Nadir Maguet: Either ‘Magic’ or Just Really, Really Fast

Channel the FKT psych with the lifelong mountain runner they call the “magician” in this La Sportiva clip. Spoiler alert: he bags three separate records.

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Channel the fastest known time (FKT) psych with lifelong mountain athlete Nadir “Mago” Maguet in this short La Sportiva edit — “Nadir Maguet – FKT Project.”

Roughly translated, “mago” means “magician” in Italian, and in this video, you’ll learn some of the reasons why Maguet earned the nickname. The two-time International Ski Mountaineering Federation World Championships Team Race co-champion and Gran Paradiso FKT holder’s skills in the hills are downright supernatural.

On this outing, Maguet’s hunting a clutch of new FKTs. Watch as he chases speed, adventure, and exposure on three high peaks in the European Alps: Piz Bernina (13,282 feet), Ortler (12,811 feet), and Grossglockner (12,460 feet).

The motivated passion he displays for the great outdoors comes from a deep place. Maguet and those close to him explain in the film that he dazzled in multiple organized sports as a youngster, but eventually abandoned that structured realm to pursue exploration.

Here, he trades out his running shoes and trekking poles for crampons and ice axes on his way to new records.

“As a child, Nadir was unstoppable,” his grandfather, Samuele Maguet, says in the film. “In any sport Nadir was practicing, he always had more energy than the others.”

Doesn’t look like Mago has slowed down much.

Scene of Nadir ascending snow-covered mountain.

One of the many spectacular scenes in “Nadir Maguet – FKT Project.” Photo: La Sportiva

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