iRunFar Salomon Sense Mantra Holiday Giveaway

Salomon Sense Mantra - Men's - Black/Green/Yellow

The Salomon Sense Mantra

We’ve already partnered with Strava to challenge you to get out and run over the holidays. Now, we’re partnering with Salomon to spread a little holiday cheer by giving away five pairs of the brand new Salomon Sense Mantra, the training model in their Sense line. [Update: Contest completed!] All you need to do to enter is leave a comment (before January 1 at 11:59 pm MST) letting us know how you’d use your Sense Mantra in 2013. Anyone can leave a comment, only US residents can win.

And the winners are… (MST time of comment included to avoid confusion)

  • Benj (12/24 6:09 am)
  • Jack (12/24 10:35 am)
  • Jacob (12/24 1:22 pm)
  • Pete (12/24 2:12 pm)
  • Jimbo (12/24 3:00 pm)

Ps. Whether or not you win the giveaway, you can be one of the first to have the Salomon Sense Mantra or the Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra by picking them up now from the iRunFar Store.

There are 812 comments

  1. Scott

    I would use them to run in unless there is something magical about them I'm missing? Maybe the could make me fly? then of course I would fly in them.

  2. Patrick

    I'd use them as a racing shoe for trail ultras past 80 miles. The 6mm drop looks nicely suited for that. Now if only the shoes included Kilian's speed.

  3. Digby

    Having completely trashed my Salomon Senses at UTMB 2012 and slid down the muddy mountains on my behind, I am cannot wait to try out the Mantras. With a litle more cushioning and harder wearing I am hoping that they will be the ultimate shoe for longer ultras. Please, please I beg you let me have a pair!!! Merry Christmas to you all!

  4. Greg Veayo

    As the temperature finally drops in Western Maine (17ºF), I wish for even colder temps. Stream running when the conditions are great, can be most exhilarating. I would use the Salomon Sense Mantra to make my way along the coyote/fox tracks that pepper good ice and take advantage of new run ways.

  5. Ryan

    Having never run in Salomon shoes, I would most certainly test these out on the mountain trails here in Virginia, then quickly make my way over to Devils Backbone or the Blue Mountain Brewery. I'm a creature of habit and this must happen after a long run.

  6. Tommy

    Odd as it may sound I would probably wear them on the game trails in the hills doing a "speed search" for deer antlers. I have found that to be the best way to cover a lot of country. They look like they would keep my feet protected from the Prickly Pear and yucca. If nothing else they sure are purdy and I would look great at the grocery store in em.

  7. Will H

    Immediately I'd use them in tandem with wool socks to keep my feet warm this winter when running. After many miles of running they might turn into gardening/lawnmowing shoes (the black and green color would be good for that).

  8. Nick Sourlos

    To slog up and down mountains in the Wasatch Front all spring/summer to get my low volume feet ready for Speedgoat and two weeks later T-Rad!

  9. Brett

    I am running my first road marathon in February. If i survive my next goal is my first ultra, so these would replace my well worn vertical K's!

  10. Andrew

    I've needed a replacement for my mt101s that I stocked up on. Would love to try something new out on the trail. Anything to get me back in the woods!

  11. Donnie

    Attach them to some microspikes and then crosstrain by climbing up and looking for great places to make powder turns with some fatty snow planks!

  12. Michael

    I would use them to tramp around

    I would use them to stomp the ground

    I would use them everywhere

    I would use them anywhere

    As they would perfectly fit my feet

    Oh, how that would be quite sweet

  13. Joseph

    I would use these to kick off my training here for my first 100 miler this September, Pine2Palm in Ashland, OR. Nothing quite like your first 100 in your backyard.

  14. Joe

    I have four 50K's and one 50 mile event on schedule for 2013. Between the events and the numerous miles on trail in training for them, I will log many miles on a pair of these shoes.

    I also have a week long backpack trip planned for June that shoes like these would be perfect for!

  15. Chris Wiley

    I would use them first at Rocky Raccoon Feb 2 and then onto my next trail run, hopefully Grasslands 50 mile. Then who knows from there…

  16. Jim

    A new pair of trail shoes by salomon and watching summits of my life…I'd be sure to find the mighty trails in Buffalo, NY and knock some miles out!

  17. Mike B

    I would use them for world domination (and trail running, hopefully four passes loop next summer and the miles I'll need to get in shape for that).

  18. Reid L.

    I would use these to trapse up and down the steep hills/mountains of southern Japan. (Hoping to move there in Spring 2013.) Before then, I'd use them on the ancient mountains in Arkansas.

  19. Ben

    I love my salomon crossmax shoes! These would be a great lighter alternative for training on the CO foothill trails this winter. Thanks for the opportunity!

  20. Chad

    I would use a pair of mantras to their full potential to get down on some rough terrain ultras in 2013 like the Mohican Forget the PR 50k and propel my training to run my first 100 miler trail race.

  21. Dee Lee

    Mmmmm running shoes for the Holiday season. Dreams really can come true! A pair of Mantra's would be perfect start to my outdoor season.

  22. Todd in Golden

    I would use them on my favorite loop: up Chimney Gulch, down Enchanted Forest and Apex. They'd like this route and feel fortunate to end up on my feet.

  23. Chad Johnson

    I would use them to methodically and patiently stalk gazelles over great distances in the African Sahara. Once I got close enough to kill my prey, I would instead challenge them to a race to the nearest watering hole and win with these super speedy shoes.

  24. Ben

    I would test them out on the rocks and roots of the Chattanooga area wild. I plan on running Scenic City Marathon, and the Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race, and would love a shoe that could hold up to the elements.

  25. George Harris

    Have lots of trails where I work and could test them out on my daily runs. It would be interesting to see how this shoe performs.

  26. Kristin Z

    I'd wear them on steep, muddy, rooty, gunky trails… rocky n rolly trails… smooth single track in the high and low country… wherever they seemed up for the challenge! Thanks!!!


    Eugene, OR

  27. A. Pace

    In those first tenuous moments of our burgeoning relationship, I'd likely just regard them adoringly, probably drooling a little bit while an insidious sense of guilt slowly suffused my being. (This stage would likely not require the cinematographical eye of the Salomon team). I'd approach them with trepidation each time there was a hash house harrier run, hoping against hope to avoid sullying them with Old Milwaukee. Once whatever apparatus it is in me that controls my will finally caves in, I'd actually put them on & take them up & down the ridgelines of the Alaska Range. & then down the line, when they are old & tired (probably in curious coincidence with the date of your next shoe review), I will reft the sole asunder from the shoe, glue it to my mukluks & prepare myself for another winter sneaking in running mileage behind a dog team.

  28. Susan M

    I'd hit the snow with these & my new Atlas running snowshoes! The snow is finally here in WI & I'm hoping for a long season of the white fluffy stuff to play in!

  29. Gabe

    My original Sense's are falling apart and literally can't afford another! I want to run 100 miles for the first time this summer and the Sense Mantra is exactly what I have in mind.

  30. Garth

    My second metatarsal is absolutely killing me and this shoe might be perfect to give it a chance to heal!

    I don't want to alarm anyone, but If I don't win these shoes I may have to STOP running and I know you don't want that ;-)

    -Garth in Cary, NC

  31. Josh Bean

    I'm leaving the military in a couple weeks. I would use the Sense Mantra to re-connect with the mountains that I love here in Western NC….and maybe to run some of the army out of my bones as well.

  32. Matt Smith

    I'd use 'em to restart my training after being out of commission for 3 months with a pelvic stress fracture.

    Glad to see that Salomon is expanding the Sense line with more substantial offerings.

    Matt Smith

    Chatham, NY

  33. mountainousmaniac

    I would make these Salomon Sense Mantras look dead sexy on my feet while cruising past folks all over the Wasatch. In turn, the sexiness displayed in the mountains will send flocks to the website to purchase more sexy gear. I would love these shoes!

  34. Garrett Blattner

    I would love to use these to train for the Wasatch Front 100 and an epic run in the San Juans in the summer!

    Thanks for all the contests!

    Garrett Blattner

  35. PepeLp

    Thanks for the chance. I'd use them to reach my goal for 2013, to run up and over the mountain behind my house. This involves 13 miles and 3,750' climb to get to the top on rough trails or no trail. Then I have to get back down. :-)

  36. Jason

    It's been years in the making: I will turn 40 this summer and will be running my first 100 on my birthday. I would use these Salomon Sense Mantra's to carry me through all the miles of training in preparation for the big event.

  37. just Adam

    I'd probably train in them 3-5 days/week on my local trail. I would gratefully use some higher-quality shoes, such as these, without breaking my budget :-)

  38. Derrick B

    I would run in them in preperation for my first 100m coming up in 2013. I would fly up and down the mountains and pretend to be Killian.

  39. Kirt Moret

    I would use the Sense Mantra's to sweep ultras in the SF Bay Area and run safety patrol at WSER 100. DNFs at three 100 milers in 2012 requires 2013 a year to work on the basics.

  40. AV1611-Ben

    Today, Christmas Eve, is the 3rd Anniversary since I took up running after about a 20 year break. In these three years, I have:

    1. Lost over 50 pounds weight.

    2. Begun on Day 1 with 1/2 mile. And was sore the next day from it! To,

    3. Recently completing my first 50 mile event.

    4. In between all of this, I've finished 4 x 50km, 1 x 40 mile, and plenty more.

    If I were to win a pair of these neat shoes, I'd probably use them for my first 100km attempt sometime during Year 4 of my new-found love of trail running!

  41. Anel Perez

    I would take my running to a new experience and try trail running!!! After seeing plenty of posts of trail running from the RWRunStreakers , I'm officially intrigued!!

  42. Jack

    Woops! forgot to leave my info…

    I would use those puppies to run all over the New River Gorge. I often use a mantra to regulate my breathing or distract myself from fatigue. My new mantra would be: “Look at my new shoes!

  43. Mike A

    I would use my Sense Mantras to complete my mission to feed the hungry by running to the top of a mountain every day, 365 Mt. Royal Summits for the hungry in Frisco, Co, on top of training for Bandera, Badger Mountain, Telluride Mountain Run, and UROC!!

  44. Brian H

    I would wear the Salomon Sense Mantra for the Febapple Frozen Fifty in February and the Hat Run 50k in March. Until then, I'll wear them every weekend during my long runs along the Appalachian Trail near Hawk Mountain (PA) and the Nockamixon Trail system in Bucks County.

  45. Scott S

    I just started running far this last year and have wore out my current running sneakers while putting in the miles on the Tahoe Rim Trail.

    I recently won an entry into the 2014 Statesmas via the raffle and am looking for a good shoe for my weekend training runs on the WS trail over the next 18 months while making relentless forward progress towards a silver buckle.

    I would also use these shoes to get some style points during post run refreshments at the Auburn Alehouse.

    Byron, your book and this website have been a great inspiration and training aid to me being able to enjoy the outdoors and cover lots of miles. (No butt kissing intended.)


    Happy Holidays!

  46. stevan

    Like many other shoes I have tried, I would use them to improve my running stance and performance. I have used their XT Wings, XA Comp, and Speedcross models all in the effort to run more efficiently. One thing that I have migrated toward doing in my runs is to use more of my forefoot and reduce the weight of the shoe. These shoes would help me move further toward running on the forefoot and be lighter on my feet….their true intention and true design.

  47. Eric Tyson

    Eh, why not? I have some grandiose plans for 2013, and these shoes could be beast for 'em. First 50 miler (North Fork 50 mile) in June, Pikes Peak Marathon in August, then first 100 miler in September (Run Rabbit Run 100).

  48. Andrea Karrick

    They would come with me for my first trail running series (TOPO) all around here in Kentucky and OH starting Jan :) . When not doing that I will have them out on the rocks at Raven Run getting some awesome trail time in.

  49. Patrick L

    This pair of Salomon Sense Mantra would go perfectly for my trail training and subsequent running of the JFK 50 Miler. I banged my toe badly during the rocky AT section of the race and lost a toenail. The Salomon Sense Mantra would definitely provide me much more protection and support than my last pair of battered trail shoes.

    Happy Holidays to everyone and good luck to all that entered!

  50. Rossatron

    A pair of these babies would see most of my training for the UTSW (UK), and I'm eyeing up some sense ultra for the final stages of training and the event. Salomon all the way!

  51. Greg Abrams

    I would use these shoes to run in, not race. I don't race because you have to taper for 2 weeks and then after the race you have to take it easy for 2 weeks. That's 1 month of not running as much as I would like.

  52. Joey W

    Being today is my birthday I can't help but feel I deserve to win!! All joking aside, I'd love to give these shoes the life they were made for…I'd use them to set a new FKT on a local trail thus taking the "title" from a good friend!!

    Thanks for the chance!

  53. Scot Jacobs

    A pair of those would look mighty fine next to my Sense and soft grounds! great training line up for the Cayuga Trails 50 here in Ithaca NY 6/8/2013!

  54. Russ Sauers

    I'd use them to help me prepare for my first Ultra (50K) The North Face Endurance Challenge DC on June 1st.

    Thanks for the contest and happy holidays!!

  55. Ken

    I'd wear them while training for and then running The Gore-Tex 50 mile in NY, and then see how long they last while I work towards my first 100 miler in 2013.

  56. stack

    putting my name in the hat… winning will make up for me forgetting to get the other salomon shoes I won a long while back (still kicking myself for that one).

    how I would use them? mostly sitting on the couch and wearing out my F5 key refreshing ultra results and watching irf cover it live feeds. i'd probably run in them from time to time as well ;)

    thanks for the contest & MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  57. Ron

    To paraphrase satan in Dante, or W.S. Burroughs' rich American (pace Dante): "I am a man of the world: I will go to and fro and run back and forth in them."

    Thanks for the Christmas contest, Bryon. Merry Christmas and new years, all!

  58. Bryan Hojnacki

    I'm going for my first belt buckle in April at the Umstead 100. I would definately put these to use. Training and Running the race. I will be spending LOTS of hill trail time to prep for the race. It would be my first pair of Salomon shoes.

  59. Nathan

    I've been stoked about these shoes for a while. I would use these for one of the best trail marathons in the southeast, Medoc Mountain Trail Marathon. Yes, we have a mountain in eastern North Carolina. If I received them in time I would bust them out on the Neusiok Trail Run in January. Part of the Mountain to Sea Trail.
    Thanks I Run Far and Merry Christmas to all!

  60. Richard Messineo

    I would use this sneaker to help me achieve my goals for the 2013 year but my trainers are down to bair minuim and I don't really have money to replace them. One goal for 2013 include giving 50% of any prize money won to childrens charity, I am also wearing green socks at any race to remember those lost at sandy hook and these shoes would match perfectly for my cause. Also have plans of running a fast marathon as well this.
    Thanks for your consideration

  61. Nathaniel

    I would be breaking in these shoes on some local trails in preparation for the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 next year and maybe at Leona Divide as well.

  62. Bill Gentry

    I'll rock 'em at Holiday Lake 50km in February. And Mountain Masochist 50-Miler in November. And for multiple training trips around the loops at The Wild Oak Trail and Prince William Forest. And I'll even wear them for the night-time hiking portions of the paved Three Days at the Fair 72-Hour. :-)

  63. Jason Flassing

    I will run my first 100miler…either Masanutten, Double Top or Grindstone. Now I plan on doing this with these shoes regardless but sure would be nice to show them off for free!!!

  64. jawn moose

    I'm planning on running my first 50 miler in 2013. New shoes could help me be less of a sissy out there when I'm crying at mile 2.

    <3 Jawn

  65. Rich Airey

    I 'd wear them for all my 2013 Trail Races! Starting with the SD Trail Marathon and Finishing with the Quad Dipsea and the North Face 50! Thank you for all you do for the sport, Happy Holidays!

  66. Amy Clark

    On New Year's Day one year ago, I first went into the woods to run. This past year, I've kind of forgotten to come out.. I tried the S-Labs at a Salomon demo event here in Minneapolis, and I loved them. Perhaps this will be the thing that pushes me over the ultra-precipice, over which I have been teetering for some time. :)

  67. Dale Woitte

    I have upcoming 50K trail races in early spring. The original S-Lab Sense was a little out of my price range for the expected life. I can not wait to hit the trails with the newly released Mantra!!

  68. Lucus

    Where to begin?

    1. Train in shoes that are not the S-Lab Sense on the trails. I'm told they have a short life and they took a beating at the TNF 50 in SF.

    2. Not have to explain to people that I'm wearing shoes designed by a Spaniard they've never heard of and realize I'm the only person that refers to my Sense shoes as "Air Jornets."

    3. Run the American River 50 in April.

    4. Avoid divorce discussions for buying too many running shoes

    5. Tell everyone what a great site IRUNFAR.COM is and that they are the BEST!

    6. Volunteer at the Devil's Thumb aid station for WS and give the BIGGEST high five to Bryon & AJW. Maybe even a sweaty chest bump.

    7. They're good looking enough to be my weekend run around town shoes. Lots of miles in and out of the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op and REI.

    8. Get even with Mt Diablo in September for breaking me in to trail running.

    9. Wear as good luck charms to Placer HS for the WS 2014 lottery

  69. Tollie Bibb

    Use them in my comeback from knee surgery in April 2012 and quadruple by-pass surgery June 1, 2012. First scheduled run, sooner state games trail run in OKC, OK and runs in the Bay Area in March and April and Holcomb Valletta Trail Run in June at Big Bear, CA. I am probably the only 69 year old asking or your consideration in this contest.

  70. Frank Duchossois

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a pair of Mantras. I would run through the woods like a wolf in them! I don't mean like a wolf that was wearing Mantras. I mean if I was wearing Mantras, I would run like a normal wolf that wasn't wearing Mantras.

  71. Ray Halbig

    I'm glad Salomon came out with these aggresssive trail shoes. I'm planning on training in the Flat Iron mountains in Boulder this winter/spring for the Leadville 50 & 100 mile trail races. It would be
    awesome to be wearing these shoes as a gift. Thanks and Happy Holidays!!

  72. Ron Heerkens jr

    Love and I'm loving the stuff Salomon is bringing out. Their videos are what got me intrigued about the ultra scene late last year and I've since been engulfed. Ran my first 100k in October and am now training to run the VT100. I think the Sense would be an awesome training tool on my lead up to that race!

  73. Matthew Halbig

    I would very much like these shoes for training to become a marathoner at such the early age I am at to be just my father and I think these shoes would be the perfect pair for me

  74. Mike K

    I've been wanting to try a pair of the Sense for a while, but my size 13 feet made that impossible with the s-labs. I'm glad the Mantra comes in that size.

  75. Vanessa Loggins

    These would be perfect for my trail runs through the Rocky Mountain National Park. I spend many of my vacation days trail running in the mountains of Colorado. For business and personal reasons, I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but my heart belongs to the trails of Colorado.

  76. Ryan Launder

    I'll stomp my favorite training trails in Joshua Tree Nat'l Park and on Mt. San Jacinto. Then, I'll pound out the Old Goat's 50.

  77. Donald Beuke

    I would use them to drink beer and run the majestic hills of boulder. Might be a good shoe to run some 14ers in too. I have not signed up for any races…but might run some of those too.

  78. Joel

    I would wear these in the Gobi March '13, the 3rd of my 4 Deserts quest, and after at Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc!! For all of that….maybe I need 2 pairs!

  79. Paul Encarnacion

    I recently bought a pair of S-Lab Sense racing trail shoes, and I sure could use the Mantra for my training runs. Shooting for my first attempt at a hundred miler in April!

  80. A Carollo

    I DNF'D my first 100, and I have the hunger go get it again; I had that feeling 24 hours after the race. I have been running in Salomons since 2004, and would love to use the Sense Mantra to train up with and achieve my goal. The Sense line looks bad a$$ too!

  81. Travis McWhorter

    Just moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico two months ago from Kansas City, Misssouri. Coming from the flatlands, I am eager to rip up the trails in/around the Sandia Mountains. I would use these shoes to propel me across the mountainous, rugged landscape to train for the Leadville Silver Rush 50 mile. If I like them, I'll be a loyal customer and purchase a pair for the actual race in July!

  82. marco denson

    I would love to wear this pair of shoes on my next 100 miler and feature them on a video of it. check out my video of my running of the 2012 western states.

  83. Carey Williams

    With a new pair of Mantras, I'd be helping someone to the finish of Western States 100 for the fourth straight year. I'm blessed to live in the Auburn area and have always enjoyed being a part of someone's journey from Squaw to Auburn. The Salomon Mantra looks like a perfect shoe for cruising Cal St or climbing up to Robie Pt! Plus Green is a Placer High color! Happy running to all!

  84. MarcT

    I would use the Manta to train for the Old Pueblo 50, or the Zane Grey 50, or the Canadian Death Race, or the Javelina Jundred, or all of them. Yep. All of them — if they last that long…

  85. Jovan Lora

    Just got into the mud racing scene and have heard a lot of positive things about Salomon trail shoes! Too bad they aren't available in more places to try them out.

  86. Jeff

    I'd punish them through several trail ultras, training on the rocky Pennsylvania section of the Appalachian Trail and finish my first 100K in them.

  87. Bambi

    Hello I would totally use these running shoes that i have heard so much good talk about to train this baby weight after my baby is born. Use these bad boys up in the mountains on some serious terrain and put these shoes to good use. Merry Christmas and Happy New year !!!!

  88. Joe

    I had a lousy running year in 2012. Too many distractions, no focus, loss of motivation. However, that is about to change with 2013. A pair of Sense Mantra's is exactly what the Dr ordered to motivate and put some excitement into my runs!

  89. Wendy

    My Mantras would carry me for many miles running and power walking in the Bridger Range, Montana.

    Thanks Bryon and Salomon.

    Merry Christmas.

  90. JulieMIller

    They would get lots of use on the trails here in LA as I work to increase my mileage over 2013 -signed up already for the 6 race series w/ Forge Racing and will fit in various Q50 races in between! I'm also a shoe junkie and these would fit nicely in the collection…..

  91. Steve Maliszewski

    they would come in handy for Rocky Raccoon 100 in february. I love the original Sense and am glad to see they made a version that's a little hardier.

  92. Craig Hertz

    I would use them to win the 1st Annual Duluth, MN uphill beer mile, and all the training necessary to achieve that goal (going out to the bars, of course…)

  93. Kjell E. Framnes

    2+ years since hip replacement; 20+ lbs; started some "shuffling" again but need some solid trail shoes since running is highly discouraged.

  94. Eric Ahern

    I will run my first 100, the first 100 mile race to take place in Massachusetts- TARC Boston 100! Put on by a seriously dedicated crew of trail-loving runners.

  95. Bryan

    Train for my first 50 miler (bear mountain, ny in may) plus, I'm 18, broke, and trying to qualify for ws 100 in 2014 and have been going through shoes faster than I can replace them.

  96. Joe

    I would break them in quickly for "Frosty Fifty"(m.u.d.d.) then plan my next 50 to prepare for Javelina or partnerring for TeansRockies. Anyway, go farther than I ever have before.

  97. rob giannamore

    I am going to need a new pair of shoes to help me get ready for epic beast of a year training for my first 100 miles which I plan on in late 2014. I am spending 2013 with a couple of 50ks, a couple of 50 milers and a very nice 100k. Looking at buying a second pair of shoes to get ready in February or March.

  98. Andrea

    Living near the Western States trail, I would use the Salomon Sense Mantra shoes to run up hill and dale! They would help me train for several trail ultras this spring and summer as well as volunteer at Western States as runner safety. I'd put them through their paces (no pun intended) with a huge smile on my face!

  99. Forrest

    These free shoes will help me balance my budget! I'll probably want to buy them anyway, but with 3 wonderful young kids and a single income home, it gets tough to support my passion for running ultras. Thanks for considering this entry.

  100. Stanislav

    Wow! I already have tons of Salomon gear, everything from a hydration pack to haters, but no shoes yet. Salomon Mantra looks like a very nice trail shoe. I guess it might be my first pair of Salomon shoes :)

  101. Dylan Hammons

    I will use these shoes to chase dreams. Dreams I never thought was imaginable. To climb mountains. To hammer descents. To fall into a rythem on the flats. To kill hill workouts. To nail tempo runs. To race with freedom in my heart. To race without fear. I will wear these shoes to find my summit. What makes me happy. What makes me me

  102. Archives Guy

    I already live vicariously through Salomon videos, and with these shoes I could trick myself into training like a Salomon runner.

  103. Mitch Dulleck

    I will be Training for the Silver Rush 50 in Leadville CO, my FIRST 50 miler, and I am currently looking for a new pair of Trail Runners! Everything I have read makes Salomon Products look like the best for me. I would love to Train in a pair of Salomon Sense Mantras!

  104. Kelpe

    When it comes to trail shoes you can never have too many. As trail conditions change a bag full of shoes is your best defense. I would use these shoes in training for multiple ultras planned for the year.

  105. Byron B

    From one Byron to another

    Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal. And a Happy New Year

    oh and i just did the lookout mountain 50 miler -my first one- and i could use a new pair trail shoes. hint hint

  106. Matt G

    I plan to run my first 50 mile race this spring in the rolling hills of South Central Indiana. I could use a free pair of shoes because I am a poor graduate student.

  107. Shane Wilson

    I would be making my big comeback by training in these shoes. Unfortunately. I've been sidelined for the past few months due to some knee issues. I'm working with a great PT and I'm feeling much better. My PT things I will be running by January 1st. I'd love to use these new kicks heading up Hall Ranch after being away much too long.

  108. Chris Jamison

    Last Febuary I ran my first marathon in the Cross Timbers Trail Run in Texas. It was a tough trail run! I placed 11th. This year I'd like to get some trail shoes like these to win it this coming Febuary! Please pic me!

  109. Ted Noah

    I would probably give them to someone I know who loves to run on the trails every weekend but can't afford to spend that amount of money on a pair of running shoes.

  110. Ryan W

    If I won the shoes, I'd quit my job on Wall Street, give away all my belongings, move to Boulder and just run, man. Just don't tell my wife…

  111. Jason

    I suppose that it is going ot be difficult to follow-up Ted's comment about giving the shoes away to someone that needs them. But then again, that person could be me as what I thought was a perfect trail shoe (NB MT1010) completely fell apart on me and has left me on a long search for a replacement.

    How would I use this shoe…I would hit the trails with more confidence as I prepare for my first of two 50-mile races of 2013. These will be 50-milers #1 and 2 for me!

  112. Jon p

    I already run in salomon shoes , they have treated me well. I have wanted a lower profile shoe by them . Hope everyone has a good holiday and runs off those cookies.

  113. BKinggard

    Gotta get some of these. I have an 18 mile trail race this spring that I owe payback too. It It kicked my butt last year and I've focused my training for this race.

  114. David

    I would wear them at my next 50 mile run, at North Face Endurance Challenge in Bear Mountain. I will also wear them while I shower, eat, and sleep. Which I always do at the same time so it gives me more time to run.

  115. Mike

    I've been trying to get my hands on a pair of the Sense for quite some time, however Salomon doesn't go larger than 13 in their S-Lab. This would be the closest I could get. Would love to use these in my 2nd 50m next April.

  116. Jess

    I'd use these shoes to inspire me to keep running through this brutally cold, yet incredibly beautiful winter we are having here in Anchorage.

  117. Joey

    I'd give them to my sister. She has been trying to get back into running, but won't spend the money on decent shoes so she keeps putting it off.

  118. Danny

    Taking a step back from longer distances to attack a whole mess of 50ks in 2013! Longer stuff and maybe some non-local races in 2014 though.

  119. Kaye

    I would use these awesome shoes to run the hills behind my neighborhood and hopefully get rid of the five pounds that mysteriously appeared this month.

  120. Seamus Foy

    I´ll be rebuilding from the ground up with 2 months of metabolic efficiency training and some functional weight training. By March I will have earned the right to do what I love most: reckless running on technical trails :D

  121. Cory K

    Winning these shoes would be thrilling, as winning something usually is, but even moreso given the increased motivation to trail run… thus, I would use them to contagiously infect others with a similar passion and gratitude for stewarding nature, experiencing trails, and leading a healthy lifestyle of running.

  122. Tommy Stockton

    I'm Sensing my Jemez Mountain Trail Runs course marking Mantra will be deepened by Salomon thus providing a richer ultra experience for several hundred runners.

  123. Anonymous

    Man…I thought Killian was running tangents again or liked HRH on FB to increase his impenetrable odds in the "run". Have enjoyed Salomon's in the past and would enjoy another :) Thanks!

  124. Brian

    I would wear these sweet shoes during my first 100K next spring(Miwok). They would inspire me to run as effortlessly and swiftly as Killian.

    Even after the race, like my 6 year old with his new hoody, I would beg my wife to let me wear these to bed.

  125. Ric M

    I'll be using the Salomon Sense Mantra to launch my new adventure, as I'm moving to the mountains of Idyllwild, CA next week, where a network of trails from 5,000-10,500 feet will challenge me to take my running to the next level. It only makes sense to christen this challenge with the Mantra. ;-)

  126. Steve Lougee

    Missed alot of days this year, need alittle motivation for the next year. Maybe a switch from NB minimal to salomon would do it.

  127. pdc

    Santa did not bring me new shoes for christmas so I would wear these on my daily Appalachian trail runs. I love Salomon shoes on the pointy rocks!

  128. Jenny H

    I would use them to train better, lose some weight, and finally, finally be able to run 50 miles in the 24 hour race I have tried 3 times with no luck so far. :)

  129. nancy stedman

    What I would do with a new pair of Salomom Sense Mantras is simple – I would do more of my running on trails, and make it a point to expand my geographic reach! We have an excellent trail system here in Tallahassee, FL, both flat and hilly. However, after having done the JFK 50 this past November (to celebrate being 50), I am thinking it is an apt goal to keep going on trails beyond where I normally get to – I have some sections of the AT I would like to run aside from the limited areas I have done. I would also like to get out west… you never know what you can do until you try, even if you are over 50!!

  130. John jasper

    First i will smell them. Then i will let my wife smell my fancy new shoes. After that i will run in them…faster than i have ever run before. These will be the most expensive shoes ever put on my feet…therefore i will run as fast and as far as i have ever run.

  131. Jay

    These Awesome shoes will give me the opportunity to enjoy this thing we call life and start attacking trails every day with or without a light:~)

  132. Ben Luedke

    I love my Salomon Sense, but need the more robust Mantras to train for the the Issy Alps 100k I'm directing in a few months through our local mountains in the Pacific NW!. Propriotection is the best and beats a traditional rockplate hands down.

  133. Robert Brooks

    After completing my first ultra (Cactus Rose 100 mile endurance run)…I am looking to complete more 100 milers…I used the Salmon XA Comp and would love to give these Salmon's a try….My shoe size is 10……I cant wait……What a way to start 2013….

  134. Amanda

    I would train for the White River 50, my first 50 miler, after my torn hamstring recovers! Oh how I miss running… I gave myself a xmas present yesterday though and ran 1/2 mile through the woods while out walking the dog… it was heaven. I would run miles and miles through woods and up hills in these shoes… oh how I would…

  135. Aaron Harrell

    Hmmm, I think I would run my first ultra in 2013. My running partner has been at me for a couple of years. I know that I will do it one day and maybe, just maybe, I will do it this coming year. If I win these shoes, I will DEFINITELY do it.

  136. Scott

    If I understand the product ocrrectly, it is meant to be worn on the feet. As such, if I were to win a pair of Sensa Mantras, I would put one on each foot. Once so shod, I would consdier my options. Sit on the couch and read? Stare at the computer and work? Stand in the kitchen and cook? Head out the door and run? I would choose the later. And I would be glad that I did.

  137. Benjamin

    New Sollys! I'd throw out the spare tire in the old Support Vehicle, put the old shoes in the spare tire cavity, lace up the new shoes and run til I ran out of gas. Then call the support crew to meet me at Taco Bell.

  138. MW

    If I win a pair of the new Salomon Sense Mantras, I'll run the first race I do in Missouri after receiving them, with "I Run Far thanks to" on my bare chest and send you a pic to prove it!

  139. Anonymous

    I would love to have a pair to pace a good friend of mine in Vermont. He paced me last year and I am going this year to return the favour. :)

  140. Lisa Lease

    LOVE the shoes, especially the green color!

    I'm a newbie trail runner trying to build up my stamina and skills.

    These shoes would help and add that flash of color I love. :)

  141. caveman

    Hi! Thanks for the chance of winning these shoes! I would use the Salomon Sense to run through the muck and mud of Western Oregon, set a PR at the McDonald Forest 50k, finish the Low Spot Matteus Footthing, do some multi-day adventure runs, and finish the Plain 100!

  142. Ron McBee

    I'm 68, been running for 43 years and doing ultras for over 20. I'd love to own the Sense Ultra but can't afford it and I've never won anything in my life so this would be so special I'm sure the Mantra would lower my increasingly slow pace! Oooommmmmmm….

  143. Dan Tyree

    As part of a long run up to my first 50 miler and potentially 100k, I have been experimenting with lower drop road and trail shoes, with great results. Earlier this year I tried my first Salomon's, a pair of Missions that have become my all time favorite trail shoe. Adding the Sense Mantra to the mix will only help as I've got an epic 2013 planned.

  144. Patrick T.

    After earning my UTMB points in my first 100 miler last week, I am going to use my flashy Salomon kicks to run around Mont Blanc in 2013 with my buddy who lives in Spain and who I haven´t seen in about a year. After we finish UTMB (holding hands and crying) we´ll go out drinking and I will probably spill a little bit of bubble gum flavored vodka on my Salomon shoes. Thanks for this contest guys! Hope you had a great xmas and that you have a greater New Year! -Pat

  145. Rob A

    Me and some friends are 3 weeks into our training for a R2R2R attempt in April. I've loved Salomons in the past before moving onto more "minimal" shoes and have been looking forward to this shoe as it will hopefully deliver that same great Salomon quality, but in a lighter model.

  146. Justin

    I would place the Sense Mantra in a WWF cage match with the Saucony Peregrine. The victor would become my preferred shoe. The defeated would be banished from my sight into the land of everlasting mediocrity.

  147. Katie

    With my new Salomon Sense Mantras I would run up and down my personal mountains in North-East Washington, currently covered in snow. ( I am blessed by living in a literal one – horse town in a valley in the middle of nowhere. My closest trail that winds its way up the nearest mountain is a mere .3 miles from my front door.) I would then smoke my high school students – who insist that their teacher could never run faster than an 18 year old who does not run – at a 10K this spring. I plan to run the course backwards after I finish to count it as a training run. I would then tackle my first ultra in the Mantras in May, a 50 mile in the wet hills near the Puget Sound.

  148. Bobby Dixon-Kim

    if I were to ever win anything, which I dont, I would like to give away my old shoes to inner city oregon kids who need to get out and see how amazing running in the rain under the canopies of these trees can be. I would then put on my new shoes and live up to that bumper sticker that I have on my busted car, "I run far"

  149. Nathan Robinson

    I'm an American living in Japan and I would use them to kick around these mountains with wild abandon. I'm trying to qualify for UTMF next year!

  150. Dylan

    I would use these specifically for trail running in the Pacific Northwest; along with to help me run faster away from the Cougar's (Mountain Lion's) that live here…… the one I saw yesterday about 10 feet from me….

  151. Scott Casella

    I would use the Salomon Sense Mantra for trail running this winter and spring in parks around Rochester, NY and parts of the areas I travel for work all over the country. I have been running for years but I have started trail running a lot and really need a good pair of trail shoes to keep my off my butt and on my feet. I would love to write a review of my own on my blog.

  152. Scott S

    I'll wear them while training for the Copper Canyon 50! It would be perfect timing as my current shoes are about to kick the bucket.

  153. Adam S.

    I am about 2 months into my switch from the pounding of road running to soft trails. I haven't been able to buy a pair of trail shoes,so I have been doing a lot more slipping and sliding than running…I could really use a pair of shoes!!!

  154. Kate

    I would give these to my husband! All he wanted for Christmas was a pair of trail shoes, but our budget is tight and instead of sacrificing for himself, he bought for our family. He is training for his first ultra and just started trail running and I know he needs them!

  155. Alexander Nunn

    I would love to test the Mantras on the local HURT trails here on O'ahu, let them say Hello to wild pig, smell the strawberry-guavies that litter the trail, get a drink from Nu'u'anu stream and even let them say Hello to HURT's distant cousin -Peackock Flats trails on the North shore. Well, it would be the best holiday vacation the mantra could ever ask for and all on me!!!

  156. Matt

    The routine of everyday exploration of the trails in my own backyard of the Marin Headlands. These shoes don't need a special place or special run to experience. When you put them on that is enough of a reason for it to be a special run.

  157. Eduardo

    It's almost 10 years since I haven't been home….Lima, Peru. Finally 2013 it's the year I can visit my family and run locals trails in Pachacamac, Lurin, or lomas de Lachay. Two years ago my passion for running started and its only growing. Good thing I have my brother that shares my passion. So yea I will use to run on the small and Rocky Mountains in Lima, Peru.

  158. RockinDave

    My old Sense are at the end of their life. I've logged 2600 trail miles in those bad boys. If the Sense Mantra are half as tough, I'll be good through the first half of 2013. Salomon makes the most respected shoes in trail running.

  159. Jake Hoffmann

    The year of 2014 is going to be a big one for me. I am currently in the planning stages of a threefold crossing of the United States: Bike the bicentennial route, Hike the Continental Divide from Canada to Mexico and run from coast to coast. My goal is to complete each of these tasks consecutively, while remaining entirely self-sufficient. In preparation of what I am pre-emptively calling the TA3(Trans-American^3), I want to run each of the four major ultra distances (50k, 50M, 100k, 100M) this summer. While I know that there will be a lot of doubt cast in my direction, I am confidant that I can pull it off. One thing that I am less confidant about is how I am going to pay for all of the shoes I will be using during training and throughout the TA3. A pair of Solomon Sense Mantra's would not only be greatly appreciated but would also be instrumental in helping me achieve my endurance goals.

  160. jeff collins

    As age increases – my pace is decreasing. I am sure the Salomon's will reverse this trend. If I'm lucky enough to win a pair – I will go after a few new PRs. It cant hurt? or could it?

  161. Joel

    In these new shoes I would do things for my wife like: clean toilets, vacuum, go grocery shopping, dust, make dinner, do arts and crafts, fold laundry, pick up my stinky running shorts and old running shoes, sew holes in pants, organize the pots and pan cabinet, make fresh cinnamon raisin bread, give her a massage, watch pride and prejudice, and even make the bed in them.

  162. Mo

    I'd use the Salomon Sense Mantras to venture solo into backwoods single track trails not only to train for and race in upcoming ultramarathons, but mainly to connect with the ground below my feet, escape the noise of everyday life, and explore the beauty of my surroundings.

  163. CJ

    I would use my Salomon Sense Mantras to train on the trails and also use them for some gnarly, longer trail races. I'm actually in need of new trail shoes as my Rogue Racers are wearing through the soles.

  164. Dawn

    I would love to use these shoes to do my first 50 hopefully JFK 50 2013, along with a few 50k. After recovering from a labral tear in my hip to run two 50k this year ( from which I was told I would not run far again ) every day on the trail is a gift. These shoes would make it just a little bit sweeter!!

  165. Lauren

    Your website has been a window into trail running and racing and pretty much a go-to guide for it. Just entered my first trail race for this April, a 25k. If I got the shoe, I'd use it to train and run like everyone else whose posted, while having the confidence that I'm in something really trusted and recommended by a credible source on the sport. I'd use it to stop thinking about "am i going to kill myself in my regular road shoe" and to start thinking "this is awesome out here."

  166. Lee

    I would love to be shod in the Salomon Sense as I continue to section-run the AT. (Headed north into the Smokies next) Thanks, Bryon, for iRunFar! This site is certainly my primary source of info and inspiration. Also thanks for the super sweet deal I got on the Salomon tights in the store–I wanted them for a while but couldn't justify the cost until you put them on clearance. iRunFar rules!

  167. Kelly Hutchins

    Training for my first 100m race in June 2013. Logging tons of miles and going through shoes, would be really awesome to have one pair that i didn't have to pay for. Thanks for all you do, and the awesome information and videos you post for us to enjoy. Run Happy:)

  168. Alex

    I'd wear them while I ran around the house celebrating the fact that I won some cool shoes. Then, I'd run the trails at a nearby state park and fly like an eagle. A trail eagle, one who runs and flaps its wings a lot.

  169. Erik

    I'd use them for ultra training on our local single track and midwest adventure racing. Been having success with Salomon products for years!

  170. Andrew McKenna

    I would use the Mantra to build for my first long distance race – the Pine Creek Challenge in Pennsylvania in September.

    While it is not a technical trail run, it's not road either and it is still a great distance challenge for me, and I hope to rise to the moment, and prove to myself where the limits are not.

  171. Chris Luck

    So far, the longest distance I've run has been 45 miles. Will there be a pair of Mantras on my feet when I finish the Pineland Farms 50 miles in May? Let us hope!

  172. JKal

    I am training for life and i need shoes!! Daily runs, daily walks, daily snowshoe adventures, hikes … life in general. Thanks for all you do irunfar and salomon!

  173. Richy Yin

    I would use the Sense Mantra to start training for my first trail 50k in April of 2013 and to also run the trails of the Minnesota River.

  174. William Shaw

    I would use them to train with my 15 year old daughter who desperately wants to make the high school track team next year as a long distance runner. She has been literalluy running since she was 2 and usually with me. I am now finding it hard to keep up with her. I am hoping these shoes could buy a few more years of competitive running with her.

  175. JenE

    I would use them to pass boys on hills… unless they don't come in women's sizes… then I'd give them to Tommy so he could blow them out.

  176. Tim Nelson

    I think I would make excuse to head up to the middle of VA a bit more often and climb some nice rocky mountains and hills. Might try my feet at a 50miler, or just get lost in the woods for some good climbs.

  177. Pistol 60

    I'd break the new Mantra in on some honest New England AT trail running…the steep, rocky, technical stuff, not the soft pine needle paths that the rest of the world calls trail running. I recently went ass over tea kettle on the icy summit of Mt. Everett in western Massachusetts and would have loved the nimble Mantra as a wingman!

  178. Billie

    I am 3 mos post achilles surgery and hope to running in mid Jan. Would love to start my recovery off in a pair of Salomon Sense Mantras.

  179. Dan Winters

    I'm excited to add a few trail runs to my schedule of running events for 2013. Haulin' Aspen in Bend, OR will be on my list and I would love to be rockin' a pair of Salomon Sense Mantras!

  180. Chris C.

    I'd use them for taking my very active husky on his daily run……actually, he takes me for my daily run/slide along the Alaskan ice and snow.

  181. B Higdon

    Would use them to set an example for my two young sons–out on the trails–on challenging one's self, having a love of the natural world, and the importance of being active.

  182. Anonymous

    I would use them to train on Eastern single track trails for races in the Reading PA area throughout the year, pleased to see Salomon finally using a rock plate in the forefoot!

  183. david iding

    i would use them on the rocky eastern single track trails in prep for racing in PA, pleased about the forefoot rock plate! would love to try them out!

  184. JP

    I would love to try out the Mantra on the trails in my new mid-western home with my wife as we train for what we hope to be breakout races for us in the Indiana 100 and 50 against some tough competition flying in this year! Wonder how they would perform on a mostly flat record-breaking course?!

  185. Corky Dean

    Looking for something to replace my Inov8's as I'm building toward my first 100 this summer. I've loved the original Salomon Pro's and haven;t found anything quite like them since they were updated years ago. I'd like to come back to this brand.

  186. ADAM

    i would love to have the mantra in my collection as i prepare to run my first series of ultra races this coming year. i really enjoy the salomons i currently have and think these would be a great addition

  187. Jonathan Verville

    Started training for next big thing- CCC in 2014, so need to run at least one 50M+ race this summer with lots of mtn trail running and need some awesome new treads to replace well-worn (& well-loved) Salomon XA Pro Ultras and Inov8 boots. I will keep an eye on this model free or not! Cheers!

  188. Peter B

    I already responded so this won't count. But if I win I would run up and down the fiscal cliff. They talk about it so much on the news that it must have some awesome trails.

  189. trailrunner76

    I would maintain my 85 pound weight loss through Ultrarunning and work on my trailrunner76 quest of 12 ultra runs in 2013.

    and I would eat some bacon out of them…

  190. Jim

    I intend to get these shoes very muddy, scuff them up on sharp rocks, and kick boulders with my big toe. I'll trip and fall down in them for no reason, wade through creeks, wipe off dog poo on the curb, stuff them with newspapers, impart a horrendous rotting smell, cross a few finish lines, and put them up whilst enjoying a cold beer.

  191. rms

    The Vertical K's are my favorite trail shoe, bar none. The integrated gaiter rejects gravel completely, which is a big deal in a trail shoe for me. The soft midsole both wraps around rocks — for excellent grip — and provides a cushioned ride, and there's enough room inside for a plastic-framed insole to provide arch support and act as a rock plate. The Mantra looks to provide these same features, but without the need for an insole: I'm interested

  192. Dave

    Hi Guys,

    Will be training for the Iceage Trail Run 50. Not sure I need a pair of trail shoes.

    But with the way we go through shoes. Who wouldn't love a free pair.

    Happy New Year.

  193. Wes

    I'm working up the kahonas to run the Lake Hughes trail marathon and eyeing Leona Valley for '14 and hoping I can find something 30kish in between. and I agree with Dave about the free shoes.

    Haply New Year!

  194. Dan H

    I would Ebay them, and use the money to buy the S-Lab Sense Ultra. The Mantras are too heavy and the heel/toe drop is too long for my taste. Just being honest. Do I win?

  195. Brad Bishopa

    Well, since I didn't get into Western, Hardrock or Barkley, my prepared answers of the Grand or Rocky Mt Slam don't apply. Instead, the Mantras will be used to train and run a Fat Ass 100mi of my own styling – the 10mi loop that Psycho Wyco 50k is run on. Should be roughly 22k of elevation gain – yes, in Kansas – on a rocky, rooty, horse-cratered, muddy clay infested trail. Should be a blast. :) Pacers/crew/spectators, or those who are crazy enough to join me in being the first to do a full 100mi on this trail are welcome! Email me – date TBD.

  196. Jason C

    Easy. I'd put the rock plate to the test here in South Texas. Hill Country Natural State Area, site of the Bandera 100K, is my back yard.

  197. Ben Clark

    I would use them to run the San Juans ( I live in Telluride, Co.) and train for the trail ultras I have on the cue this year! I log a lot of miles in the light weight and 4mm heel drop of the Brooks Pure Grits and have run two 50 Milers in them this fall/winter along with many 20 mile 6000+ vertical days. The Salomon Sense Mantra makes more sense to me because when you are cruising at altitude with no trail and the freedom of the hills calling…sometimes that midsole and the wear test standards Brooks is totally and reliably upfront about presents itself…and you need another pair sooner than 250 miles, sometimes sooner than that afternoon ;-) It would be great to confidently unlock more enchainments with a shoe that shares similar technical specs but that I can trust to stay together in conditions most of the top and really impressive minimal and light weight shoes just aren't designed to withstand. If it can sidehill and stay stable on traverses, they'll have a customer for life!

  198. eric hodge

    i'd use them to keep running farther, keep running faster, keep myself saner, more balanced at work and at home, keep my soul enriched out on the trails, keep my legs getting stronger and looking better for my wife, keep myself healthier, leaner and guilt free after the occasional slice of pizza here and there, keep my son proud that his father is patient enough, fit enough and tough enough to run long trail races, keep myself honest 6 hours in, tired as hell with no way out but over those final two mountains (the long road home). i'd use them to keep doing what i love to do: running.

  199. Jaymz

    If I won the shoes I would run the 50 mile race in Madison, Dance with the Devil and then the 50 mile at the North Face Challenge. Love my five fingers, but free would get me to try something else.

  200. Cory M.

    I would use them to run in this snowy, icy, Minnesota winter! Training for my first trail race and can't let the cold and wet stop me. I need a great shoe to keep me motivated and leave no room for excuses.

  201. Alexander Isaac

    I plan to run the CCC (UTMB) and will be training in Germany, Colorado, and California, which are all fantastic places to run in the Mantras!

  202. Jen

    i will use them to get out and spend some good ole quality time with my hubby on the trails! Training for a 50 miler, too, but that's secondary to the sheer joy we get from running together for hours on end :)

  203. Iwan

    I have been a long time HUGE fan of the Salomon brand and their products. Unfortunately my one-year old tends to win the battle over her toys versus "daddy's toys." :) I would love to get a pair of of Salomon Sense Mantra to continue my Ultra training. In 2013 I've got a lot of races lined up to include my 4th 100-miler attempt, a 3-day stage race and of course some hikes with my little girl in tow! :)

  204. Gary

    I will use them to train so that I can keep up with my grandkids! And to be able to try and keep up with my daughter and son-in-law who run crazy distances (marathons are for wimps!)

  205. Dave Fulton

    I would use them to train for (and run) a couple of 50Ks and 50Ms, not to mention just getting out and enjoying running on our very rugged, technical trails.

  206. Josh Coval

    I would use them as I start from square one again after an ankle sprain and a subsequent blood clot in my leg. As a high school cross country running and track coach, this is the down time, but I have to get back up to some running as an example for the kids I am blest to work with every day.

  207. Derk Pinkerton

    I've been looking for a good pair of shoes to rock a 225k down in Costa Rica. Everything I've read about these seems to fit the bill. I think I could really use them in the coastal challenge in February, Six days of fun jungle running where things might actually give u chase!

  208. worm

    Kicking it in AK! Training for my 2nd 100 miler, and a Hardrock qualifier. Shooting for Cascade Crest but Plain and Pine to Palm are runners up.

    Thanks for the great resource and chance to win sweet gear.

  209. Zach Murphy

    I would use the Salomon Sense Mantra to train and race as hard as the top ultra runners (Tim Olsen, Kilian Jornet, Michael Wardian, etc.) that continue to inspire me to become not only the best runner I can be but also the best individual I can be. Love the site and can't wait to see what to see what 2013 brings! Happy New Year!

  210. Jenn

    Wow! What wouldn't I do with a free pair of Salomon Sense Trail Shoes? I'd run to the top of my favorite peaks with my dog (and BFF). I would run through snow covered drainages. I would tell all my friends how much I love my Salomon Sense Trail shoes and encourage them to try Salomon trail shoes too! :)

  211. Wesley Brasse

    I've always wanted to try a pair of Salomon running shoes, but I don't know of any local retailers. Would love to give these shoes a good workout on the local park trails in Lorain county, Ohio.

  212. Gregory L.

    Running defines who I am. Salomon makes a great product, all of which I enjoy. I'd like to keep this up and run into 2013 with the Sense Mantra!

  213. Capster

    After about a year off from running due to injury, I'll use these to hammer trails all over the east coast. And the west coast. And sure, the midwest and deep south too. No matter what, it's gonna be a great year for me!

  214. Andrew

    Would love to replace a current pair of Solomon's that I've worn the treads down to nothing…. …enjoying the trails of the Marin Headlands and Mt Tam.

  215. Todd Schumaker

    I'm currently traing for my first 50 miler, Hells Hills in April. Being a larger guy 265lbs shoes tend to wear out fast. I currently run in speedcross 3's and would love to try another Saloman product. Byron, will you be at HH this year, I looked for u briefly last year, but was too worn out . Hope to see you at HH this April

  216. Linda

    Even though I have never run a race longer than a half-marathon, my daughter has the dream that we will one day run an ultra together. These shoes will help me train in order to fulfill that dream!

  217. Jim Bixler

    I could definitely use a new pair of Salomon Sense Mantra to help me with the training for my Spring Ultras and possibly my first 50 miler

  218. Phil

    I am running my first 50 miler this year and would love a pair of Salomon's to help with that training since I am running in 10 year old flats right now!

  219. Les Jones

    Hello! I finished my first ultra at the JFK 50 miler and I'm hooked! I would love to have the Salomon's to train for The Ray Miller 50 and then my first 100k!

  220. Richard

    I would wear the to train and chase my olympic trials dream for the marathon and show the world an averege runner can make it. Also I am donating all my procceds from any race winnnings to childrens charitiy in rembrance of all the children from sandy hook….

  221. Todd Fuller

    Be careful of this shoe if you are on the edge of the "D" width…this is a very narrow shoe…I had to send mine back from where I bought it because it was too narrow. I wear a 9 1/2 and would have had to go up to approx an 11 to get the width at a comfortable level. Just saying.

    1. Digby

      It is based on a racing last so runs snug, but if you wore the Sense the mantra has more room for the toes. Even so it is not the roomiest of shoes, but they do give a bit one on but still retain the slipper like feel that keeps your feet gripped nice and safe!

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