Author: Andy Jones-Wilkins

finished in the top 10 men at the Western States 100 7-straight times. He's sponsored by Patagonia and Drymax socks and is iRunFar's editorialist.

Don’t Push The Panic Button

AJW writes about not panicking when something goes wrong during an ultramarathon.

Nikki Kimball And The 2006 Western States 100

AJW remembers Nikki Kimball's win of the 2006 Western States 100.

The Power Of Moments

AJW writes about the power of certain transcendent moments in running.

How To Choose A Tune-Up Race

AJW writes about choosing tune-up races ahead of your goal ultramarathon.

Tom Nielsen’s Master Class: The Story of the 1999 Angeles Crest 100

A look back at Tom Nielsen's win at the 1999 Angeles Crest 100, a race for the ages.

Rules And Why We Have Them

An essay on balancing rules and the egalitarian nature of trail and ultrarunning.

Traits Of Successful First-Time 100-Mile Runners

AJW writes about three qualities he sees in successful first-time 100-mile runners.

Running and the Busy Trap

A look at the tendency to over busy ourselves in the modern world and how running can spring us from…

Dave Mackey And The 2004 Western States 100

AJW looks back to Dave Mackey's second-place finish at the 2004 Western States 100.

In Search Of The Simple Life

AJW writes about his quest for a simple life.

That One Goal

AJW looks with hope toward the 2018 Hardrock 100.

Seventh Annual AJW’s Taproom Year In Ultrarunning Rankings: 2017

The Seventh Annual AJW’s Taproom Year In Ultrarunning Rankings for 2017.

The Happiness Advantage

AJW writes about the interrelationship of happiness and success.

The Peace Of Repetition

AJW writes about the repetitive elements of running.

Building Wisdom On The Run

AJW writes about the value of wisdom in life and running.

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