Dakota Jones Post-2011 Hardrock 100 Interview

Dakota Jones’ introduction to ultrarunning came watching the Hardrock 100. This year, he finally got to run the race … and run he did. Dakota finished second in 27:10. For more on Dakota’s take on his inaugural Hardrock 100, you can also check out our pre-race interview with him and Matt Hart.

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  1. olga

    Props to Dacota for making the dream happen despite times he wanted to stop. Not many 20 yo push through. He surely lived up to it.

  2. Tony Mollica

    Great interview with Dakota! I enjoyed listening to him. It's good to see a young guy do so well. To hear him talk about doing 12 to 15 hour training runs further emphasizes how far I am in the shallow end of the ultra pool with my four hour max training runs. I loved the mountain background and enjoyed the train too.

    It is funny to hear a guy that you know finished second in the race talk about blowing up! The is a testament to the nature of Hardrock.

    I'm looking forward to the UTMB coverage! Good luck Dakota and Bryon!

  3. Jon R

    Love the honesty about feeling awful in a race. Great to know that the top guys feel the same way the average Joes do. Can't count the number of times I was going to swear off running mid-race.

  4. Jaocob Golden

    Thanks for the fantastic interview! Dakota is one heck of a runner with some serious mental toughness to boot. I really look forward to following what he does in the future. Humbleness and passion for the sport- what a great combo.

  5. Spud

    Another great interview Bryon, will be interesting to see how Dakota goes at UTMB with a deeper field of talented/fast runners.

    Oh and I loved the bellow of the Silverton-Durango train. fond memories indeed.

  6. George H.

    Great interview as always. One question… Dakota says he doesn't use poles because he doesn't like using a backpack and that he won't change this strategy in UTMB. I don't have a lot info about UTMB rules but I know there's a huge list of mandantory items. Is it possible to carry those items without a backpack or are the elites exempt from that rule?

  7. Reid Landes

    "I definitely felt good at mile… 7. Awesome!" That's really funny. But what a testament to the mental toughness to get through the remaining 93 miles. Really enjoyed the interview.

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