Bark(ley)ing Up The Wrong Tree & 2012 Barkley Marathons Results

An April Fool’s look at the Barkley Marathons (with updates and results).

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Barkley Marathons Comic(Click here for a larger version of the comic.)

2012 Barkley Marathons Updates

  • Beverly Anderson-Abs finished the 60 mile Fun Run in “34:18ish.”
  • Travis Wildeboer (35:22), Rob Youngren (35:36), John Teeples (38:08) also finish the Fun Run before “refusing to continue” (i.e., dropping out when you finish a lap within the time limit, but don’t head out for your next lap).
  • Both Alan Abbs and Nick Hollan finished the Fun Run, but dropped out at different points in their next lap (four of five).
  • Three Barkley Marathon runners went out for final lap – Brett Maune, Jared Campbell & John Fegyveresi – with Maune and Campbell battling for the win and the course record (Brian Robinson ’08 55:42:27), while Fegyveresi was battling the 60 hour time limit.
  • Brett Maune crushes Barkley Marathons course record in 52:03:08 (Old Record: Brian Robinson ’08 55:42:27). (Photo via @Eafritz) Manue also became the only person to finish Barkley for the second time.
  • Jared Campbell finished the Barkley Marathons on his first try in 56:00:15, barely 20 minutes of the previous course record. (Video via @TheMattHart) [broken link removed]
  • John Fegyveresi finishes the Barkley Marathons in 59:41:21. First time three finishers in a year at Barkley.

Thanks to @TheMattHart, @eafritz, & @HenrySpeir for providing Twitter updates!

Call for Comments (from Bryon)

  • Did you race this weekend? If so, how’d it go?
  • Ever have the urge to run the Barkley Marathons? If you ran it, how’d it go? If you didn’t run it, why not?

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