Bearosol Holster Review

A review of the Bearosol Holster which holds bear spray for runners, hikers, and bikers.

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[Editor’s Note: Guest writer Danni Coffman is from Kalispell, Montana. She runs, hikes, and bikes in areas where grizzly and black bears are prevalent and knows how much bear spray is needed.]

Bear spray is a critical piece of gear for any outdoor backcountry activity in grizzly bear country. Bear spray is worthless, however, if it’s not immediately accessible. A charging grizzly bear can reach speeds of 35 miles per hour. Research has shown that bear spray, not a firearm, is your best bet for survival and avoiding injury in a bear conflict.

Obviously, the best deterrent is avoiding the conflict in the first place. This involves making lots of noise, being extra cautious near blind turns and in densely wooded areas, and being careful with distinctive smells.

The reality is, however, that if you recreate in bear country, you may encounter a bear and that bear may feel threatened — especially if it’s a mama with cubs or the bear has a food cache nearby. You need to carry bear spray that you can instantly reach and deploy.

In this review, we take a look at a new product on the market, the Bearosol Holster ($60), which is designed to allow you to carry bear spray on your person, hydration pack, bike, or another piece of gear right there where you need it — if you ever need it.

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Bearosol Review - Danni Coffman - Bear Spray on Bike

The Bearosol Holster, holding a canister of bear spray, attached to handlebars on a bike with one of the webbing straps. All photos: Danni Coffman

Bearosol Holster Features

The Bearosol Holster is designed to leave no excuses for not having a canister of bear spray quickly and easily accessible. The bear canister itself is easy to place into and remove from the holster with the top secured with a toggle.

It features a very large, solid, and secure plastic clip that slides easily onto your waistband, belt loop, pocket, or backpack strap. The clip is designed to make it very secure and is not easy to remove.

There are also numerous webbing straps around the holster that can serve as attachment points to your hand, bike handlebars, and elsewhere.

[Author’s Note: You might notice signs of, let’s say, overuse in my photos. My dog promptly tried to chew the Bearosol Holster apart upon its arrival, but it mostly held up to her ravaging. She destroyed the buckle and the top bungee but, even still, it worked well with a little repair.]

Bearosol Holster - profile view 1

The Bearosol Holster with its plastic clip and webbing straps.

Bearosol Holster - profile view 2

The Bearosol Holster’s plastic clip.

Bearosol Holster - profile view 3

One of the Bearosol Holster’s webbing straps.

Using the Bearosol Holster on a Bike

Where the Bearosol Holster really shines and fills a product void is on the bike. It is worth noting that no bear biologist is going to recommend biking, especially mountain biking on singletrack, in grizzly bear country, especially if you are moving quickly. If you are biking in grizzly country, however, you need quick access to bear spray.

Prior to receiving the holster for testing, I always put my bear spray in my bike jersey back pocket, which seemed less than ideal. Feed bags on my handlebars are too large and floppy, and the bear spray holders which are made for your bike’s water bottle cage mean sacrificing water storage.

The Bearosol Holster attaches to the bike handlebar and fork in the same way feed bags attach. If I could make any changes, however, I’d make the bottom strap a little longer since it barely reaches my bike fork. It is easy to use as it is, though, and works great. I have also used the plastic clip to attach the holster to the outside pocket of a feed bag, which worked well in moderately bumpy terrain.

Bearosol Holster - attached to bike handlebars

The Bearosol Holster attached to bike handlebars with a webbing strap.

Using the Bearosol Holster While Running

For running, the solid plastic clip of the Bearosol Holster adds versatility over an ordinary bear spray holster that comes standard with some bear spray canisters. You can clip the holster onto the sternum straps of a running vest, or you can clip it onto the outside of one of your pockets. Really, you could clip it anywhere that is easy to access and expect that the clip will hold steady. It is a very solid clip.

Of course, if you don’t mind sacrificing a pocket, you can just directly place the bear spray in a pocket. If you are running long and need the pockets for other things, the Bearosol Holster allows you to clip it anywhere.

Finally, you can slide your hand under a webbing strap and carry it in your hand like a handheld water bottle. This is a great option for a short run where you’re not wearing a hydration pack.

Bearosol Review - Danni Coffman - Bear Spray on Running Vest

The author with her Bearosol Holster clipped into a running hydration vest with its plastic clip.

Bearosol Holster - running handheld

Holding the Bearosol Holster in your hand.

Bearosol Holster Overall Impressions

In sum, the Bearosol Holster is a great product. Its multiple elements that are used to either hold by hand, clip onto a running vest, your hiking pants, or mount on your bike make it one of the few multidimensional bear spray holsters on the market.

I used it every week all summer and will probably pay to order another one that has not been chewed by my dog. If you’re headed into bear country, even on a trail near town, make sure you have bear spray with you — this holster makes it all the easier to do so.

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  • If you live and play in bear country, what precautions do you take to ensure you stay safe?
  • Have you ever encountered a bear out on the trail?

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Bearosol Review - Danni Coffman - Bear Spray on Belt

The author wearing the Bearosol Holster with the plastic clip on her pants waistband while out hiking.

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