Dmitry Mityaev Post-2021 Madeira Island Ultra-Trail Interview

A video interview (with transcript) with Dmitry Mityaev after his second-place finish at the 2021 Madeira Island Ultra-Trail.

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Russia’s Dmitri Mityaev is known for his smile during races, and the 2021 Madeira Island Ultra-Trail (MIUT) didn’t disappoint. In the following interview, Dmitry talks about how he felt bad the entire race, how he went off course for some kilometers late in the race, what went wrong earlier this year at the UTMB, and how he’s happy with his 2021 season.

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Dmitry Mityaev Post-2021 Madeira Island Ultra-Trail Interview Transcript

iRunFar: Bryon Powell of iRunFar here with Dmitry Mityaev after his second-place finish at the 2021 Madeira Island Ultra-Trail. How are you Dmitry?

Dmitry Mityaev: Thank you, I’m tired. It was a very hard race.

iRunFar: You ran a very smart race. You didn’t go out at the very front, what was your plan?

Mityaev: Yes, my feeling before race was good, one and a half months ago I ran Ultra Pirineu, my feeling is the best in this season and after every training was very good, every day I feel better and better. But two days before race I had problem with my sleep, is my nose and touch, I don’t know what is it. For this race, I had a plan not too fast from the start and a lot of it, but for me, all-time start at night is, I don’t know, it’s not good for me. But from the start I feel problem, my feeling was not so good. I don’t know, from first kilometer I wanted to stop it.

iRunFar: Oh yeah? When did you start to feel better?

Mityaev: All-time feeling was not good. After 40 kilometers, was little bit better. After 65 kilometers, was feeling again not better. I don’t know what is it, I feel problem with my stomach and I feel problem with my muscle. It’s not fresh and mental, not focus. I don’t know, yes I have a lot of problems.

iRunFar: From the outside it didn’t seem that way, you just seemed easy at the beginning and then 60 kilometers, 75 kilometers, pushing harder, going faster and looking strong, but you didn’t feel that way?

Mityaev: Yes, but is not what is my feeling. I don’t know what was it, and after Pico Ruivo, I lose the markers [the course], for two kilometers.

iRunFar: You ran in total 123, or how many?

Mityaev: 126, yes. Hannes [Namberger] 123.

iRunFar: So maybe there’s a little bit longer anyways but you are both off the course?

Mityaev: Yes. Before of course less eight kilometers, now 10 kilometers more. I think.

iRunFar: And it was late in the race when you are off the course. What happens to your mind then? You were in…what position were you and when you went off? In second at that position?

Mityaev: Yes. For me second position good, was good motivation for me. I ran second a lot of part distance. But for my body, was better stopped, I don’t know, but this race is last race in season. It’s for mental, for next block preparation for next season is better finish it now.

iRunFar: What were you thinking when you are off the markings? When you are off the course? It must be very challenging, yes?

Mityaev: Yes, I don’t know for me it was…s tress.

iRunFar: But in the end you finish second, a great result. Did that feel good? I know you ran Ultra Pirineu after UTMB, but UTMB was a disappointment, was it your stomach at UTMB?

Mityaev: No. Before UTMB, two weeks before UTMB I had problem with my stomach but before a stomach was better but problem was from my back. I could not normal step all downhill from first downhill. I feel problem is after UTMB, I did a lot of exercise, my feeling was better. And before UTMB, feeling and training was very good and yes, Pirineu was a good race for me.

iRunFar: And then with this, you and your season on a high level?

Mityaev: Yes, yes.

iRunFar: And good feelings?

Mityaev: Was good season, not the best season and good season yes.

iRunFar: Good season, you are happy with it in the end?

Mityaev: Yes I am happy.

iRunFar: And are you happy now to maybe take a break?

Mityaev: Yes. Now only rest and I don’t know, maybe one month I only do alternative training, bike and gym.

iRunFar: And some skiing?

Mityaev: Yes, yes.

iRunFar: Well congratulations on a great race and a great season, enjoy your break.

Mityaev: Thank you so much.

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