iRunFar Black Friday Giveaway! [more products added 12/2/08]

Here at iRunFar we get approached to test many items on the trail. Rather than have all the fun ourselves we’ve decided to let you, the iRunFar reader, test out some of this gear. All you have to do to get a particular item is leave a comment by the end of next Friday, December 5, letting us know that you are interested in reviewing it for iRunFar. [Limited to North American entries] Over the weekend of December 6-7, we’ll draw from among the readers interested in each item. Any person how is a fan of on Facebook by next weekend receives a BONUS ENTRY for each product they are interested in reviewing. Enough of that, here are the goods:


  • Sole Dean Karnazes Signature Edition (you name the size)
  • Sole Ultra Softec (you name the size)
  • Sole Slim Sport (you name the size)
  • Montrail Enduro Sole (men’s 9)
  • Spenco PolySorb Total Support insoles (women’s 9-10; men’s 8-9)
  • Spenco PolySorb Walker/Runner insoles (women’s 9-10; men’s 8-9)




  • [new] Nite Ize Marker Band (two of these visibility systems to give away)
  • [new] Nite Ize LED Sports Vest (two of these, too)
  • Nathan Magnetic L.E.D. Safety Light

Stuff We’re Just Giving Away (a.k.a., no review requested)

  • Nathan Velocity Laces (think triathlon laces)
  • Polar mesh hat
  • Mountain Hardware mesh hat (looks like it’s great for really hot weather)
  • tee shirt (medium)
  • Technical tee shirts from races (mediums – anything from JFK 50 to the Wasatch Wobble) – Just let us know you’re interested
  • Columbia Trailhead socks – quarter length, light-weight (men’s 5-9; women’s 6-9.5)

Feel free to ask any questions regarding either the items to be reviewed or the random giveaways! Good luck!

There are 31 comments

  1. BGill

    I wouldn't mind reviewing the Sole DK's or the Sole Ultra Softec's (size 10 shoe, but size F SuperFeet fit my heel the best). As for the freebies, how about the MH mesh hat?

  2. Runner Tammy

    If only I could review the Moeben sleeves with Zebra stripes. Maybe it would bring out my inner Zebra (which maybe means I would be fast or else eaten by a Lion!).Tammy

  3. Miss H

    I'd be in for the LED light! It's so flipping dark where I am running right now. I'd also like to try the sleeves. And freebies are always fun :)

  4. Argentine Rocket

    If you're interested in a non-ultrarunner's review, I'd be interested in trying some insoles (i'd have to read more about them to figure out which one would be best for me) and I could use a long-sleeve tech shirt this winter if you have any…

  5. Chris

    Wow, I'd love to review the Nathan light. And the Polar or MH hat would be great too. Since it never really get cold in NC the MH hat would probably be great for this time of year.cs

  6. Sophie Speidel

    Goat,I'm in for the Montrail Enduro Soles and the Superfeet, as well as the Moeben sleeves.Hope to see you out on the trails soon!

  7. The other brother

    I'd be interested in testing any of the insoles too (size 9 shoe). I've been trying to ween myself off the prescription orthotics, but I'm not too keen on the generic footbeds that come standard.-Nick

  8. Lori (toughnoodles)

    I would love to review the Sole Slim Sport insoles (or Karnazes Signature Editon insoles) or Moeben sleeves! and..I became a fan on Facebook. ;)

  9. Gavin Boyles

    Goat! My wife and child would love it if I could review the Nite Ize vest – all my early morning running makes them nervous!-sparky

  10. Dave

    I'd like to review the lights and vest… That will give me a reason to get my lazy bum out of bed in the morning! Also, I'm always up for free gear. :)

  11. Ryan "GandaMan&

    I'm up for reviewing any or all of these products:Body BottleNite Ize Marker BandNite Ize LED Sports Vest Nathan Magnetic L.E.D. Safety LightThanks!

  12. aerojust

    I would gladly review the body bottle or either of the Night Ize products. Now that winter is here I do 70% of my running in the dark, the Night Ize may just save my life!

  13. albiew

    I would enjoy trying the sleeves or the light vest and/or armband. I run at 5am and ANYTHING that would help me NOT get run over would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and see you in Black Mountain!Albie

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