Big Bighorn Huzzah

A big shout out to all my peeps running the Bighorn 100 this weekend… and there are a ton of you. But here’s a few individual shout outs:

Amy “I want to wear new shoes during a 100” Sproston: Enjoy your 100 mile debut – it only happens once. You and I both know you’ve done the training, now it’s time to do the deed… and cherish it.

Aaron “Twigman” Schwartzbard
: First off, Happy Birthday! Second, mount the pony early and ride it the whole way. Show ’em what you got.

Olga “skoraya zhenshchina” Varlamova: Olga, may you find peace on the course. While a 100 is strenuous and requires constant self-analysis, it also offers an incredible opportunity to step outside of both day-to-day life and the big picture. It’s you and the course. You and your momentary struggle. You and nothing. I love the hours during a long ultra that vanish. They came. They went. They just happened. They are like a cloud – so ethereal. You know they were there, but what were they? Did they really exist? In think about these moments, these hours, I can close my eyes and recall that sensation that there is absolutely nothing around, but at the same time I’m in the middle of everything…. well anyways, I hope you find some of what ever that is out there! :-)

Assorted fools on the Bighorn course earlier this week.