Krar and Kimmel Clean Sweep the Jemez Trail Half Marathon

2012 La Sportiva Mountain CupThe La Sportiva Mountain Cup made a quick change between Montana’s Don’t Fence Me In Trail Runs two weekends ago and New Mexico’s Jemez Mountains Trail Runs this past Saturday. The Jemez Mountains Trail Runs offer three race distances, a half marathon, a 50K, and a 50-mile. LSMC competitors went head-to-head at the Jemez Trail Half Marathon.

All of the races take place on trails and dirt roads in the mountains surrounding Los Alamos, and offer high desert and conifer-forest landscape, rugged running surfaces, and high altitude. The half-marathon course begins at over 7,000 feet above sea level, and an elevation gain (and loss) of just over 2,700 vertical feet offers even more challenge.

Toward the front of the race, Gina Lucrezi and La Sportiva Athlete Jason Bryant missed a turn off the fire road late in the race and ended up posting DNF’s due to the detrimental detour. Apparently the wind had blown down some flagging and neither runner noticed the course markings that led racers back into the woods. 

In this article you’ll find out exactly how the race played out for top finishers. Then, we’ll give you an update on the Mountain Cup standings. We’ll next administer our weekly giveaway contest(s) and call for your comments before ending with the full La Sportiva Mountain Cup schedule.

The Race
Men’s Race

Robert Krar of Arizona is on a winning roll. After besting everyone by several minutes at the Don’t Fence Me In Trail Run two weekends ago and boosting himself into a tie for second in the overall LSMC standings, he edged out New Mexico’s Kristopher Houghton for the Jemez Trail Half Marathon win in a time of 1:32:16. In third place was North Carolina’s Ryan Woods, who began this race in the LSMC overall standings lead, and his 1:44:26 finishing time. Los Alamos local, Chip Cooper, finished fourth in 1:48:50. Another name that keeps turning up in the top-10 men of LSMC races is Christopher Payton, of Colorado. He turned in a fifth-place, 1:53:30 finish last weekend.

  1. Rob Krar – 1:32:16 
  2. Kristopher Houghton – 1:33:49
  3. Ryan Woods (La Sportiva) – 1:44:26
  4. Chip Cooper – 1:48:50
  5. Christopher Payton – 1:53:30

Women’s Race

Colorado’s Megan Kimmel shares the same winning streak as Krar. After her win two weekends ago in Montana, she bested all the ladies once again in 1:56:09, a decisive six minutes faster than second place Alison Bryant, of North Carolina. Petra McDowell, another Los Alamos local, was on Bryant’s heels, however, as she finished third in 2:03:36. Arizona’s Christina Bauer and Colorado’s Shari Marshall completed the women’s top 5. It should be noted that Gina Lucrezi, who is competing for the LSMC, did not finish the race.

  1. Megan Kimmel (La Sportiva) – 1:56:09
  2. Alison Bryant (La Sportiva) – 2:02:19
  3. Petra McDowell – 2:03:36
  4. Christina Bauer – 2:04:47
  5. Shari Marshall – 2:05:51

Full Results

Here are the full results from all the Jemez Mountains Trail Runs.

La Sportiva Mountain Cup Standings

In the last two LSMC races, Krar rocketed from third place into the overall ranking’s top position. Ryan Woods began the Jemez Trail Half Marathon in the overall-standings lead, but he did not earn enough points with his third-place finish last weekend to hold it. Though he’s slipped to second place, he’s just six points off Krar and a leaps-and-bounds 20 points ahead of Jared Scott. After the Don’t Fence Me In Trail Run a week ago, Jared Scott was tied for second place. Since he did not race Jemez, he dropped to third place in the overall rankings. Fourth and fifth place overall currently belong to Matt Byrne and Jason Bryant. With three races to go in the LSMC series, much remains to be decided in these standings!

  • 1 – Robert Krar – 108 points from five races (26 pts from Jemez)
  • 2 – Ryan Woods – 102 pts from six races (19 pts from Jemez)
  • 3 – Jared Scott – 82 pts from four races (Did not race Jemez)
  • 4 – Matt Byrne – 62 pts from three races (Did not race Jemez)
  • 5 – Jason Bryant – 43 pts from three races (Did not finish Jemez)


Christina Bauer’s fourth-place finish at Jemez earned her some more LSMC points and preserved her first place in the overall women’s standings. Alison Bryant, who began Jemez in third-overall place in the LSMC, worked her way into second place in the overall standings with her second-place finish last weekend. Gina Lucrezi started but did not finish Jemez. As a result, she earned no LSMC points and slipped into third place. Megan Kimmel has now climbed into the fourth-place position in the overall standings due to two wins, two weekends in a row.

  1. Christina Bauer – 66 points from four races (15 pts from Jemez)
  2. Alison Bryant – 63 pts from three races (21 pts from Jemez)
  3. Gina Lucrezi – 50 pts from three scoring races (DNF’ed at Jemez, earning 0 pts)
  4. Megan Kimmel – 46 pts from two races (26 pts from Jemez)
  5. Shari Marshall – 26 pts from two races race (13 pts from Jemez) La Sportiva Mountain Cup Contest
La Sportiva logoFernando Baeza of San Antonio, Texas, you won yourself a pair of La Sportiva Wildcats from our Don’t Fence Me In Trail Runs giveaway. Contact us to claim your prize.

Word is that the La Sportiva Vertical K were a hit at Jemez, so we’re giving you a chance to win a pair of these sweet, lightweight, low-profile trail racers. (Vertical K review)

Want to try the La Sportiva Vertical K? Well, to win a pair, just leave your name and town (in the US or Canada) in a comment before we write about the next Mountain Cup race to be run at the Rothrock Challenge 30K in Pennsylania on June 2, which Bryon Powell of iRunFar will be attending. As a reminder, if you enter to win the Vertical K,you’ll also automatically be eligible to win the grand prize – any three pairs of La Sportiva trail shoes and some sweet Sportiva schwag at the end of August.

Call for Comments
If you ran any of the Jemez Mountains Trail Runs this weekend, please leave a comment letting everyone know how you did and what you think about the race. Past racers are invited to comment, too!

The La Sportiva Mountain Cup

Meghan Hicks

is's Managing Editor and the author of 'Where the Road Ends: A Guide to Trail Running.' The converted road runner finished her first trail ultramarathon in 2006 and loves using running to visit the world's wildest places.

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  1. Adam Steidler

    Love the vertical K's!

    I wore them for another great Jemez half marathon this past weekend. Didn't quite reach my goal time, but shaved ~13 min off last years time. It was a bummer to hear Gina and Jason got off course. I was running near Gina just before she missed the turn, she was running strong and would have had a great finish!

    Adam Steidler

    Albuquerque, NM

  2. Jon Allen

    Always enjoy these updates. Bummer to hear about a few people going off course- Jason Bryant paced me at Umstead this year, so real bummed for him. Great guy.

    Jon Allen

    simpsonville sc

  3. DH

    Dan Hewins, Las Cruces, NM

    I had a great day running the 50k 'fire course' at Jemez – Thanks to Bill and the Jemez crew for doing a great job (especially considering the fire last year)!

  4. hp

    Hp Seaton

    Fayetteville, PA

    Thanks for the great coverage Bryon. I've been thinking about going up to Rothrock to catch the race. Any chance La Sportiva will have their shoes there for sampling?

    1. Bryon Powell

      La Sportiva has some sample shoes at most, if not all, of their La Sportiva Mountain Cup races. I know they've had shoes at Rothrock the past two years and suspect that this year will be no different.


  5. Jeff Faulkner

    Jeff Faulkner

    Clermont, FL

    Why no love for the ultra distance races at Jemez? This IS iRunFar after all… ;)

    1. Meghan Hicks


      Great question. I suppose the simplest answer is that there is too little time for so many great races. :) The La Sportiva Mountain Cup is an exciting shorter distance race series that iRunFar has been covering for a number of summers and that sub-ultra-distance trail runners follow with interest. Last weekend, the Mountain Cup was at the Jemez Trail Half Marathon.


  6. Jonathan

    Jonathan French

    Katy, TX

    Started the 50M but missed the cutoff at Pipeline. Going up the back side of Pajarito was a chore. Being a flatlander certainly didn't help. My heart rate was sky high and catching my breath was not happening. Completed the 50K and loved every minute of the course. Beautifully brutal. Thanks Bill for a great day in the mountains.

  7. Brad Koenig

    Great race coverage! I enjoy following this race series on iRunFar. Thanks!

    I would be very interested in trying out the Vertical Ks. Please put my name into the hat. Thanks!

    Brad Koenig

    Cherry Hill, NJ

  8. Scott S

    Several friends ran either the 50 km or 50 mile course and they loved it. I hope to run it next year.

    Scott S.

    Albuquerque, NM

  9. Melanie

    Melanie Dayton

    Helena, MT

    Don't Fence Me in was a very sweet race! and I would love to run it next year in my Vert K's ;)

  10. Leard

    Ran the first half of the Rothrock challenge for a training run a few weeks ago and have a new respect for anyone doing the whole thing! I'd love to take the Vertical K for a spin up and down those great trails.


    State College, PA

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