Anna Frost: “I Have Decided Not To Race TransVulcania”

I was so close, but something just said ‘no.’

I took a long and renewing break from training and travelling over my New Zealand summer. I filled it with healthy eating, massage, physio treatment, good vitamin and mineral supplements, time with friends and family, yoga and pilates on the beach, swimming in the surf, walking in the mountains and fishing in the rivers.

Anna Frost - Emelie Forsberg - Kepler Track

Anna enjoying time with friends in New Zealand over the summer (down there).

As I packed my bag to head off for the summer racing in Europe and USA, I was confident I was ready. That after the three months of ‘rehab’ I was ready to put in some good weeks of training and be ready to go with my first race – TransVulcania.

Anna Frost - Saracen bike

Anna’s new Saracen bike.

But as I landed in Moab, USA for the Salomon Advance week. I felt something was just not quite right. Was it my mind or body that was not ready to leave my land just yet? Something was holding me back. Some pain crept in to my psoas muscle, not enough to stop me, but enough for me to be cautious for the week adventuring the Arches National Parks with the team. Soon the creeping pain became electric, sending shocks down into my inner thigh with every step. The SI joint was radiating heat. I turned to the bike and cross-country skis for a week exploring the East Coast of America in bitterly cold winds, but nevertheless fresh and recharging air. In Annecy, France, I swam and aqua jogged and went through some intensive stretch and manipulation sessions while working on an exciting new apparel project at the Salomon headquarters. I headed to La Palma and laughed out loud with the vibrant energy the island and I share. My new Saracen bike gave me ways to explore the familiar paths and find new exciting ones too. With some sessions of myofascial release, I was hoping for a miracle. But the pain would not budge.

I was frustrated, I was upset, I even cried. Not because I will miss a race, no, it is only a race. However, I admit, TransVulcania is an incredible race. One that in 2012 gave me much more than I could have looked for. A race where time stopped still while the energy of the mountains and of my body connected and moved as one. Could I even find that again in this race? Maybe not, but I’m sure I could find something else. I was upset because I want to be free in the mountains. It is not just about running. It is about being able to explore places where cars, planes and even bikes cannot go.

Anna Frost - 2012 Transvulcania

Anna on her way to winning Transvulcania in 2012.

I have decided not to race TransVulcania. An obvious decision, but a hard one to make out loud and on paper. But what is important is that I am healthy. That I can explore without pain, without further damage. I will take pleasure in watching my friends and fellow trail runners challenge themselves in such a beautiful race. I will enjoy the islands beauty with my bike and in the ocean, hoping to gather up some energy from the land to move my injury on. To find new strength and direction for the long season ahead.

Good Luck to all who are racing. Look up and face the challenge!

[Editor’s Note: We’ve previewed the 2013 Transvulcania men’s field and will be doing the same for the ladies on Tuesday. We’ll also be covering the race live this weekend.]

Anna Frost - La Palma - energy

Anna basking in the resonant energy of La Palma.

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  1. Chris Sandes

    Good call Anna – the season is still young and you will bounce back soon. Enjoy watching the Salomon team racing (hard maybe) but so worth it!

  2. Soulrunner

    Hi Anna,

    the last photo is great.

    Beautiful dreamy looking into the sunset.

    I wish good recovery


    Marco the "Soulrunner"

  3. Alapierre

    Thanks Anna for sharing your thought process on toeing the line or not racing. I think that it shows great strength and courage to not race. You are such a talented person in so many regards and know that you will continue to explore on foot, bike or skis. Best Wishes!

  4. Genaro

    Hola Anna!

    Espero que pronto regreses a correr con la intensidad y fuerza que te caracteriza…

    También creo que explorar tu lado creativo en el desarrollo de las ropas deportivas de SALOMON va ser una nueva experiencia de la cual tu puedes ser muy buena…

    Mejórate Pronto…!!!


    Hi Anna!

    Hopefully soon back running with the intensity and strength that characterizes you …

    I also believe that explore your creative side in the development of sports clothing SALOMON will be a new experience which you can be very good …

    Get Well Soon …!

  5. Jose Miguel

    Hi Ana, i am a old new runner, i like to run on the mountain, far from the asphalt and buildings, i have every day a pain in a different part of my body, and is difficult to start to run every morning. today a slipper path small sand and I have break my arm, I am sad and pain, I will need to stops for long time almost 2 or 3 months to start to run again, but just thinking I will begin again to run, give to me good feelings. Take your time be good and be hard. Time will pass

  6. Tony Mollica

    Good luck with your recovery and getting back to where you want to be!

    I have always had a tough time deciding whether to bow out of a race or not due to injury. Every time that I've not run I've always felt it was the right decision in retrospect; although I've had a hard time actually pulling the plug. And I am not racing near as fast as you or in contention to win. Way to be smart!

  7. Ric

    likely most of us understand your frustration from an injury that's keeping you from what you love. (I sure do – planning to do my first ultra on June 1, but struggling with an Achilles tendon issue that may prevent me.) But few of us can personally relate to the extra burden you must have as a sponsored runner. Sorry to hear about your physical trials. Best of luck on your recovery!

  8. Ann

    We missed seeing you run Anna but the island was very happy to have you here, in all its glorious and hidden places, whether you were running or not.

  9. Paula


    last year i also had troubles with psoas.

    Not to be able to do what makes us feel free is the wrost part of the problema.

    Hope you feel better asap!


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