Bark(ley)ing Up The Wrong Tree & 2012 Barkley Marathons Results

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2012 Barkley Marathons Updates

  • Beverly Anderson-Abs finished the 60 mile Fun Run in “34:18ish.”
  • Travis Wildeboer (35:22), Rob Youngren (35:36), John Teeples (38:08) also finish the Fun Run before “refusing to continue” (i.e., dropping out when you finish a lap within the time limit, but don’t head out for your next lap).
  • Both Alan Abbs and Nick Hollan finished the Fun Run, but dropped out at different points in their next lap (four of five).
  • Three Barkley Marathon runners went out for final lap – Brett Maune, Jared Campbell & John Fegyveresi – with Maune and Campbell battling for the win and the course record (Brian Robinson ’08 55:42:27), while Fegyveresi was battling the 60 hour time limit.
  • Brett Maune crushes Barkley Marathons course record in 52:03:08 (Old Record: Brian Robinson ’08 55:42:27). (Photo via @Eafritz) Manue also became the only person to finish Barkley for the second time.
  • Jared Campbell finished the Barkley Marathons on his first try in 56:00:15, barely 20 minutes of the previous course record. (Video via @TheMattHart) [broken link removed]
  • John Fegyveresi finishes the Barkley Marathons in 59:41:21. First time three finishers in a year at Barkley.

Thanks to @TheMattHart, @eafritz, & @HenrySpeir for providing Twitter updates!

Call for Comments (from Bryon)

  • Did you race this weekend? If so, how’d it go?
  • Ever have the urge to run the Barkley Marathons? If you ran it, how’d it go? If you didn’t run it, why not?

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There are 15 comments

  1. Mark Forehand

    I ran the Conemmara Ultra Marathon, 39.3 miles in western Ireland on a brutal course featuring a lovely headwind that lasted for 25 of the 39 miles. Beautiful course, absolutely beautiful if you have never been out here you should come. Incredibly well organized, the usual fantastic ultra co runners (mostly Irish, but there were French, Italian, American, etc.)

    The race was won by Giorgio Calcaterra, current 100k world champion, in a blistering 3:56:58. I was a little farther back (okay a lot farther back).

    Beautiful course, finishes with a 1.5 mile downhill, but just before that is 2 mile ascent. Still well worth the visit.

  2. swampy

    I paced at Umstead yesterday and got to see Mike Morton come in from laps 5-7 on his way to a CR. Later I did 37.5 with Jeri from San Diego and brought her to the finish in 20:10.

  3. Rob Digga

    after watching some youtube videos of the barkley marathons i immediately put it on my NOT to do list. i'm a guy that would consider running "the" relay solo just to give you an idea of how nuts i am.

    1. Mark Forehand

      Definitely a European Ultra guy. He needed a translator for the pre race briefing so he didn't appear to speak enough English to feel comfortable enough to address all those people. Really nice guy, not surprising of course. I spoke with someone who ran 2:56 in the adjoining marathon that started one hour later, apparently on the final ascent he ran one of the miles in 5:45 and dropped everyone around him.

  4. Frenchy

    Barkley is just plain nuts! Props to those who attempt it and finish. I ran the Texas Independence Relay this weekend with my team, 2 Slow 2 Win, 2 Dumb 2 Quit. Had a blast under the Texas sun. Seeing the San Jacinto monument on the last leg was awesome.

  5. David B

    Seems like the long distance hikers were successful this year at Barkley. John F has completed the AT as well as a few 100 milers while the others have more well known experience. Huge congrats to all three, nuts!

    1. Bryon Powell

      For the record, I wasn't relying on Twitter for that piece of information. It was an honest mistake based on misreading I made this morning that I thought I'd corrected shortly after making it. My apologies for that change not having taken.

  6. Rob Y

    I finished the Fun Run this year, on my 6th attempt (2nd serious attempt). Couple of edits for you:

    1. RTC = Refuse To Continue, as you said, but it only applies to those runners who complete a loop WITHIN the time limit but choose not to go on. So you can't "refuse to continue" in a loop, that's just a plain old Drop Out or Quit.

    2. Timed Out = Finishing a loop (any) over the time limit for the loop means you get credit for the loop but you are not allowed to continue on a subsequent loop. So, in reality, John Teeples "Timed Out" since he finished Loop 3 (Fun Run) over the time limit to continue (36 hours) BUT still is a Fun Run Finisher since he was under that cutoff of 40 hours…

  7. Anonymous

    Brett's not just a person that can do Barkley really really well. He wants the Hardrock record!

    Before you think, yeah right, just look at who he beat at Barkley this year.

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