Help Wanted with iRunFar Ad Sales

iRunFar is looking for online ad sales help.

By on September 23, 2012 | 8 comments

Hey Folks,

Bryon Powell from iRunFar here. (Yeah, you’ve heard that before!) I’m writing as iRunFar is at an exciting point in its history. The iRunFar community and the website that it supports has grown faster than I ever could have imagined… as have my ideas for the future. To make those ideas a reality, I’ll need some outside help. At the moment, I need someone (or some organization) to make the most out of our ad space, so I can make the most out of our editorial space.

What We Need! (Is it YOU?)

What exactly does iRunFar need? I couldn’t tell you. In broad strokes, someone with a passion for the trail and/or ultrarunning who wants to help iRunFar grow. This is a passion-based enterprise and it’s a prerequisite for working together. We’ll need you to work well with entities large and small, from multi-billion dollar corporations to local mom-and-pop trail races. We need someone with online ad sales (or, possibly, buying) experience. Experience with ad sales to the outdoor industry and to agencies would be major pluses.

It goes without saying that you’ll need to be articulate, a strong writer, and very detail oriented. Numbers and projections shouldn’t scare you. (Not because we’re numbers driven, but you’ll be balancing sales and inventory, so, yeah, numbers should be your friend.) On the other hand, creativity is key as you look to provide value for existing and potential advertisers and partners. (I include “partners,” as we’d be coordinating advertising with other iRunFar business dealings.) It’d be best if you were based in the United States.

Aside from us intending to make it worth your while and you providing an invaluable service to the iRunFar community, you’d have extreme freedom with your schedule and location. Want to go for a 20 miler in the mountains (anywhere in the world) on a September afternoon? We do, so have at it! Already filling your 2013 race schedule with a lap of the lower 48? Sweet! Working with iRunFar should compliment your active lifestyle, not crush it.

If you’ve got any interest in helping us out, shoot me an email at [email protected] with:

  • Why you’re interested in working with iRunFar;
  • Something resembling a resume, CV, or even just a couple paragraphs explaining your experience;
  • The work styles you’re open to (i.e., part-time, full-time, contractor, in-house) and, if relevant, whether you’d have simultaneous employment or be selling ads for other organizations; along with
  • Any other ideas, needs, thoughts, or questions you might have!

General Call For Help

I’m guessing some of you other iRunFar readers have experience in advertising, be it on the buying or selling side. If that’s you, it’d be awesome if you’d be willing to share some insight into the advertising market broadly, reasonably valuing ad inventory, and/or fairly compensating ad sales folks. You can reach me at [email protected].

General Reassurance

To the rest of our readers, rest assured that we’re not looking to plaster with additional ads. Potential advertisers have asked. We’ve said no. The goal of this plea is two-fold: (1) get the most out of our existing ad inventory so we can give you even better content and (2) free up my time so I can focus on iRunFar’s editorial content.

Happy trails,


Ps. Verde PR deserves a shout out for their creative approach of trying to find the right help by starting with a conversation rather than a stuffy, overly formal process.

Bryon Powell

Bryon Powell is the Editor-in-Chief of iRunFar. He’s been writing about trail running, ultrarunning, and running gear for 15 years. Aside from iRunFar, he’s authored the books Relentless Forward Progress: A Guide to Running Ultramarathons and Where the Road Ends: A Guide to Trail Running, been a contributing editor at Trail Runner magazine, written for publications including Outside, Sierra, and Running Times, and coached ultrarunners of all abilities. Based in Silverton, Colorado, Bryon is an avid trail runner and ultrarunner who competes in events from the Hardrock 100 Mile just out his front door to races long and short around the world, that is, when he’s not fly fishing or tending to his garden.