Zach Miller

is a mountain runner and full time caretaker at Barr Camp in Colorado. As caretaker, he lives year round in an off-the-grid cabin halfway up Pikes Peak. He competes for The North Face and Team Colorado. Additional sponsors/supporters include Clean-N-Jerky, GU Energy Labs, and Nathan Sports. Follow him on Instagram.

Slowing Down

What it's like to slow down while living on the go. Read More

Unfinished Business

An essay about preventing perfection from being the enemy of progress in running and life. Read More

We Are Runners

Zach Miller writes about defining one's identity as a runner. Read More

Starting Lines

Zach Miller writes about the journey back from surgery for his Haglund's deformity. Read More

Everything Talks

Zach Miller writes about turning off distractions and tuning into our thoughts and the world around us. Read More

Knot So Easy

An essay about the hard work that goes into sports, art, and even objects of nature. Read More


An essay about being remade into a better version of yourself. Read More

Outside the Box

Zach Miller reflects on real life versus social-media life. Read More

A Dribble of Failure for a Splash of Success

Zach Miller's humorous account of learning to pee while running and other outdoor "tricks." Read More

Look Up

Zach Miller writes about the perspective gained on life and running from a long kayaking trip. Read More