Andy Jones-Wilkins

Why I Prefer Solo Running

AJW writes about the benefits of running solo.

In Support of the Race Director During Crisis

An essay about supporting race directors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

DeWayne Satterfield: 1964-2020

In remembrance of ultrarunner DeWayne Satterfield.

Classic U.S. Ultras: The Way Too Cool 50k

A look at the history of the Way Too Cool 50k in California.

When Your Kids Can Pace You

AJW writes about why pacers are meaningful to him.

Getting There Is Half the Fun

AJW writes about taking a boat... to a trail race?!

Running and the Brain

An essay about the relationship between exercise and brain health.

Running and the Elements

An essay about how we adapt our running when we encounter challenging natural conditions.

Lunch-Pail Days

AJW contemplates those occasional training days that don't come easy for your mind.

The Sweet Spot

AJW writes about that sweet spot on a run where you're perfectly warmed up but not yet tired.

Revisiting Metacognitive Skills and Ultrarunning

AJW checks back in on the five metacognitive skills we use as trail runners and ultrarunners.

AJW’s Taproom 2019 in Ultrarunning Awards

The ninth-annual AJW’s Taproom Year in Ultrarunning Rankings for 2019.

Doug Latimer, Ultrarunning Icon

AJW writes about Doug Latimer's relationship with the Western States 100.

Sometimes You’re the Windshield, Other Times the Bug

An essay about how good and bad days are natural in a lifetime of running.

With Gratitude on Thanksgiving Weekend

AJW gives thanks to members of the trail running and ultrarunning community.