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Lululemon AthleticaHere at we’ve been hearing more and more Lululemon Athletica running apparel. We’ve seen it on roommates, transcontinental enviro-charity runners, and fellow running club members. One of those fellow club members, Elyse Braner, enthusiastically uses Lululemon apparel on her runs and has graciously provided iRunFar with its second guest review of women’s running apparel. (see also iRF SkirtSports MarathonGirl Ultra running skirt review) Read on to learn more about Lululemon and Elyse’s review of its Sergeant Jacket for women.

Lulelemon Athletica Sergeant Jacket Review by Elyse Braner

Lululemon, the Canadian based, eco-friendly retailer know for their trendy, but functional line of yoga gear is making a splash among running circles with their line of running clothes which includes everything from gloves, socks, and jackets, to arm warmers and running tights. The store and line not only caters to the runner who is looking for functionality, comfort, and style in his or her running clothes, but to the athlete who is truly trying to live the lifestyle.

Lululemon stores are closely connected to the communities in which they reside, and take on a number of charitable causes unique to each store. Additionally, they offer free yoga classes and running clubs. Lululemon retailers do their best to stay in touch with their customers, as each employee (including those at the highest executive level) are required to work at least eight hours a month in the retail stores. The customer is taken very seriously because, as one Lululemon staffer told me, “We believe our best method of advertising is by word of mouth.”

Lululemon Athletica Sergeant Jacket FrontI recently product tested the Lululemon Sergeant Jacket. This was not only an easy jacket to run in–it looked great–and was functional–for everything. I wore this jacket on runs, to the Civil War battle fields of Antietam, with jeans on several occasions, and even over a strapless dress to run an errand on Thanksgiving. I got compliments on this jacket from trainers at my gym, running partners, and friends who don’t even run. It is very well fitted, and looks just as great with running tights as it does paired with jeans.

Most importantly, the Sergeant Jacket was great on the run. It kept me warm, did not restrict my movement in any way, and kept me dry due to the moisture wicking material that the jacket features. The back air vents in the jacket allowed for air flow, which was fantastic half-way into my run. Due to the fitted nature of the jacket, not a lot can be worn underneath, probably just a base layer, but the jacket can easily serve as a middle layer, with a heavier jacket or fleece over it, if needed. In addition, the jacket has the Lululemon signature cuffins–a thumb hole at the bottom of the sleeve– with a piece of fabric that folds over your hand to make mittens.

Lululemon Athletica Sergeant Jacket RearThe jacket also features several notable accessories. It has a great sleeve pocket that can fit a key or credit card, as well as a side pocket, for an ipod, with a wire holder on the neck part of the jacket, so the wire will not get in the way. The zipper pulls on the jacket also double as hair ties.

The jacket held up great in the washing machine; however, it should not be washed with towels, due to the nature of the material, which could make the jacket pill. I also recommend air drying it (as with most running clothes) to preserve the material longer.

Overall, I would rate the Lululemon Sergeant Jacket as an excellent product. Not only was it functional, but it made me look and feel great while running. And hey—who said that athletes can’t think a little bit about style, too!

Lululemon Athletica
Thanks for the great review, Elyse! Anyone have any questions about the Sergeant Jacket? FYI, the jacket retails for $108.

Any other readers worn or run in Lululemon apparel? If so, what did you think?

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  1. Anonymous

    The author of this review can't discuss with any authority how this garment made her look — she always looks great.- A secret admirer!

  2. Tinger

    One of my favorite Lulu pieces to run in is the Speed Short G. Allows for great movement without added bulk around the thigh, and has a comfortable waist band. At first glance, the unique stitching in the back looks as though it's purely for a flattering style. However, upon closer inspection, it is functions as ventilation. Comes in a several colors, some with a print design liner. My only complaint is the backside zipper pocket. The pocket sags a little if you have something like a brick car key. The zipper will jut into your body if you lie on your backside. As for jackets, I am getting mileage on my Activa Jacket, which like the Sergeant Jacket, can double as a piece to go out in.Has anyone tried the Run Dress? I tried it on in the store despite thinking it looked strange on the rack. I thought it looked bad on person too…and didn't think it seemed comfortable enough to run in. Felt sort of like a lopped off night gown.

  3. Elyse

    Thanks for the recommendation on the shorts Tinger! I will have to check those out. As far as a run dress, I have not tried one…but I am intrigued, so I will have to find one. I do like run skirts for easier runs, but the run dress doesn't sound like it would be easy to run in. Perhaps with the right run dress, it could be cute for weekends–for errands. I am going to have to do some researh on this…

  4. Trail Goat

    Perhaps I'll have to test and review the run dress?! BTW, Elyse (Smith) meet Tinger, a.k.a, Audrey (Bryn Mawr), Tinger meet Elyse. Hopefully, I can introduce you two in person some time.

  5. Tinger

    Nice to "meet" you, Elyse!I haven't seen any other dresses designed for running except for Lulu's Run Dress. Personally, I did not find it as attractive or comfortable as other Lulu running pieces. So, I'd definitely be interested to get your take is if you try it on. I don't see it on their website currently, but found this (the one I saw was white): have yet to run in any brand of run skirt…I tried one or two on and wasn't convinced to make the investment. Maybe I need to wear test one. ;)

  6. Elyse

    Wonderful to meet you as well Audrey! I definitely want to try on the run dress–maybe if they become more mainstream, one will be created with a more flattering fit. I was thinking it would be great to run errands in, as opposed to doing a workout. As far as a run skirt, like I said, in terms of working out, I only wear them for really easy days, or for yoga. I don't think I would run a race in one or do a long run. But, I do find that they look great, so I call them my "city skirts" and I wear them to do weekend stuff. They are really easy to dress up. If you are looking for one to workout in, I recomment the Zoot run skirt….

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