnny

    Running Warehouse lists them at 30/22 mm. Makes sense that there'd be more cushion for a shoe that's designed for an ultra. Reminds me of the Asics Gel Scout.

  3. Libby

    I pre-ordered a pair from running warehouse and they are supposed to be here tomorrow. I can't wait to try them out, and I'll report back as to what I think.

  4. trailrunner76

    great, I just noticed they had my size in stock. I think I may try them. I have a 60 in March, a 50 in April and a 100m in June. The Hoka's just dont seem right. I really liked my SC3, but an Ultra Specific shoe sounds interesting. :)

  5. CapeScott

    Bought a pair of these babies this week. Ran them in with a quick 6km on some technical single track near home and felt sure-footed and confident. Then 30km run on weekend covering a variety of trails and terrain. Very comfortable shoe, big improvement on their previous models. I may well be in love

  6. Jeremy Smith

    Finally found and bought a pair. Took them out on a 13 mile tour of some timberoads and muddly fire lanes. Very confortable, dried very quick. extra cushion returned alot of energy. Clay and mud shed pretty very well. Enjoyed so much, I ordered another pair in the alternate colorway so I could rotate as we move to a more rainy period here in Eastern NC.

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