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Sean Meissner

works, trains, and plays in the mountains and on the trails in and around Durango, Colorado.

Sean Meissner and the Ultramaratón Caballo Blanco
on March 13, 2013

Sean Meissner reports on his experience at the 2013 Ultramaraton Caballo Blanco in Mexico’s Copper Canyon.

Fuego y Agua to Ultramaratón Caballo Blanco…The Adventure in Between
on March 2, 2013

Sean Meissner writes of him Latin American travels between the Fuego y Agua Ultramarathon and Caballo Blanco Marathon.

Sean Meissner and the Fuego y Agua 100k
on February 22, 2013

Sean Meissner shares of his experience at the 2013 Fuego y Agua 100k.

2013 Fuego y Agua Races Preview
on February 14, 2013

A preview of the 2013 Fuego y Agua races in Nicaragua.