Nathan Yanko Video Interview

There were some great performances at the 2010 Miwok 100k. We doff our cap to Anton Krupicka who won in 8:02:53 in what was likely the best Miwok debut ever and international ultrarunning superstar Kami Semick who defended her Miwok title. However, in our minds, the biggest surprise among the elite performances on the day was by La Sportiva runner Nathan Yanko. He ran smooth throughout the race and gradually worked his way up to finish in fourth. That’s a tremendous finish by a runner who you’re unlikely to have heard of unless you know coastal California racing or followed the HURT 100 this year. Well, sit back and spend a couple minutes getting to know this San Fransisco ultrarunner.

In this finish line video, we discuss his Miwok race and how he prepared for it, the La Sportiva and Hydrapak products he used during the race, and what race he’s focusing on next! Oh, and there’s bonus footage of Nathan explaining The Endurables, a Bay Area trail running group open to any one.

Anyone have any questions regarding Nathan’s running? We’ll do our best to get some answers for you.

[Disclosure: Yeah, La Sportiva supports our video production efforts and we thank them. We do not and would not thank them through embellishment. Do you often read hyperbole on iRunFar? No and you don’t here. This interview is sincere and based on our extensive knowledge of the runners and our observation of the race.]

[Editorial Note: We’ve revised our statement calling Nathan’s run “the most impressive elite performance on the day” to calling it “the biggest surprise.” It’s not often that such an unknown runner finishes top 5 at Miwok.]