Zach Miller

is a mountain runner and full time caretaker at Barr Camp in Colorado. As caretaker, he lives year round in an off-the-grid cabin halfway up Pikes Peak. He competes for The North Face and Team Colorado. Additional sponsors/supporters include Clean-N-Jerky, GU Energy Labs, and Nathan Sports. Follow him on Instagram.

A Dribble of Failure for a Splash of Success

Zach Miller's humorous account of learning to pee while running and other outdoor "tricks."

Look Up

Zach Miller writes about the perspective gained on life and running from a long kayaking trip.

Order Up

Zach Miller's essay about embracing the process of a big training plan or life project.

Stay the Course

Zach Miller writes about the growth that can come from trying new and difficult things.

Sunsets and Landfills

Zach Miller contemplates the coexistence of good and bad in most parts of life.

Ready or Not

Zach Miller's essay about the importance of trying something new even if you sometimes don't feel quite ready for it.

Lean In

Zach Miller writes about committing to both the process and the end goal.


Zach Miller writes about the power of hope in helping us move forward through the challenging times.

Craig the Walker

Zach Miller profiles 'Craig the Walker,' an ultramarathon-distance walker on Pikes Peak in Colorado.


Zach Miller writes about the various impacts we have on the world around us.

But What If It’s Good?

Zach Miller writes about choosing to move on from caretaking at Barr Camp in Colorado.

Running Bases

Zach Miller compares the American landscape with the cycle of run training.

Hard is Hard

Zach Miller writes about how some things in running and life are just plain hard.

There is Time

Zach Miller writes about the fresh perspectives he gained while traveling in Europe.

What’s Your Strength?

Zach Miller's essay about embracing our own, unique running strengths and weaknesses.