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  1. Ric Moxley

    Having not yet run a marathon, much less an ultra, I am curious to know about the fad-ness vs. legit-ness of minimalist shoes for racing; you mention in your article that it is tough to go to any starting line of a race and not hear about minimalist shoes. But how often do you (or anyone here who does marathons or ultras) see them being worn in long distance races? or is it primarily being used as a trainer? thanks… :8^)

    1. Bryon Powell

      A significant portion (though definitely nor a majority) of runners at the start of a trail ultra are likely to have some form of minimalist shoe or a road racing shoe. A very small minority would have a barefoot shoe (Vibrams, Terra Plana, etc.). You'd also see a decent number of minimalist or at least specialist racing shoes at a sub-ultra trail race. Whatever the race distance and especially at ultras, I'd guess there are additional runners, myself included, who spend time at least some time training in minimalist shoes, but who have no plans to run any significant length race in them.

  2. joshua

    hey, great post. would you be able to use these for backpacking or week hikes? or would the sole lugs be a pain? im talking about normal rough dirt. they look like they good have great grip just walking and hiking in also on trails. cheers

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