Andy Jones-Wilkins

finished in the top 10 men at the Western States 100 7-straight times. He's sponsored by Patagonia and Drymax socks and is iRunFar's editorialist.

“I Don’t Even Like to Drive That Far”

AJW prepares for his first 100-mile run in three years.

Hitting Refresh

The joys of hitting refresh on one's daily run.


AJW writes about his personal journey to the #seeyouatstates hashtag.

Control What You Can Control

An essay about controlling the controllables and letting the rest go in running and life.

Classic U.S. Ultras: Waldo 100k

A look at the history of the Waldo 100k.

Finding My Way Between Hunting and Being Hunted

An essay about how hunting and being hunted by our fellow competitors in a race helps us better ourselves.

Returning to the 100-Mile Week Challenge

AJW writes about what goes into the 100-mile training week.

Classic U.S. Ultras: The Vermont 100 Mile

A look at the history of the Vermont 100 Mile.

Being Outside

AJW writes about the simple pleasure of spending time outside with loved ones.

Redemption Run

AJW writes about finding redemption in the Hardrock 100 course.

Make Every Hour the Golden Hour

AJW writes about the life lessons to be found in the Western States 100 Golden Hour.

A Tale of Three Canceled Races

AJW writes about the differences in how UTMB, the Western States 100, and the Hardrock 100 canceled their races.

Classic U.S. Ultras: Highlands Sky 40 Mile

A look into the Highlands Sky 40 Mile in West Virginia.

Staring Down My First DNF

AJW writes about DNFing.

The Virtues of the Solo 20-Mile Trail Run

AJW writes about the virtues of the long, solo trail run.