Anna Frost, 2010 TNF EC Champion, Interview

Anna Frost of New Zealand won her first ultramarathon. It just so happened that the ultramarathon was the 2010 The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Mile Championships. Along the way, Frost got the chance to run with Lizzy Hawker, one of her inspirations. We chatted with Anna the day after her journey into the unknown.

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  1. Gary Chavez


    Thanks for the great coverage of TNF EC this year, including this interview of Anna Frost. I'm a newbie runner, trail or otherwise, who finished his first 50K on Saturday. It is inspiring and grounding to hear elite runners like Anna talk about the hard work and moments emotion that happen on the trails.



  2. towhee

    Great interview, really great to hear a little description of the race from the racer. I greatly enjoyed watching the post race interviews in particular

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