Jonas Buud Pre-2015 Les Templiers Interview

A video interview (with transcript) with Jonas Buud before Les Templiers 2015.

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Jonas Buud has had some amazing performances over the past year, but his 10th place at last year’s  Les Templiers was not among them. In the following interview, Jonas talks about how he’s feeling after great runs at UltraVasan and the IAU 100k World Championships, if he’s had a chance to train of late, and what went wrong at last year’s Les Templiers.

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Jonas Buud Pre-2015 Les Templiers Transcript

iRunFar: Bryon Powell of iRunFar here with Jonas Buud before the 2015 Les Templiers. How are you, Jonas?

Jonas Buud: I’m fine, thanks.

iRunFar: The last times I’ve seen you, you’ve won the races and had spectacular performances at UltraVasan and World 100k. How are you feeling?

Buud: Great, of course. Those were two really, really good races. I hope I’ll be a little bit recovered.

iRunFar: After UltraVasan, you didn’t really train before the world 100k championships. Was that the same plan for this?

Buud: No, I’ve been training a little bit more, at least more for climbing up and down because UltraVasan and the world championships were flat. This is not so flat. It’s a little bit different.

iRunFar: A bit more climbing in your training. The same amount of cycling or did you switch away from that for a little while?

Buud: No, I’ve been cycling also and my gym training also. I’ve been doing a little bit of everything.

iRunFar: All around. I understand you just took a road trip here with your family. Were you able to continue running over that time?

Buud: Yes, I made some runs in Paris and then on the way down. I’ve been running through France.

iRunFar: Has it been a good time?

Buud: Yes. Yes.

iRunFar: You were at Les Templiers last year, and you were 10th. It was not a good race for you.

Buud: Yes. No, it was tough. I don’t think this course matches my running so good, but I like the race anyway. It’s a little bit different than what I’m used to running. It’s fun.

iRunFar: How does this race not suit you because you were second at UTMB one year when it was a shorter course, but still… climbing and muddy and…?

Buud: Yes, but at UTMB, it’s still much more runnable hills. Here, it’s very steep. I think that’s the difference.

iRunFar: Having run this before, do you think you’ll approach the race differently this year than last year?

Buud: Yes, I think this year I’m a little bit better prepared for the hills than I was last year.

iRunFar: Maybe a little higher finish?

Buud: Yes, I hope so.

iRunFar: Has your world championship sunk in yet? That’s something you worked for a really long time for.

Buud: Yes, it’s started to. Of course, I think of it almost every day, so it’s really nice.

iRunFar: Your season started late. Do you feel fresher than you did this time last year?

Buud: Yes, of course. I think so.

iRunFar: Is this the end of your season?

Buud: Yes, I think so. Maybe there will be some small competitions, but this is the last…

iRunFar: The last focus?

Buud: Yes.

iRunFar: Good luck out there, Jonas, and enjoy the course.

Buud: Thanks.

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