Limited-Edition Salomon S-Lab Sense Giveaway

Here at iRunFar we’ve lucked out and can lay claim to one of 106-pairs of limited edition Salomon S-Lab Sense, only 10 of which will make it to the United States. Now, we’re going to make one of our US readers lucky by sending them their own pair of collector’s item Sense.

Why do I call these “collectors items?” Two reasons. First, as mentioned above, there are only 106 pairs of this shoe world-wide. This limited edition comes with custom sockliners featuring Kilian Jornet’s hand-drawn course notes from his victorious running of the 2011 Western States 100. Second, as there are only 106 pairs, there’s only one size, US men’s size 9.

Salomon S-Lab Sense limited edition sockliner

Limited-Edition Salomon S-Lab Sense sockliner.

Whether you’re a size 9 runner who’s going to *egads* run in these shoes or just curious about the Salomon S-Lab Sense, we’ve previously previewed this fantastic shoe. At just under 7 ounces and with a 4 mm heel-toe drop, this shoe is intended for sock-less wear and will be seen at the front of even more trail races this year than last… when only Kilian was lucky enough to wear them. I’ve now had the chance to run in the Sense and they are darn comfortable and plenty fast. For more on the shoe, check out the following video.

To enter, (1) be a US resident and (2) show us you’re a super fan. A super fan of what? Ultrarunning or trail running or Salomon or Kilian or S-Lab products or some combination thereof. How? By creating original content – be it photo, drawing, painting, video, haiku, story, screenplay, animated short, or anything else – and posting it as a comment on this article. If it’s multimedia, you’ll need to post a link to your entry. Entries close at 3:59 am MDT on Monday, March 26. The winner will be chosen at our discretion.

Ps. While it won’t get you anything except good karma, feel free to spread the word about the contest.

Will T. was our winner with his creative use of the Sense insoles in this comic strip.

Other Websites Holding Limited Edition Salomon S-Lab Sense Contests

We want iRunFar readers to have the best chance possible at winning a pair of these Sense, so we’ve decided to list other US websites holding such contests here… so long as entry into their contests doesn’t involve (lame) promotional actions for the website. Some of the contests aren’t live or we don’t yet have links, but we’ll add them when we can!

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    1. Brian

      Another vote for this Slow Aaron fellow…

      Disclaimer: I have ulterior motives nor opportunity to gain from this vote. I already have 40 minutes on him anyway…

  1. Jacob

    Oh what the hell.

    Top ten benefits of ultrarunning:

    10. People are nice to you when you look terminally emaciated.

    9. You begin to see training value in the stomach flu, food poisoning, and rotavirus.

    8. You no longer worry about peeing in front of total strangers.

    7. "I just ran 30 miles" is a great way to impress the ladies (except when they're talking to you out of pity because you look terminally emaciated).

    6. You get to rationalize everything as good Hardrock training, even if you're not actually training for Hardrock.

    5. Clothes designed for skinny prepubescent teens with no ass fit perfectly and are much cheaper.

    4. People lower their expectations of you once they realize you actually are stupid enough to run all night in the woods.

    3. You become completely indifferent to your spouse's bodily functions.

    2. You get to eat twice as much as everyone else.

    And the number one benefit of ultrarunning is:

    1. No matter the circumstances, you know you'll figure out a way to wipe yourself.

  2. DLip

    Very funny Jacob. You got my vote, a list like yours just reaffirms that the ultrarunning community is the best bunch of people around. I can picture the "DOS XX Man" narrating your list to his benefit or is that the benefit of others? Looking forward to your next list.

    Kind Regards,


  3. Joe Runner

    US Residents only!

    I thought Canada and the USA were part of the North American Free Trade Agreement. I'm going to send a complaint to the World Trade Organization. (:

  4. Ric Moxley

    One of my favorite songs to run to is Todd Rundgren's "Bang on the Drum" but now you'll know why it's my favorite; I've got my own words to it that you may appreciate. So get that catchy tune going in your head right now. A one and a two and…

    I don't want to work

    I want to run on the trail all day.

    I don’t want to play

    I just want to run on the trail all day.

    Ever since I was a tiny tot

    I lace up my shoes,

    leave my car in the lot.

    I take a trail through a wooded retreat

    I run on that trail til I got

    blisters on my feet because

    I don't want to work

    I want to run on the trail all day.

    (Yes, I do!)

    I don't want to play

    I just want to run on the trail all day.

    (That's right!)

    When I get older they think I'm a fool

    The teacher told me I should stay after school.

    She caught me stretching my calves and my hams,

    But my pace was so hot

    I made the teacher wanna trot

    And that's why

    I don't want to work

    I want to run on the trail all day.

    (Hey, why not?)

    I don't want to play

    I just want to run on the trail all day.

    Every day when I get home from work

    I feel so frustrated. The boss is a jerk.

    I get my kicks and go out to the trail

    And I pound out a cadence like my boss can go to hail


    I don't want to work

    I want to run on the trail all day

    I don't want to play

    I just want to run on the trail all day

    (repeat chorus for the next 20 or 30 miles)

  5. Mike

    Roses are Red

    Violets are Blue

    Killian Rocks and Those Red Shoes Do Too

    Bryon enjoy the weather out there. The humidity has arrived in the East Coast

  6. Adam Allie

    I am a US resident, and I am a Superfan of trailrunning and ultrarunning. How much of a superfan, and exactly how obsessive am I about this sport, and how life-changing has it been for me, you ask? Prior to 2010, I had never run one single mile in my life. I was a lazy fat slob. Then I met a girl – now my wonderful wife – that changed everything. Now, I am a goal-setter, and I love challenges, and believe it or not, I am an athlete! This is what trail and ultrarunning can do to someone! Alas, this is what it has done for me.

    To prove this, below is a link to an article I wrote in Dec of 2010 about my first year of running – ever. And then also below, is a new article I have just written specifically for IRunFar and the Salomon contest, about me and any my running since my 2010 article, to pick up where I left off. In the following two articles, you will see who I was prior to 2010, who I was in 2010, and who I am now. And in the process, I hope you will feel why I am deserving of this contest honor.

    And interesting enough, read close, I even mention Salomon AND Kilian in my old 2010 writings! Obviously the S-Lab Sense should be on my feet. :)

    December 2010 article:

    Ultrarunning 2012 and beyond:

    I am now married. We live in a small town across the Cooper River Bridge from Charleston, SC. I am no longer a lowly family medicine resident, and alas, I am now an ultrarunner. Many times over to be exact. To say that I have caught the bug would be the understatement of the year.

    Since my first Marathon in Feb 2011, I have run even more ultras than marathons. To prove my “superfan-ness” (well, to put it bluntly, to prove my obsessiveness), I have run three marathons, three 50K’s, and two 50-milers – all in the past 1 year alone. This coming from running my first ONE MILE in Jan of 2010.

    I have a total newfound sense of confidence, positivity, and pleasure in life. I am strong, fit, happy, healthy – and it all stems from the sport of ultrarunning. I love having a goal race, methodically reading race reports about it, and then training and preparing exactly for it. I love intellectually mulling over strategy, setting out gels and salt tabs and bottles and arm warmers the night before. I love planning travel and post-race luxury meals! I love the nervous energy and all-out excitement of toeing the line (well, in my case, ¾ back from “the line”) behind legends of the sport – Geoff Roes, Eric Grossman, Jonathon Basham, Diane Van Deren, David Riddle, and Michael Wardian. I loved giving David Horton a high-five after tumbling over the MMTR finish line. Because of this sport, my family and I have travelled to amazing places, and I have seen amazing sights that my “fat self” would never have even dreamed I would ever see. I have utterly marvelous memories of running along Mather Gorge high above the Potomac, cruising along the deservedly famous Ice Age Trail, carefully weaving my way over those massive boulders at StumpJump, hearing the “Rocky” theme while basically hiking up Buck Mountain at the Masochist, and the breathtaking mountain vistas in the dazzling Blue Ridge Mountains all throughout the legendary and legendarily brutal MMTR. Who else besides ultrarunners get to experience these moments in life?

    And now my focus is on 100-milers. Naturally. Can I do it? Can someone run a 100miler on literally less than 3 years running experience? My vote is yes. And I am dead set on it. This is part of the reason I feel that I deserve to be one of the winners of this S-Lab contest – Hopefully by now you all have gotten the hint about my life and my goals. I don’t set normal goals, and I don’t strive for normal, or even sane. You aren’t a ‘superfan’ if you’re not all in, 100%, setting seemingly ridiculous and likely unrealistic goals. Therefore, I’m not slated to run just any 100-miler. I am set to run Leadville. One of the most infamous 100-milers there is. But I don’t need to tell readers of this site that. Many of you have done it. For me, it will be the ultimate challenge in every way – I have never run a 100-miler, I live at sea level, and I have no mountains around me anymore for hundreds of miles. I wanted a challenge, and now I have the ultimate – distance, altitude, and terrain. Also, it will be a true family and life-changing event. My father-in-law will pace me from miles 50-65, then my cousin through the night up Sugarloaf, and finally my lovely wife from May Queen to the finish. Assuming I make it to any of these points, of course . I will.

    And then, miraculously, as if it was written in stone and/or it was destined since dawn of time, I won a spot in THE race. That’s right, at this time, there are four runners accepted into 2013 Western States. And one of them is me! Three words. Dream come true.

    My goals – Leadville in 30 hours, States in 24 hours. After all, I need some new belt buckles.

    Ultrarunning has come into my life, and absolutely turned it around. Turned everything around. Now I am different. In amazing ways. From one single painful mile on a treadmill in Jan 2010, to (hopefully, and Lord willing) the top of Hope Pass – TWICE – all within a few years time, I have nothing but excitement, drive, delight, and motivation to keep moving forward, and push myself within this amazing sport as far as I can go.

    The new S-Lab Sense shoes belong on my feet.

    2011 –

    Feb 28 – Myrtle Beach Marathon

    March 6 – Little Rock Marathon

    April 4 – Knoxville Marathon

    June 3 – North Face Endurance Challenge DC 50K

    July 28 – Kanawha Trace 50K

    Sept 15 – North Face Endurance Challenge Madison 50Miler

    Oct 1 – StumpJump 50K

    Nov 5 – Mountain Masochist 50Miler

    2012 –

    Aug – Leadville Trail 100

    Oct – Javelina Jundred 100

    2013 –

    July – Western States 100

    2014 –



    If ultrarunning isn't about big dreams, then what is it about? :)

  7. Paul G

    Out of interest how does the Salomon Sense fit size wise compared to the Speedcross. Would I need the same size shoe for both trainers?

  8. Emmanuel

    Hi Bryon, i first heard of ultrarunning a year and a half ago and is become an obsession in my life. Since then i have completed 2 50k, not that many, and have done a lot of research on what to do about my injury, training, nutrition, running technique, barefoot, etc… I now know exactly what my injury is and am excited about hitting the gym to get healthy. I check irunfar a couple times a week as well as some runner's blogs in search of interesting stuff to apply to my routine. Last year on July i asked my friend Eric if he was interested in going to Auburn with me for the Western States. He was in and so we hit the road. We got there about an hour and a half before Kilian crossed the finish line. We set camp next to the track and immediately headed for the finish line. By the way, if you camp there bring ear plugs! I did not sleep at all that night. At 5AM i was both excited about the guy shutting-up and because a woman crossed the line seconds from the 24 hour limit. Anyway, in my training diary/blog i posted some pictures and a video of kilian crossing the line.

    I talked to Kilian for a bit and i was surprised to see how composed he was after running 100 miles. Later that night Ian Sharman would prove this point when he, exhausted borderline dying, crossed the finnish line about an hour later. I also met Geoff Roes, super cool and humble guy, who we all know dropped the race.

    Also last year on December i was excited about the ultrarunning world coming to my city, San Francisco. TNF50/50 and the screening of Unbreakable. Of course i attended both. The screening of the movie was great, took a couple pictures with Geoff, Tony and Hal.

    I did not make it to the staring line of TNF50/50 but was there at the finish line. I saw tony there waiting for the finishers to arrive and i also witnessed you passing out Tecates to all the racers…LOL. I was talking to Geoff when you told him you had some for him.

    Well, i can go on but i think that says enough. You be the judge if i'm a fan or like ultrarunning Bryon. By the way, i'm really a size 9! For reals!

  9. Sadiki McCalla

    iRunFar is a awesome company and website, i appreciate you guys and gals giving us a chance!

    I believe in the Salomon brand and never felt as confident in a full speed decent from 3,500 ft in rain and mud on the Appalachian Trail. I would never toe the line or step foot on the Appalachian Trail without a pair of Salomon's shoes (preferably the Speedcross 3).

    It would be a honor to own a pair of the Salomon S-Lab Sense.

    This is a short clip from a 3 day camping expedition and 80 miles of Ultra Trail Running through the Smoky Mountains (10,584ft of total climbing) with Team Endurance Performance. Only two members of EP took on the task, Pablo Sampaio & Sadiki McCalla, no support, no sag, just the Salomon Hydration Systems and Salomon Speedcross 3 Trail shoes (also a who lot of other Salomon gear you will see in the video). This was a EP training run that took place in Eastern Smoky Mountains March 15th – 18th.




  10. TCat

    An Ultra Limerick :)

    Trust me: Kilian Jornet I am NOT!

    But my States ticket got pulled from the pot,

    Tho' my pace is less than intense,

    I should "run" faster in Sense,

    Please I'll take any iRunFar help that you got!


    TC, Training in size 8.5 Salomon Crossmax

  11. GMack

    More S-Lab Sense Giveaway poetry:

    My WS trail notes are on my sockliner

    So I have take off my shoe

    To read it will be HOT in the canyons

    Oh, why didn’t I think this through

  12. Even Slower Aaron

    Your Horoscope:

    At first glance, your selection of the Toro Loco 100, which ends with a mile trot through Pamplona during the encierro, as this season's overseas ultra makes sense given that you are a Taurus. But you'll be wrong. Your excitement at winning a photo finish with a 5:10 final mile in the Salomon S-Lab Sense will be short-lived when you are trampled and gored by an ill-tempered bull who, apparently, was able to run a mile in about five flat and didn't stop at the finish line like you did. Although we spend most of our time reading the stars and rarely catch a good musical, we must: Your reign in Spain will bring mainly excruciating pain.

  13. Lark Dunham

    My name is Kodi the Trail Dawg. My NB's are getting a bit long in the tooth, I would really love a pair of Salomon S-Lab shoes. Best of all, they will match my collar! [Broken link to Picassa removed.]

  14. Will T.
    I had the awesome privilege of toeing the WS100 line with Kilian Jornet last year. Unfortunately, that was the last time I saw him until the finish line. The race went something like this comic strip I made using Kilian's WS100 notes that are now on the Sense shoe liner. And yes this was my first attempt at creative art since 3 grade and yes my skills have diminished. I'll stick with ultras & I am a size 9, but won't train in these, unless I'm lucky to get my rematch with Kilian.

  15. Jason

    heart pounding

    legs aching

    turn, step high,

    trail never ending

    what was I thinking

    top of the hill

    down to the bend

    i can beat the darkness

    i can beat the ache

    i can beat the nagging need to STOP

    what was i thinking

    one more valley

    one more lap

    one more peak

    what a joy to behold

    long day

    long way

    time to sit

    i can do better next time

  16. Rich

    Dude I would have taken off at the start like Usain Bolt. Just to say that I was once, looking BACK at Kilian during a 100 mile race.

    1. Will T.

      Wow! LOL. That's the first time my creativity has ever "won" anything. I'd like to thank my 3rd grade art teacher. I couldn't ask for a better award. The hard part will be keeping out of the shoes as they are a perfect fit.

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